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The Conspiracy behind “Conspiracy Theories”

August 24, 2016

HERE’S one heck of a conspiracy theory: Some contend that the term “conspiracy theory” was invented by the CIA. Wow, what will they do next? See more by Paul Craig Roberts.

Speaking of conspiracy theories, a black assistant professor at Oberlin College was recently suspended from her job for rejecting the official story of 9/11 in her posts on Facebook. The liberal Oberlin dissing a black professor? Hmm, her heresy must have been quite serious. Yes, the American KGB (that stands for Anti-Defamation League in Russian) found out about it and said Joy Karega must go. Well, you know, someone has to destroy careers.

Oh, dear. Oh, dear, dear, dear. This is something.

I am sorry for the courageous Ms. Karega, but no one bothers to suppress fiction.


Rabbis: “Muslims Welcome in America”

August 24, 2016

TWELVE hundred American rabbis are united in their desire to bring more Muslims to America and to assimilate them to American life.

How interesting. It’s funny how rabbis see eye-to-eye when it comes to the cultural and demographic obliteration of America.

Rabbis never welcome Muslim refugees to Israel! In fact, they have created one big concentration camp for their Muslim refugees. File it under, “Strange and Intriguing Contradictions.”


Wendy McElroy on “Rape Culture”

August 24, 2016


The vile Emma Sulkowicz of mattress fame

Emma Sulkowicz, the rape-culture icon, with her mattress

IN JANUARY 2014, President Obama announced he was establishing a special White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. He justified what would turn out to be his assault on the constitutional liberties and moral status of male college students by saying, “It is estimated that one in five women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted during their time there. … It’s totally unacceptable.”

What a liar.

To call this one-in-five figure, which quickly achieved cult-like legitimacy, an exaggeration is an understatement. In her new book Rape Culture Hysteria: Fixing the Damage Done to Women and Men (Vulgus Press, 2016), Wendy McElroy, a Canadian author and longtime skeptic of the feminist narrative on rape, addresses this falsehood. Not only is the incidence of sexual assault among college women much lower, it has been declining in recent years.

McElroy is a libertarian feminist who does not accept some of feminism’s more extreme claims. In her book, she heroically wades into the intensely ugly and fanatical debate over college rape and the notion that a “rape culture” exists. Though I do not share some of her basic premises and go beyond her solutions, I recommend McElroy’s book for anyone who wants to know more about this particular area of mob psychology and state-sponsored Bolshevism.


The scene at the University of Virginia after a fraternity was falsely said to be the scene of a vicious gang rape.

The scene at the University of Virginia in 2014 after a fraternity was falsely said to be the scene of a vicious gang rape. The university never apologized to the fraternity for accepting the accusations without adjudication.

McElroy writes:

On December 11 [2014], the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released its report, “Rape and Sexual Assault Among College-Age Females, 1995-2013.” [17] The report’s findings contradicted the claims of the White House and of rape culture zealots. For one thing, it indicated that campuses were not the most sexually dangerous places for women. The BJS found, “[ t] he rate of rape and sexual assault was 1.2 times higher for nonstudents (7.6 per 1,000) than for students (6.1 per 1,000)…. The rate of completed rape for nonstudents (3.1 per 1,000) was 1.5 times higher than for students (2.0 per 1,000).” Read More »


Baby Trafficking

August 22, 2016

INDIAN women struggling for money are enticed into renting their wombs. The BBC interviewed three women who were “surrogate mothers.” One of them said:

For three months after giving birth, I spent sleepless nights, I would get headaches thinking about the baby and I had to take medicines to calm down.

Every year, on 4 November, the day the baby was born, our family celebrates its birthday. I do all the rituals that I do for my other children. Read More »


The Immaculate Heart

August 22, 2016



Being wise, Our Lady is against all vain pride; being immaculate, she is against sensuality. Therefore, devotion to the Heart of Mary from this perspective is par excellence the devotion of the Counter-Revolution, since the Revolution is moved forward by pride and sensuality. Those two points that the Revolution hates most, wisdom and purity, must be the points that are most strongly affirmed by counter-revolutionaries.

