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Mattress Feminism

May 22, 2015

HEATHER WILHELM reflects on Emma Sulkowicz and rape delusions.


The Model Minority: Fugitive Edition

May 22, 2015


According to The New York Timesbusinessmen charged with corruption in China are living in luxury — and doing business — in the U.S.

While accusations of corruption from the Chinese Communists are the height of  hypocrisy, it’s still instructive to note how those who made it to the  United States have imported their lawless business practices and lack of  ethics to the United States.


The Latest Horror in “Church” of England

May 22, 2015

FOUNDED in divorce, the “Church” of England follows its revolutionary principles to their logical conclusions. The Guardian reports:

The Church of England is to debate plans to introduce a ceremony akin to a baptism to mark the new identities of Christians who undergo gender transition.

The Rev Chris Newlands, the vicar of Lancaster Priory, has proposed a motion to the General Synod to debate the issue, after he was approached by a young transgender person seeking to be “re-baptised” in his new identity. Read More »


D.C. Suspect in Savopoulos Slaying Had Long History of Assaults

May 22, 2015

DARON Dylan Wint, the suspect in the torture and killing of a D.C. family and their housekeeper, had a long history of assaults, according to The Washington Post. He is a black immigrant from Guyana who joined the Marines briefly but was expelled and was apparently employed as a certified welder. He was arrested for stabbing a man in Syracuse in 2006, allegedly made violent threats to numerous other people and in 2010 police found him behind a gas station near D.C. with a machete and a pellet gun. He was so threatening that his own father petitioned for, and was granted, a restraining order against him. Read More »


Judicial Tyranny in a Nutshell

May 21, 2015


“Judge Richard Posner also opposed the injunction, writing: ‘Although Notre Dame is the final arbiter of its religious beliefs, it is for the courts to determine whether the law actually forces Notre Dame to act in a way that would violate those beliefs.'”

[From: “Court Tells Notre Dame it Has to Cover Birth Control”]


Post Scolds Public for Caring about Slaying

May 21, 2015

A WASHINGTON POST columnist writes that the public is paying too much attention to the recent torture and slaying of a wealthy D.C. couple, who were killed along with their son and their maid. Petula Dvorak writes:

Meanwhile, thousands of regular, everyday people are killed in burglaries, in house fires and by family members. And the rest of the country rarely gives two hoots. The race and class of victims undoubtedly play a role in this. And there’s something sad about that. Read More »


From Factory to Front Door

May 21, 2015

WE have not yet reached the point where one can simply think the word “pizza” and a deliveryman will show up at the front door. But we are getting close.


Ireland Harvests the Fruits of Vatican II

May 21, 2015

AS the formerly Catholic nation of Ireland prepares for the world’s first national referendum on same-sex “marriage” tomorrow, the Man Who Would Be Pope remains silent on the issue. The world breathlessly awaits his upcoming Super Cool climate change encyclical.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Jorge Bergoglio.

To get a sense of how far things are gone in Ireland, look at this creepy mural from the side of a building in Dublin. None of the considerable suffering Ireland has endured in the past even remotely compares to its undoing now. This misfortune is self-imposed.


The Model Minority: Economic Espionage Edition

May 20, 2015

FROM The New York Times:

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced the arrest of a Chinese professor and the indictment of five other Chinese citizens in what it contended was a decade-long scheme to steal microelectronics designs from American companies on behalf of the Chinese government.

The indictment, under a provision of the Economic Espionage Act that is used only in cases where the government believes it can prove the theft was on behalf of a foreign power, was the largest since five members of the People’s Liberation Army were indicted last year, accused of hacking into the computer systems of American companies to steal technology for state-owned Chinese companies.


Robert Chardon

May 19, 2015

TIBERGE at Galliawatch writes about disturbing reports of the hospitalization of Robert Chardon, the mayor of the French town of Venelles who publicly stated that Islam should be banned from France and that separation of Church and State should formally end.


The Invasion of Europe and ISIS Soldiers

May 19, 2015

A STUDENT writes from Germany:

ISIS is not only profiting from the African migration, but is using it as a way of invasion: These boats do not only carry migrants, but also hidden soldiers. This is part of their plan for capturing Rome, which they see as the heart of Christianity. They want to raise their black flag on St. Peter’s Square. Read More »


Runaway Black Firefighter

May 19, 2015

KARL D. writes:

A black affirmative action hire in New York City’s Fire Department is literally running away from fighting fires! Though there have been numerous complaints by his fellow firefighters as well as his own captain, it has fallen on deaf ears as far as the top brass is concerned. It seems that New York has quite literally become a sacrificial State, willing to offer up to the flames firefighters and innocent victims alike to the god of political correctness.

In some ways it seems the black man has taken on Mohammedan qualities. Like Mohammed, he must be unquestionably worshipped and command submission. One cannot speak ill of him, criticize him, or question his motives lest one has one’s life or fortunes destroyed. Who knows? Maybe soon we won’t be able to draw his likeness anymore as well. Of course I am joking. But not by very much.

Read More »


Mattress Stunt Continues at Columbia

May 19, 2015


COLUMBIA University student and mega feminist celebrity Emma Sulkowicz continues to accuse and publicly humiliate a male student whom she contends raped her. Instead of being expelled from the school, yesterday she carried her mattress onstage at graduation and was applauded by the audience.

Here we see the wisdom in the traditional segregation of the sexes in education. Men were better off when they went to school without women. And women were better off when they went to school without men. Read More »


The Soup-Kitchen Theology of Jorge Bergoglio

May 19, 2015

NOVUS ORDO WATCH explains why the constant exhortations of “Pope” Francis to be charitable to the poor are distortions of Catholic theology.


The Latest in Post-Apartheid South Africa

May 19, 2015

DAN ROODT writes on recent events in South Africa:

So South Africa lurches from one racial incident to the next, whether it is Rhodes’s statue radiating “pain” to black students in Cape Town or other blacks a thousand miles away being oppressed by headsets in rural Potchefstroom. The race-mad media in Johannesburg and Cape Town are always on the lookout for the next racial scandal and glory in shaming some hapless white who says the wrong thing. This will all be drearily familiar to anyone who follows events in the United States.

The rest of the Western world forced this crazy black Marxist government on us and cast us into their diversity blender. We suffer intensely from the American-made political correctness that now dominates the West–and diversity doesn’t work any better here than it does anywhere else. Read More »