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September 28, 2016

EVA WOODS, a novelist and writing coach, dumps her husband because he no longer fulfills her romantic expectations and then adds insult to injury by writing about it.

When women are taught from an early age that they are The Wonderful Sex, it’s not surprising that so many become cruel and heartless egotists.


Trump and 9/11

September 28, 2016

SHORTLY after 9/11, Donald Trump, who was knowledgeable about high rise construction and specifically the design of the Twin Towers, said it was unlikely the buildings were brought down by planes:

It just seemed to me that to do that kind of destruction is even more than a big plane, because you’re talking about taking out steel, the heaviest caliber steel that was used on the building. Well, these buildings were rock-solid, and you know it’s just an amazing, amazing thing.

Linh Dinh at The Unz Review looks at his about-face since then.


More Protests, More Blacks Murdered

September 28, 2016

STEVE SAILER looks at the stunning rise in murders of black men that has paralleled the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement.


The Surrender of Woman

September 27, 2016



THE ASCENT OF women to the top reaches of the political world means exactly the opposite of what most people say it means. It is not female empowerment. It is female disempowerment.

In order for a woman to be president, tens of thousands of women have to enter the lower ranks of political life and government. Most of them are relatively low-paid administrators; the top female candidate puts a pleasant spin on the hard reality. Does power for a few make drudgery for the many palatable? Does the thrill of cheering selfishly for your own sex make the years on the treadmill less unpleasant?

In order for a woman to be president, most women, even beyond these workers, have to be politicized.

But the strength of womanhood, as G.K. Chesterton said, is not to be found in her support for laws or rules or political platforms or abstractions. It is to be found in her defense of persons. Her natural kingdom is society itself.

A woman rules best by sympathy, prejudice and wisdom. She must compromise all of these things, so tied to her intuitive strengths and deepest desires, when she rules as politician — and she must turn the political into a socialist projection of her natural instincts. She also apparently has to surrender to ugly pantsuits. Imagine a priest giving up his vestments for a postal uniform. Such is the degradation and lowering of a woman who gives up her distinctive, quasi-ceremonial dress for an orange Nehru jacket and matching rayon pants. She is not just politicized. She is not just masculinized. She is proletarianized. She exudes chilly efficiency, and the dress becomes a relic of bygone aristocracy and leisure. Remember that? Leisure. The woman at the kitchen table, often there to listen, going nowhere, accomplishing nothing, was an aristocrat of time. She made persons feel like persons. How many people were saved by her prayers when she realized her own limitations? They must be numberless.

Chesterton’s “great amateur” is gone. The efficient Good Girl is in her place — and she’s intensely irritable, indeed nearly deranged and cruel with schizophrenic pressures, when she gets home. If she were not surrounded by non-stop propaganda, she would rebel. She has been disempowered. The heart, after all, is powerful. Only an intensely materialistic world would define her life as female advancement.

As Chesterton said, in “What’s Wrong with the World,”

“Most of the feminists would probably agree with me that womanhood is under shameful tyranny in the shops and mills. But I want to destroy the tyranny. They want to destroy womanhood. That is the only difference.”


The Frontline in the War on Food

September 27, 2016


SVEN writes:

One way I entertain myself in line at the grocery store is to look at what other folks have in their carts. It’s really sad what I see most of the time. Here’s a tour of a grocery cart that wouldn’t be unusual at all:

·         Gatorade — It has electrolytes, doncha know? This stuff should, at most, be consumed by athletes in small quantities. If you aren’t sweating a lot, it is nothing but sugar.

·         Soda — No need to explain that. If you drink soda regularly, take a month or two off and try one. You’ll realize how bad they taste.

·         Packaged crackers — Even the crackers that advertise themselves as healthy are filled with sugar.

·         TV Meals — Who knows how these things are even made? They’re filled with sugar too.

·         Lunch meats — You might think these are made of the “other” parts of animals. I wish that was the whole truth, because then they would be somewhat nutritious. They’re made from the other parts plus a gross chemical slurry. Read More »


The Businessman vs. the Socialist

September 27, 2016


I WATCHED the presidential debate last night and was amazed at how the man famous for being a fighter left so much of what Hillary said unchallenged. I thought he would crush the Queen of War. He did not. He was forceful at moments, but at other times he seemed to give it away. Read More »


The Huron Carol

September 26, 2016


THE “Huron Carol,” sung here by Heather Dale in Wendat (Huron), French and English, was written in 1643 by St. Jean de Brébeuf, one of the eight North American Martyrs. Lyrics, and a much different version, can be found here.