Our prayer on this feast day should be: “Make our hearts like unto thy Heart.” This does not imply some vague similarity. It means to make our hearts as closely identified as possible to her Immaculate Heart, insofar as it is in the plans of God. “Make me wise, according to thy wisdom. Make me pure with a purity partaking of thy own purity.”

We may add: “My Mother, I am not strong enough to give myself to thee. Enter into my soul with graces that I am unable to resist, shatter this door that in my misery I do not want to open. I will be awaiting thee behind that door with all my appreciation and gratitude.”

— Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, The Immaculate Heart of Mary

From the Ghent Altarpiece

From the Ghent Altarpiece

Read More »


Mrs. Kane

August 21, 2016

NEIL writes:

If Kathleen Kane’s husband/ex-husband (I’ve read contradictory things about this) had the resources to contribute $1.5 million to her campaign, then he obviously had the capacity to support her as a homemaker. Most men would only dream of taking care of their families with that level of financial support. Maybe her children can touch the glass wall between the prison visitors and her, just like in the old TV shows.


Before Athletes Were Machines

August 21, 2016

maxresdefault (1)

ONE OF THE first women’s Olympic gymnastics teams can be seen competing here, in the 1928 Olympics in the Netherlands. They don’t quite have the sculpted, bioengineered look (see below) of today’s Olympic athletes.

Here are women’s tennis players from the Berlin Olympics in 1936:



By way of contrast, these women (the 2016 U.S. women’s gymnastics team) are … scary:



Nothing Good Comes from Lies

August 21, 2016


[Skip the bad music in the first 15 seconds of this video.]

AS the 15th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, we can honor those who died in the terrorist attacks, as well as those who bravely fought in wars and the many non-combatants tragically killed or wounded in those subsequent wars, by learning more about the events of that day or telling others about what we have learned. Christopher Bollyn mentions his books in this video. Masters of Deception by Zander Fuerza comes to similar conclusions.

Worthwhile sites that provide mostly the physical case against the official story include: Architects and Engineers for Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Physics 9/11, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and the Journal of 9/11 Studies.



August 19, 2016


LIONEL NATION describes his total loss of faith in the media after 9/11. (I don’t accept his strange refusal to speculate overall on what actually occurred.)

More recently, Mr. Nation argued compellingly that Trump is throwing the election.


Honoring Thugs

August 19, 2016


A sketch of the planned museum and memorial in Alabama

ON March 15, 1900, in Hazelhurst, Ga., Bryan and Numun Goolsby agreed to cut cotton for farmer Dan Mims. But shortly after they were hired, they hit Mr. Mims over the head with their axe handles, stabbed him in the eye and cut his throat. When his wife heard a commotion and came out of the farmhouse with their baby in her arms, the Goolsby brothers knocked her to the ground. The baby was killed in the fall and she was seriously injured. (Source.)

The teenaged brothers, who were black and were apparently intending to rob the couple even though they were hired for pay, fled. One of them was later lynched by an angry mob. Mr. Goolsby will presumably be among those honored, his name etched in stone, by a new $20 million memorial in Alabama to victims of vigilante mobs. See Mike King’s report on this temple to murderers and rapists, where, in a desperate and almost comical attempt at creating suitable altars, soil samples from sacred spots where lynchings occurred will be on display. You won’t find a lick of sympathy for the likes of Mr. and Mrs. Mims and their poor baby in The New York Times’s piece on the project. Read More »


Kane’s Downfall

August 16, 2016



Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane in court yesterday

DOES anyone actually believe the feminist contention that women make politics better? The case of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane, who was elected the first woman in the post four years ago in a wave of feminist euphoria, is more evidence to the contrary.

