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Destruction of Nice Evidence

July 27, 2016

FROM Global Research:

A report in 21st of July edition of Le Figaro newspaper states that France’s anti-terrorist executive (sous-direction anti-terroriste- SDAT) has ordered Nice’s urban surveillance authorities to destroy all CCTV footage of the Nice Attacks on Bastille Day that rocked the city on the 14th of July 2016. Read More »


Memories Lost Forever

July 27, 2016

ALAN writes:

It is a curse of life that as we age, we remember certain people who were acquaintances of our parents, people who were grown-ups when we were children, and we would like so much to talk with those people now—to ask them about their lives and their memories, to talk with them grown-up to grown-up instead of child to grown-up.  But of course it is too late.  They lived and died during the years when we were busily engaged in other things that seemed important at the time.  I made that terrible mistake.

These thoughts occurred to me recently when I watched a few 1963 episodes of the television comedy series “Petticoat Junction.” They were new to me because I never watched that series in the 1960s.  But my mother enjoyed watching it, I know, because I remember overhearing the show’s familiar opening theme music.

The stories involve a widow and her three high school age daughters at the hotel they run in a small town in the country.  A train brings guests to and from the hotel.  Those episodes present exactly the kind of gentle, old-fashioned, self-effacing, heartwarming and uplifting comedy writing that my mother enjoyed.  Viewers laughed with the characters, not at them.    Read More »


Trump’s LGBTQ Moment

July 27, 2016



BROTHER Nathanael Kapner analyses Trump’s statements in support of the “LGBTQ community” at the Republican Convention. The Republican Party has irretrievably abandoned its family values. It’s over. It can never go back. Every major institution in America is pitted against God and the laws of nature. Read More »


Did Putin Hack DNC E-mails?

July 26, 2016




No Normal and Healthy Woman, cont.

July 26, 2016



Nice and Munich

July 26, 2016

THE alternative media has been abuzz during the past week with reports that the same German photographer, who is married to a former Israeli politician who previously worked for Israeli intelligence, just happened to be on hand to film both the Nice and Munich “terror” attacks.

Odd coincidence. Read More »


Sarah Silverman on Jesus Christ

July 25, 2016


SARAH SILVERMAN, the Jewish “comedienne,” was a celebrity warm-up act at the Democratic National Convention tonight in Philadelphia.

Here she is in an earlier routine joking about the Crucifixion. She says she would happily crucify Christ again. (Profanity and blasphemy alert.)


No Normal and Healthy Woman

July 25, 2016



SINCE we’re going to hear a lot of blather from the Democratic National Convention about how remarkable and wonderful it is that a woman is running for president, I would like to say something you will not hear in Philadelphia:

No normal and healthy woman would want to be president.

All kinds of women, with different temperaments, gifts and talents, exist in this world, but no normal and healthy woman would want to be president of the United States, not now, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

No normal and healthy woman would want to have such power over men, who deserve the empathetic help of women because of the onerous responsibilities and competition life imposes upon them.

No normal and healthy woman would want to be drawn into the combat of presidential politics, combat which is so contrary to her nature. (A queen arrives at her position involuntarily, a president must fight for it for many years.)

No normal and healthy woman would want to emasculate her husband by being so much more powerful than he is.

No normal and healthy woman would want to boss as many people around as a president does.

No normal and healthy woman would want to send troops to war.

No normal and healthy woman would want to have so little time to call friends, visit the sick, comfort the dying and enjoy the company of young children.

No normal and healthy woman would want to have so little time to pray for the people she loves.

No normal and healthy woman enjoys being hated. A president accumulates many enemies.

No normal and healthy woman would want the complete lack of peace and quiet that comes with the presidency.

No normal and healthy woman is fulfilled by power.

No normal and healthy woman would want to promote the false idea to young and impressionable women that power is fulfilling.

With rare exceptions, women presidents, chancellors and prime ministers are sure to be deformed and cheated human beings, deprived of reaching their true potential by the androgynization of their societies.

No normal and healthy woman would want to be president. Read More »


The Diabolical Trap

July 25, 2016

[W]e live in the midst of a diabolical trap, the likes of which were described so accurately by Father Edward Leen, S.J., sixty-three years ago…. The devil continues to raise up men and women who are so completely committed to evil that anyone, including those who support the sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance, which can never be the foundation of making any nation “great” or “safe,” no matter the protestations of the man who believes that he “alone” can “fix” problems that have been caused by this nation’s promotion of sin and many of citizens’ unrepentant persistence in it, are said to look “better” by comparison.