A Saint for Losers

September 26, 2016


ON May 8, 1643, Noel Chabanel left his secure and comfortable position as a Jesuit priest and rhetoric teacher in Toulouse, France to travel to the Canadian wilderness to become a missionary among the Hurons.

He never was as successful as he had hoped at his missionary work. Some say he failed to convert a single person among the Indians of North America.

Though he was an intelligent man, accomplished in other languages, he could not master the Huron language, no matter how hard he tried. Being a person of delicate sensibilities, he found the ways of the Hurons, including the food, smells and customs, almost unbearable. It was so difficult for him that he vowed to spend the rest of his life uncomplainingly among these primitive people:

“I pray, then, 0 Lord, that You will deign to accept me as a permanent servant in this mission and that You will render me worthy of so sublime a ministry.”

He was murdered when he was struck with a tomahawk on Dec. 8, 1649 by a Huron apostate and dumped in an icy river. His body was never found. Noel Chabanel, who died at the age of 36, succeeded magnificently at one thing in this wilderness: his desire to give his life for God.

Today is the feast of the eight men known as the North American Martyrs, who together did succeed in converting many of the natives. They include Jean de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues and Rene Goupil, who was tortured and later killed with a hatchet after he made the sign of the cross over a child. A full book on the life of St. Isaac Jogues, who lived among the Iroquois, can be found here. More on Noel Chabanel, a patron saint for misfits, can be found here and here.

Thomas Droleskey writes at Christ or Chaos:

The sad truth is, of course, that the very barbaric practices that the North American Martyrs sought to eradicate by converting the Indians to the true Faith have become part of “mainstream” law and culture in the supposedly “civilized” United States of America.


Manufactured Riots

September 24, 2016

ABOUT SEVENTY-PERCENT of the protestors arrested in Charlotte were from out-of-state. See more at Zero Hedge.


The Quadrennial Charade

September 23, 2016

VIGILANT CITIZEN says something I have said here before: Donald Trump is purposely being used to discredit honorable opposition to open borders. Trump has deployed nasty verbiage (his loyal sidekick Ann Coulter is even more offensive) and the media has a field day with it:

Trump’s role in this charade is to lead the anti-Soros movement, associate it with ugly terms such as “racism”, mix it up with the ridiculousness of the “Alt-Right”, and to ultimately crash the entire thing in an intense fire of stupidity.

In this sense, Trump is just as useful to the elite as Hillary. Both of them play a role. The “outsider” will probably stay outside and the “insider” will mostly likely stay inside. And you don’t actually have a choice: The 2016 presidential election is a complete sham.


The Model Minority: Fisher-of-Men Edition

September 23, 2016

FROM Fox News:

Two Indonesian fishermen who escaped slavery aboard a Honolulu-based tuna and swordfish vessel when it docked at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf are suing the boat’s owner for tricking them into accepting dangerous jobs they say they weren’t allowed to leave.

Attorneys for Abdul Fatah and Sorihin, who uses one name, say in a lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday that they were recruited in Indonesia seven years ago to work in Hawaii’s commercial fishing fleet without realizing they would never be allowed onshore. They have since been issued visas for victims of human trafficking and are living in the San Francisco area.


“I want to be compensated because of the suffering I felt on the boat and all the suffering I have endured after I got off the boat,” Sorihin said Thursday through a translator at his lawyer’s San Francisco office. “And I hope no one will suffer what I have suffered.”


Military Men and Mothers

September 23, 2016

STEPHEN IPPOLITO writes in the discussion on exercise:

It’s a small point, but when Laura observes upon her “intuitive sense” that running or jogging “is not all that calming” and as such, when undertaken publicly, is likely beneath the dignity of of women generally, and of Catholic women in particular, I could not agree more.

I can confirm that the Australian Army, at least in relation to its officers’ training, (or at least when I went through it), supports the truth of what Laura intuits about running or jogging.

The very first statement delivered in the very first class on the very first day of my army direct commissioning course was the warning that “officers never run.” This may sound a strange thing for a military leadership course to lead off with , as it initially seemed to me then, but as it was explained to my cohort and I, running was frowned upon not simply because it may panic the troops but for the much more important reason that rapid, rushed, hectic action – or any behaviour for that matter that springs from or tends to suggest a lack of control by a leader – is undignified and beneath a person in authority and undermines the quality of dignity that a person in authority must at all times exhibit to earn and hold the respect and confidence of others.

Laura is right to pose as the litmus test whether a mother or any other matron of yesteryear could be imagined running or jogging up and down the local streets or laying on the footpath doing “ab crunches” or “jumping jacks”, or as I witnessed this morning, gathering in a herd of 20 or so beneath a banner titled “Yummy Mummies” to run whilst pushing their babies ahead of them in prams/strollers – and to answer “no.”