Kane, a Democrat, was convicted yesterday of perjury and abuse of office charges in connection with her efforts to shut down a corruption investigation in Philadelphia and exact revenge against a political enemy. She was so unpopular that five of her former or current aides testified against her in court, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele persuaded jurors that Kane orchestrated the illegal leak of secret grand jury documents to plant a June 2014 story critical of her nemesis, former state prosecutor Frank Fina. Kane then lied about her actions under oath, the jury found.

She will be sentenced within 90 days and must resign if the convictions are not overturned.

Kane showed a penchant early on for violating protocol and the limits of her office when in her first year she refused to defend the state’s marriage law in court. Thus began a statewide career of reckless abandon. Read More »


Queen of Heaven

August 15, 2016


Assumption of the Virgin, 18th century; unknown Mexican artist

Assumption of the Virgin, 18th century; unknown Mexican artist (Philadelphia Art Museum)

AMERICAN art museums possess tens of thousands of paintings and statues of the Virgin Mary. Isn’t it odd? Museums aren’t churches. Why are these religious images there?

They are there because of their undeniable beauty. Even in our de-supernaturalized world, where the idea that a real woman could become the “Mother of God” is inconceivable and even laughable to many people who think they are attuned to reality because they believe in sheer matter alone, even in this world, no one, absolutely no one, seriously challenges the inclusion of these works in the canon of masterpieces. Such nobility and virtue, tenderness and maternal devotion, such supreme feminine beauty, shine forth from these cherished images. Mary was the most beautiful woman. She is the most beautiful woman. She is full of grace, in the way a spectacular garden is full of blossom, seed and leaf. Artists cannot ever exhaust the subject of Mary’s beauty. It is impossible. If every artist in the entire world were to devote his life to depicting Mary (admittedly an absurd thought in a world where artists devote themselves to depicting ugliness), they together could not sufficiently capture her, such is the nature of her perfection and the profundity of her beauty.

Never do we see Mary smiling in an extroverted way. Her gaze is usually averted. She is always in a state of contemplation. It is true: Her soul magnified the Lord.

If these paintings were all suddenly taken away, our museums would be profoundly altered and people would notice the absence even though they may be only vaguely or unconsciously aware of that presence, it being a singular characteristic of the Mother of God in that she has a hidden quality, an invisibility that is a reflection of her humility. She is humble and yet she is the woman marked out from all of history to be the valiant defender of mankind. She is the woman destined to crush the serpent’s head.

Catholics observe many specials feasts of the Mother of God, but today, the Feast of the Assumption, is the most important. It marks the day when Mary was assumed into heaven and crowned Queen, a dogma which was defined after many centuries of belief in 1950 by Pope Pius XII.  According to a tradition that dated back to the time of the apostles, Christians believed that Mary was assumed — body and soul — into heaven not many years after the death of Christ. The angel Gabriel appeared to her and told her the details of her departure from this world. She answered with the words she had spoken to him many years before:

Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word.

Mary’s role in human history and in the supernatural order has been defined over time.

O happy day which raised up and so highly exalted this most humble handmaiden of the Lord that she might become the most glorious queen of heaven and the mistress of the world. Indeed she could not have risen to more sublime heights since she had been elevated to the very Throne of the heavenly kingdom, and thus was established in glory next after Christ. O happy and truly honorable is this day which constituted and confirmed for us a Queen and Mother who is at once powerful and merciful in the kingdom of God, that we might have her, who ever remains the Mother of the Judge, as a Mother of mercy protecting us and interceding for us with Christ, unceasingly watching over the work of our salvation. [Homily of St. Peter Canisius.]

The Mother who will never fail us, who loves us with such exquisite compassion, may give us a taste of that refined humility we see in those glorious paintings. If we ask her, she may let a particle of her perfection fall from heaven where she is ever Queen and lodge in our own souls, making us better than we are by helping us forget our intense self-love.


