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Mass Psychosis Continues


JOE A. writes:

This story of a “transgendered” boy who was elected homecoming princess at a Colorado Springs high school is a farce and I can’t believe governments are playing along with “modified” birth certificates and such.

A note on the language of perversion:  They call it “gender” while everyone else calls it “sex.”

Sex you see is a matter of chromosomes:  Male and female he created them, XY or XX, or a variety of freakish mutations that “prove the rule.”

People are of one sex or the other. (Continued)

A Man at a Coffee Klatsch


SUZANNE writes:

I read your recent post on the transgender person, Kyle, and just thought you may be amused in hearing my thoughts.

I have long believed that, generally, when a man joins a group of women, the conversation will either revolve around what he finds interesting or else will zone out entirely. So, it was telling last week when I had coffee with a group of women and a transgender man (so it was a man dressed as a woman) was there. This man was totally bored unless the topic was something that he was interested in and then he dominated the conversation. And I just thought, no matter how you try to hide it, nature will out.

I love your blog, and visit most days.


Mother-Daughter Couple — Why Not?



Vertasha and Mary Carter

“We are the NEW face of hope. I will bear the brunt of the attacks. I will wear the scarlet letter. I will change America.”

—- Mary Carter

UPDATE: Fortunatelythis story appears to be a hoax or a joke. Thank you to the readers who emailed me to inform me of this.

I am not surprised that it is a hoax, nor would I be all that surprised if it was true. Nothing much surprises anymore. When fully licensed doctors are offering to freeze any woman’s eggs before she “transitions to a man” so that she can have children with another woman, well, is there any limit to the insanity out there?


Practical Advice from St. Padre Pio


That which proceeds from God begins with a salutary fear and finishes with peace of mind. That which comes from Satan begins with calmness and ends in storm, indifference and apathy.

Padre Pio



Children's Games, Pieter Bruegel the Elder; 1559-60

Children’s Games, Pieter Bruegel the Elder; 1559-60

Live by Studies, Die by Studies


THIS entry from December, 2012 about purportedly objective studies of children in same-sex “marriages” is worth re-reading. See the relevant quotes from G.K. Chesterton and this comment from Lawrence Auster:

The Muslim says, “If Allah wills it.” The Christian says, “In Jesus’ name.” The liberal says, “Studies have shown.” These are the sacred words that establish the authoritative truth of whatever ruinous mischief the liberal is about to propose.

“Studies” are one of the principal means by which the liberal regime maintains and extends its power.

Years ago I attended a conference of Swiss academic types in New York City. Their subject was Swiss immigration and multiculturalism policies. They maintained that multiculturalism and diversity was the way for Switzerland to go, because “studies” showed that it worked. Though I was just the guest of a guest at this event, I interposed: “So Switzerland has existed as a successful society for seven hundred years, and you want to change it radically—on the basis of “studies“? They didn’t get my point. Humorlessly they maintained that their studies were the best authority.

Woman’s Day Peddles Transgenderism



JEANETTE V. writes:

Even Woman’s Day magazine, the simple little homemaking magazine I grew up with, is pushing the normalization of sexual confusion. One woman uses “Christianity” to justify a daughter’s delusion that she is really a boy:

As he grew older, Kyle made it clear that he badly needed to transition to living as a male, including hormone therapy and possibly surgery. “In order for me to survive, I need to be true to who I am,” he told us when he was almost 18. We spoke to a therapist, and she explained that Kyle, like many transgender people, needed to align his body with his spirit. I’d wanted Kyle to wait, but I came to see that living a false life would be hell on earth: More than 40% of transgender people attempt suicide. Strong family relationships dramatically reduce that danger. (Continued)

Marriage Bergoglio-Style



UNDER Jorge Bergoglio, a.k.a. the Argentine Bomber and the Man Who Would Be Pope, St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome is becoming more and more like a Las Vegas wedding chapel. Today the faux pontiff married 20 couples, including some who had violated Church teaching on marriage.

Bergoglio does not fulfill the criteria to be an altar boy in the Catholic Church, let alone a pope. Altar boys are required to be Catholic. So are popes.

The Competitive Childhood



THE homemaker and writer Phyllis McGinley wrote these words in the early 1960s and they are more true today than ever. The phenomenon she is discussing — the stress of children being made to excel early and often at a whole range of activities, including athletics, music, art and academics — is related, in my view, to other changes in family and community life, especially feminist careerism and low fertility. But more importantly, a society with no sense of the sacred cannot truly value leisure.

Youth is a perfectly wonderful commodity and far too valuable, as Shaw has pointed out, to be wasted on the young. Yet like all human benefactions, it has its penalties, which in today’s urgent society have frighteningly increased. I don’t think I am merely nostalgic when I contend that being a child nowadays is a tougher proposition than it was when my generation and I compared arithmetic answers between classes or devoured bread-and-pickle sandwiches on the front porch after school. For one thing, it isn’t as much fun.

On the surface this assertion may sound like gibbering nonsense. Never before in history has childhood had so much attention paid to its welfare and its amusement. It is cosseted, pampered, immunized against unhappiness as against polio or whooping cough.


Mosques in France

AN interesting report from last year about a proposal to sell a French church in Vierzon (the church is the ugliest and most recently built one in the town) to a Muslim group. The pastor of the parish argues for its sale, but a local group resists. 

Five Killed In Kansas City Suburb by Convicted Felon and Alleged Murderer of Teens in 1998



Lorene and Darrell Hurst were among the victims.

THE victims include an elderly couple who was beaten to death and three others who were shot.


In Praise of Apples



IN 1796, Amelia Simpson wrote in her cookbook, American Cookery:

“Apples are still more various, yet rigidly retain their own species, and are highly useful in families, and ought to be more universally cultivated, excepting in the compactest cities. There is not a single family but might set a tree in some otherwise useless spot, which might serve the two fold use of shade and fruit; on which 12 or 14 kinds of fruit trees might easily be engrafted, and essentially preserve the orchard from the intrusions of boys, &c. which is too common in America.

If the boy who thus planted a tree, and guarded and protected it in a useless corner, and carefully engrafted different fruits, was to be indulged free access into orchards, whilst the neglectful boy was prohibited–how many millions of fruit trees would spring into growth–and what a saving to the union. The net saving would in time extinguish the public debt, and enrich our cookery.”

Elizabeth Lewis, John SIngleton Copley; 1771

Elizabeth Lewis, John SIngleton Copley; 1771

Novus Ordo vs. Catholic Church



The phenomenon you describe in your “Madness in Michigan” post is so common it deserves a name. I suggest “Separation of Church and Church.”

Madness in Michigan



Marian High School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has let go a teacher for breach of contract. The teacher, Barbara Webb, had consented to Marian’s morality clause when she joined the school.  Marian’s morality code forbids teachers from publicly engaging in or endorsing “actions or beliefs directly contrary to the teachings and standards of the Roman Catholic faith and morality.” Plainly, homosexual acts — as distinct, perhaps, from orientation not acted-upon — violate that clause.

Marian learned that Miss Webb had contracted a so-called “marriage” with another woman in Ontario, where provincial law pretends such legal fictions are real and recognises them as a form of matrimony.   (Continued)

Mosques in America



Islamic Center of Orange County

THE number of mosques in America has grown dramatically since 9-11. According to USA Todayit rose by 74 percent between 2000 and 2010, with a total that year of 2,106. Wikipedia has a partial list.