Believe what you want. This diabolical trap remains what it has been since July 4, 1776, no amount of projecting one’s fondest [hopes] onto secular saviours can make them into instruments of justice when they are, objectively speaking, unjust in their own lives and supportive of injustice [to] God and the good of souls in the public realm. This is simple truth. Those who reject it prefer to believe in an illusion of their own making as there is no semblance of rationality to believe that men will be different once elected to office than they had been beforehand.

Alas, the problems that we face are supernatural, not merely natural, which means there is no merely natural solution for them.

Thomas Droleskey, July 25, 2016


Democrats to the Death

July 25, 2016

THE “I-am-personally-opposed-to-abortion,-but-support-legalization-of-it-for-others” position held by many Catholic politicians, including Tim Kaine, the vice presidential choice of Hillary Clinton, has been explicitly condemned by a pope and is contrary to Catholic moral theology. Pope Pius IX stated in 1930:

Those who hold the reins of government should not forget that it is the duty of public authority by appropriate laws and sanctions to defend the lives of the innocent, and this all the more so since those whose lives are endangered and assailed cannot defend themselves. Among whom we must mention in the first place infants hidden in the mother’s womb. And if the public magistrates not only do not defend them, but by their laws and ordinances betray them to death at the hands of doctors or of others, let them remember that God is the Judge and Avenger of innocent blood which cried from earth to Heaven. (Pope Pius XI, Casti Connubii, December 30, 1930.)

Dr. Thomas Droleskey gives a detailed history, ugly as it is, of how this casuistic position came about and captivated Catholic voters. It originated with the Kennedy family in the 1960s, as Catholics sought to maintain their allegiance to the Democratic Party at all costs:

The former Jesuit priest Albert Jonsen, emeritus professor of ethics at the University of Washington, recalls the meeting [between the Kennedys and theologians] in his book “The Birth of Bioethics” (Oxford, 2003). He writes about how he joined with the Rev. Joseph Fuchs, a Catholic moral theologian; the Rev. Robert Drinan, then dean of Boston College Law School; and three academic theologians, the Revs. Giles Milhaven, Richard McCormick and Charles Curran, to enable the Kennedy family to redefine support for abortion.

Mr. Jonsen writes that the Hyannisport colloquium was influenced by the position of another Jesuit, the Rev. John Courtney Murray, a position that “distinguished between the moral aspects of an issue and the feasibility of enacting legislation about that issue.” It was the consensus at the Hyannisport conclave that Catholic politicians “might tolerate legislation that would permit abortion under certain circumstances if political efforts to repress this moral error led to greater perils to social peace and order.”

Father Milhaven later recalled the Hyannisport meeting during a 1984 breakfast briefing of Catholics for a Free Choice: “The theologians worked for a day and a half among ourselves at a nearby hotel. In the evening we answered questions from the Kennedys and the Shrivers. Though the theologians disagreed on many a point, they all concurred on certain basics . . . and that was that a Catholic politician could in good conscience vote in favor of abortion.”  ( See – Opinion: How Support for Abortion Became Kennedy Dogma. David Paterson, a pro-abortion Catholic, ultimately chose another pro-abortion Catholic, Kirsten Gillibrand, who has been the junior senator of the State of New York since January 26, 2009. For a review of David Paterson’s moral corruption, see Little Caesars All (Pizza! Pizza!)


St. Christopher

July 25, 2016


St. Christopher, Titian; 1524


A Post-Convention Cleanse

July 23, 2016



Behind Melania

July 23, 2016



You wrote about Melania’s plagiarism. I never thought I would support Michelle Obama, who said her speech with a heartfelt sincerity compared to the wooden-accented presentation by this Slovenian “ex-model.” But forget Melania’s history-making speech. I’m sure everyone was paying more attention to her bum, well-ensconced in the skin-tight dress she wore at the RNC. The dress was by Roksanda Ilincic, a Serbian-born, London-based designer rather than an American, as this site stresses. So much for “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!!” Melania was demurely conservative from the front, but naughty and revelatory from the back (where no-one is looking?).

And there was the Stepford Wife, Amazonian 5″11, Jewish convert Ivanka Trump-Kushner, dressed in her feminine pink, with HER boobs also concealed, in yet another fashion masterpiece of demure/sexy, from her own line, no less, which she “tweeted out” in true opportunistic Trump manner, post-speech.