Wisdom from a Police Chief

August 13, 2016

ALAN writes:

In 1962, William H. Parker, then police chief of Los Angeles, nailed the evils around him: resentment against authority, mass communications, automobile culture, women working outside the home, and the weakening of American families. These are a few of the reasons why he was often vilified. But I suggest he could see, think, and speak with pinpoint accuracy. It would be a phenomenal achievement if American men today could do half that well.

“….since the end of world War II, I think there has been a world-wide revolution against constituted authority. A police officer is the living, physical symbol of authority and so it is against him that this resentment is frequently directed.

“….I do think technological changes in American life have largely disrupted, if not destroyed, the home influence. At the time when communications and freedom of movement were rather limited, the family was in control. One gravitated to the home for all one’s social life, or most of it. Now, of course, the home has become the place where many people just keep their clothes and eat and sleep.

“It was a tragedy when the mothers of America went out of the home and became wage-earners. Many of them had to do it. But I believe that raising a family is a full-time job. We haven’t made any formal, scientific study of case histories of juvenile crime here to relate the crime to the family and home life of the juvenile. But we have seen that divorce and the breaking-up of the home and the attitude that children are an unfortunate accident of marriage rather than a purpose of marriage are so often in the background of juvenile criminals that we just expect these attitudes today…..”

— Los Angeles Chief of Police William H. Parker. Interviewed by Donald McDonald, Dean-elect of the College of Journalism of Marquette University. St. Louis Police Journal, June 1962, p. 3.


August 13, 2016


Paolo Uccello born as Paolo di Dono (Italian artist, 1397-1475) Faith from Frescos at the Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption in Prato Cathedral. 1435

Faith from Frescos at the Chapel of Our Lady of the Assumption in Prato Cathedral. 1435


“Communism by the Back Door”

August 12, 2016


THE 21-part documentary New World Order: Communism by the Backdoor, produced by Dennis Wise,  is a powerful and riveting exploration of the totalitarian forces of globalism. Many pressing issues are discussed: World War II, conflict in the Middle East, the “cancer” of usury, the migrant invasion of Europe, mass immigration in America, multiculturalism, false flags, the Talmudic quest for world domination, Islam in Europe, Britain’s downfall, the occult, the satanic decadence of popular culture — and much more, all of it interconnected because all of it derives from a heavily concealed and organized effort to create a one world government, or New World Order.

One of the important points made by Wise and those interviewed is that we cannot address the problems of today unless we understand the wars of the 20th century. The series busts some of the myths, especially those involving the demonization of the German people. In addition, the episodes on Freemasonry, the United Nations and Hollywood are terrific. Some outstanding commentators, such as E. Michael Jones and John MacManus, are featured. Even the segment on the infiltration of the Catholic Church is dynamite, giving a lucid and ringing endorsement of sedevacantism. I have reservations or objections about a few of the points made (I do not, for instance, support a war of eradication against Israel, as is mentioned by one of the people interviewed; also the episode on the Torah should have been about the Talmud) and there is strong language condemning Judaic subversion that will make some readers truly apoplectic, but my impression after watching 16 episodes is overwhelmingly positive. (Of course, some will find the points made here so contrary to what they have been taught that they will reject all of it — and be mad as hell as well.) I am sure this is well worth your time, especially in these dog days of summer. If you find anything that is unsupported by the evidence, I’d be interested to know.

(Foul language alert for the opening few minutes. At least one episode, which carries a warning, includes violent imagery.) Read More »


The Fun Fallacy

August 12, 2016


THE belief that if Catholics are fun, fun, fun, they will draw people to their faith, is a cardinal tenet of the false religion of Vatican II. In fact, many people are simply repelled by something so lacking in reverence, majesty and seriousness. If you want song and dance you can go to your local Evangelical church, which is usually far less stringent in its moral demands. Besides, even cool nuns make lousy dancers.