This is because people will not respect or follow a person without dignity and wives and mothers, at least until recent times, modelled and set the tone for their families’ behaviour domestically as well as beyond the home at a local level through maintaining their communities’ social and support networks. Laura speaks an essential, (but regrettably forbidden), truth when she observes that: “All of society hinges on the dignity of women.” Read More »


Ursula Haverbeck on the Migrant Crisis

September 22, 2016

THE author Michael Hoffman writes of Ursula Haverbeck, 87, whom I believe is still serving a 10-month jail sentence in Germany for her position on World War II history:

This distinguished lady of the media-despised World War II generation of Germans is the epitome of dignity and decency. These are the people the U.S. slaughtered from the air in German cities 1942-1945, and then mass-murdered them after the war in vicious forced expulsions from neighboring countries — ethnic cleansing.

Angela Merkel is very patently a traitor to a thousand years of German history and the struggles of the ancestors of the German people across that millennium. No[t] even a half-way competent or patriotic leader would encourage and legalize the invasion of one million aliens into the nation they lead. Merkel is an insanely evil coffin-rider and the previously suicidal Germans, if they have eyes to see, will turn to God and ask for the grace to throw her out of office by means of the ballot box, and by the same means never allow a similar Judas-goat to head Germany again.


Flight 1771

September 22, 2016

MIKE KING writes at The Anti-New York Times:

The incredible revenge-mass murder-suicide drama of Flight 1771 and the subsequent investigation are the stuff of Hollywood movies. The tragic 1987 event was, at that time, the 2nd worst mass murder event in US History (just 2 shy of the 1927 Bath, Michigan school bombing). Flight 1771 remains the worst incident of mass murder in the history of California.

But for some strange reason, the amazing story began to fade away from the media’s radar, literally within 24 hours of the event. An archival review of The New York Times (aka the “paper of record”) turns up just 4 short and incomplete stories over a 4 day period. The headlines are listed below, followed by our rebuttal. Stay with this piece because there is a shocking twist at the end; a twist which will tie in ‘the Big Picture’ of things.

The plane disaster was the work of David Burke (below), a disgruntled black employee. That’s why it was buried, King contends.


Traditional Farming and Asthma

September 22, 2016

A FASCINATING study suggests that Amish children have a lower incidence of asthma and other allergic reactions because they are exposed to bacteria in soil that has never been worked with industrial machinery. Healthy dirt may be beneficial in unexpected ways. Read More »


Can You Imagine Her Jogging?

September 22, 2016


Christian Skredsvig (Norwegian painter, 1854–1924) 'Aften på innsjøen' 1892

Christian Skredsvig (Norwegian painter, 1854–1924) ‘Aften på innsjøen’ 1892

THE answer to the above question is: No, you can’t.

That’s because jogging, or “running,” is immodest and beneath the dignity of feminine women (as opposed to uppity and tiresome Internet trolls who like to brag about their marathon training).

[Image from It’s About Time]

Read More »


“Gay Marriage” Is Political Exploitation

September 22, 2016


E. MICHAEL JONES explains in this dynamite lecture why “gay marriage” and other victories against the moral order were the means for ending representative government. “The net result is tyranny …. We’re talking about successful revolutions where Communism failed.”

Note his comments on anti-Semitism.

(However, the revolution of Vatican II was not a media-generated event, as he mentions. The Vatican II documents are filled with heresies. The fact that John Paul II said many Catholic things does not eradicate the errors he repeatedly endorsed.)


Long Gone, but Still Loved

September 21, 2016



ALAN writes:

My maternal grandmother enjoyed crocheting and playing cards.  During intense thunderstorms, she would walk from room to room, carrying a lighted candle and praying.  I have only one picture in which she is smiling—at the sight of her infant grandson being placed on a pony at a school picnic in 1950.  She loved watching Western movies and TV shows because she understood and valued the iron moral code upheld in those Westerns.  When I was a toddler, she held me on her lap as we watched the weekly adventures of “The Lone Ranger.”  She died when I was seven years old.

I agree with Lydia Sherman’s remarks about the neglect of grandparents and the disintegration of American families.

My paternal grandparents died years before I was born.  I knew my maternal grandparents, but not nearly as well as I could and should have known them.  My grandfather worked for a printing company and my grandmother was a housewife.  When I was a boy they walked with us to Sunday morning Mass at our Catholic church, two blocks from where we lived.  Both of them came from large families.  One of my grandfather’s nephews and his wife had twelve children—six of one and half a dozen of the other.  Read More »