The dress is available at Nordstrom for  an “equal opportunity” price of $138 — cheap compared to Melania’s $2190 and no less smart (look at that side-slit.) But those elite shoe designers whose super-high stiletto heels (at 4.5″) she wore spoil this opportunity with their $398 price tag (for a pair of strappy shoes!!??).

This was her armor for bestowing accolades on her serial polygamist and philanderer father, whose millions she has happily lived off. Is he going to give her a cabinet position to eradicate mean people from this world as a fashion icon? How strange to speak thus of such a father. And most likely she will be joined by her ambitious brothers as they circle around their father. (My own father was impressed by her speech praising her father. “There is nothing impressive about praising a father like that?” I responded. “Couldn’t she just shut up? Who cares if she has “forgiven” her father? Do we have to remember through her as well what he has done to the family?”)

And I know families go up and join a political candidate on stage, but Trump’s surpassed even Sarah Palin’s dysfunctional entourage, with his half-sibling offspring, some conceived out of wedlock, from three different women (or is it four?), all waving flags for their now rich, famous and historical figure of a father. They are part of that DYNASTY after all!

Make America Great Again!

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The Cult of Liberty

July 23, 2016

FROM an essay by the Most Rev. Donald Sanborn:

The world has never known more oppressive governments or bigger governments than those which profess the cult of liberty. No governments have meddled more in the lives of their citizens. Since the abolition of the monarchies and the rise of democracies, the common man, the family and business have been subject to tyrannical oppression, emaciating taxation, as well as economic and social “engineering” which affects every aspect of life. The democracies of the past two hundred years make the most dictatorial monarchical regimes look like liberty fests. With democracy have come both liberalism and socialism, two sources of oppression for hundreds of millions of people, if not billions, over the past two hundred years.

This fact tells us that the liberty which the cult of liberty seeks is not the freedom of the common man from big, oppressive, and tyrannical governments. It is a freedom from something else which the cult of liberty seeks.


An Ordinary Encounter

July 22, 2016

ALAN writes:

One day last week I went into a store that sells old records and movies.  I made a small purchase.  When the lady behind the counter saw that I had selected some of the 1930s-‘40s B-Westerns of Hoppy, Gene, and Roy, she told me she had just watched an episode of the TV series “The Lone Ranger.” Like me, she was old enough to remember that series from the 1950s.  But the thing that struck her most when watching that episode, she said, was “how racist it was.” It was disgraceful how townspeople in the story treated the Indian Tonto, she said, and such disrespect would not be permitted in entertainment today. Read More »


The Dallas False Flag

July 22, 2016


DON’T worry. It’s all fake gunfire, with staged videos and photos. (Mild profanity.)


“Clinton Cash”

July 21, 2016


A MOVIE based on the book Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer is going to be released on the Internet for free this weekend. (I assume it is funded by Republicans.) Between 2001 and 20015, the Clintons made about $200 million, most of it one form of bribery or another, Schweizer contends. The vast sums the Clintons took in, much of it through the Clinton Foundation, is undisputed. Contributions to the foundation, the author contends, were often given in exchange for political favors, and for much of that time Hillary was secretary of state.

“You can go from Columbia, to India, to sub-Saharan Africa, to Europe, to Asia, and wherever there’s somebody that needs a deal, the Clintons are there to monetize access,” Schweizer says.

This documentary about the book alleges they profited from NGO work in Haiti after the earthquake.


Academic Freedom — For Some

July 20, 2016

THE GOP platform calls for a free exchange of ideas at America’s universities — well, almost free. Every idea should be discussed openly, says the platform. Except one idea. That should not be permitted. The one idea? Condemnation of Israel.

The platform states:

Improving Higher Education

Our colleges, universities, and trade schools, large and small, public and private, form the world’s greatest assemblage of learning. They drive much of the research that keeps America competitive and, by admitting large numbers of foreign students, convey our values and culture to the world. Their excellence is undermined by an ideological bias deeply entrenched within the current university system. Whatever the solution may be in private institutions, in state schools the trustees have a responsibility to the taxpayers to ensure that their enormous investment is not abused for political indoctrination. We call on state officials to preserve our public colleges, universities, and trade schools as places of learning and the exchange of ideas, not zones of intellectual intolerance or “safe zones,” as if college students need protection from the free exchange of ideas. A student’s First Amendment rights do not end at the schoolhouse gates. Colleges, universities, and trade schools must not infringe on their freedom of speech and association in the name of political correctness.We condemn the campus-based BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) campaign against Israel. It is anti-Semitism and should be denounced by advocates of academic freedom. [emphasis added]

Does this make any sense? Read More »