A blogger calls the annual pagan festival known as World Youth Day, which just wrapped up in Krakow, Poland, “World Moron Day.” At The Eyewitness, he writes:

I’m tempted to once again mention the famous Belloc quote about standing by and watching the Barbarians but will instead point out that this sort of thing is not Catholic. Clueless young people travel long distances for an emotional “high” offered by a media-celebrated Pope.  What good will this do for them?  What solid, demonstrable good?  Emotions do not produce Saints, and these jamborees are nothing if not emotionalism gone to extremes. Read More »


Demonizing Assad

August 11, 2016

CLAIRE writes:

Thank you for posting the interview with Assad. I watched it in its entirety. It supports my suspicion that he is not the boogeyman he is made out to be in the media. The interviewer had an obvious intention to make him out as such but failed spectacularly.

I asked my husband if the propaganda has became more painfully obvious lately or if we’re more tuned in to detecting the lies. It’s his impression that it has gotten more obvious. I follow the news much more than he does. Many of those that can critically think have figured it out and the media are focusing on the remaining people who believe what they see on TV without question.

I, like Mike Rivero, on What Really Happened, worry about  how they will handle losing this propaganda war… Major false flag is my big fear. Of course I pray for that not to happen.

Thank you for your posts. I appreciate your blog. Read More »


The Tears of St. Lawrence

August 11, 2016



TONIGHT and tomorrow night, the spectacular summer display of shooting stars known as the Perseids will be at its peak. If you are fortunate enough to live away from dense urban lights and are in the Northern Hemisphere, you should be able to see as many as 150 of the flaming bits of comet debris every hour in the sky. The moon will set at about 1 a.m. (your local time) tonight and the lights should be especially visible thereafter. You can also watch the meteor shower live online. The meteors appear in all areas of the sky but always streak away from the constellation Perseus; hence their name. The flaming particles are the debris left in the path of the Comet Swift-Tuttle, which takes 130 years to circle the sun; the earth passes through the densest area tomorrow night.

Sarah Lewin writes at

Comet Swift-Tuttle is the largest object known to repeatedly pass by Earth; its nucleus is about 16 miles (26 kilometers) wide. It last passed nearby Earth during its orbit around the sun in 1992, and the next time will be in 2126. But it won’t be forgotten in the meantime, because Earth passes through the dust and debris it leaves behind every year, creating the annual Perseid meteor shower.

When you sit back to watch a meteor shower, you’re actually seeing the pieces of comet debris heat up as they enter the atmosphere and burn up in a bright burst of light, streaking a vivid path across the sky as they travel at 37 miles (59 km) per second. When they’re in space, the pieces of debris are called “meteoroids,” but when they reach Earth’s atmosphere, they’re designated as “meteors.” If a piece makes it all the way down to Earth without burning up, it graduates to “meteorite.” Most of the meteors in the Perseids are much too small for that; they’re about the size of a grain of sand.

The spectacle is also sometimes referred to as the “Tears of St. Lawrence,” in honor of the Roman martyr who died in 258 AD and whose feast day was commemorated yesterday, August 10.

The deacon Lawrence is said to have wept when he saw Pope Sixtus II being dragged off by soldiers after the emperor Valerian ordered all deacons, priests and Bishops to be put to death. The Pope asked the young deacon to protect the sacred altar vessels and distribute them to churches and the poor. Lawrence was arrested three days later after he was overheard saying he had treasures. For his refusal to offer up the objects and to sacrifice to the Roman gods, he was roasted alive on a grid iron.

“[T]he fire which burnt outside was less keen than that which blazed within,” Pope St. Leo the Great wrote of the martyr’s death.

St. Lawrence is the patron saint of single men and deacons. He is also, somewhat morbidly, the patron saint of cooks. See more here.

Consider saying a prayer to St. Lawrence if you see one of the falling stars:

Blessed Lawrence said: The darkness is no darkness with me, but the night is as clear as the dawning, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Pray for us, o holy Lawrence!

Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, artist unknown

Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, artist unknown