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The Meaning of True Charity

May 27, 2016

FROM Liberalism is a Sin, a book about religious liberalism, by Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany (quoted here):

Charity is a supernatural virtue which induces us to love God above all things and our neighbors as ourselves for the love of God. Thus, after God we ought to love our neighbor as ourselves, and this not just in any way, but for the love of God and in obedience to His law. And now, what is it to love? Amare est velle bonum, replies the philosopher. “To love is to wish good to him whom we love.” To whom does charity command us to wish good? To our neighbor, that is to say, not to this or that man only, but to everyone. What is that good which true love wishes? First of all supernatural good, then goods of the natural order which are not incompatible with it. All this is included in the phrase “for the love of God.” Read More »



May 27, 2016



Toilet Man in Hiroshima

OBAMA laid a wreath at the Hiroshima Memorial today and called for a “moral revolution” to meet the challenges of a world with nuclear weaponry. It’s a neat trick for a man who has ordered pedophiles into the girls’ room to call for a moral revolution. But what’s a moral revolution without an apology for a massacre? Obama refused to apologize for the devastating atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which killed roughly 200,000 people, mostly civilians.

America should apologize and repent publicly of the attack. To do so is not to dishonor those Americans who served and gave their lives in World War II. To the contrary, it is to honor them.

“Because our American egos and “Christian” morals cannot cope with the reality of an American-caused genocide, we fall easy and willing victims to rationalizations for Hiroshima & Nagasaki (and Tokyo and Hamburg and Dresden etc),” Mike King writes.

He continues:

1: There was no “need” to invade Japan because the war was unjust and could have been stopped by FDR or Truman (who replaced FDR after his death) at any time.

2: In boxing parlance, bombed-out Japan, with its navy sunk and industrial capacity devastated, was already “on the ropes” and attempting to negotiate peace terms through the USSR (which it was not at war with).

3: The mass-extermination of civilian non-combatants is dishonorable and disgraceful. When Japan carried out the bombing of Peal Harbor, its air force only targeted ships, not the inland civilian neighborhoods.

4: Unbeknownst to Japan, Stalin, Churchill and FDR (at Yalta Conference / January, 1945) had already agreed that the USSR would break the Soviet-Japan Non-Aggression Pact of 1941 and declare war against Japan no later than 90 days after the end of war in Europe (which turned out to be May 8th, 1945) — a promise which Stalin gladly kept with his August 8th entrance into the war (that’s how North Korea became communist). Soviet entry would have compelled a badly-weakened Japan to surrender unconditionally anyway.

A previous discussion of Hiroshima at this site, in which several commenters vehemently (and eloquently) defended the bombing, can be found here.


Me Non Serviam Too

May 27, 2016

ABIGAIL writes:

I had to chuckle at Paul A.’s statement that “[i]f you summed up [the feminist] movement, the slogan would be, ‘Non Serviam!’ (I will not serve!)”  Those uppity feminists failing to accept their place, I tell you.  What a bunch of harpies.  If women would only just be “delicate, fragile, modest, and retiring” like the Virgin Mary, the world would be a much better place – at least for men like Paul A.

My father of all people (a somewhat waffling feminist at best) warned me early on to be very suspicious of people who tell me that if I only  act in the way that’s most pleasing and convenient to them, they will respect me so much more.  That’s the very con played by a male-dominated Church that reveres the meek and de-sexed image of the Virgin Mary they have promoted.  This is a de-humanized image of what they wish women to be.  And the bill of goods they sell is that somehow women will be much more “powerful”  if only we humbly submit to male domination.  Uh huh. Read More »


A Study in Contrasts

May 27, 2016

A WRITER at Zero Hedge says stressful careerism is taking a toll on the health and appearance of women.


You Can’t Go Home in St. Louis

May 27, 2016

ALAN writes:

Fifty years ago, I lived in a four-family flat on a quiet street in a residential area of south St. Louis.

Last Sunday night, a thug fired four bullets into a black woman near the corner of that block.  The killing took place after “a large fight”, according to “news” accounts, which were typically uninformative.

The four-family flat where I lived was just down the street from that corner.  It was owned by a German couple who had come to the United States in the 1950s.  They lived there, as did their son and daughter-in-law.  They were courteous, thoughtful, and highly-disciplined people.  They attended the same Catholic church we did.  It was five blocks away.  They grew flowers in the back yard and took meticulous care of their property.  Neighbors did likewise.   Read More »


The End of East End

May 27, 2016


MICHAEL R. writes:

Whatever else might be said about it, the documentary The Last Whites of East End exposes the lie of multiculturalism. While many cultures can intermingle, one will inevitably dominate. A family from Bangladesh who moved into the London area in the 1930’s kept their Muslim religion but felt British and mixed with the English. One of them even missed his English mates who have since moved away, but he understood why they left. When they were a minority they could fit in, however, he said, once the Muslim presence became larger, the area changed in its ethos, many new arrivals weren’t going to accommodate the English. Read More »


Corpus Christi

May 26, 2016


A DESCRIPTION OF the traditional pageantry and devotion still observed in some places on the Feast of Corpus Christi, which is today and which honors the institution of the Blessed Sacrament:

“Very early in the fourteenth century the custom developed of carrying the Blessed Sacrament in a splendid procession through the town after the Mass on on the Feast of Corpus Christi. This was encouraged by the popes, some of whom granted special indulgences to all participants. The Council of Trent (1545-1563) solemnly approved and recommended the procession on Corpus Christi as a public profession of the Catholic faith in the real presence of Christ in the Holy Sacrament.

During the later Middle Ages these processions developed into splendid pageants of devotion and honour to the Blessed Sacrament. They are still publicly held, and often with the ancient splendour, in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, in the Catholic sections of Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Canada, Hungary, in the Slavic countries and in South America. Sovereigns and princes, presidents and ministers of the state, magistrates, members of trade and craft guilds, and honour guards of the armed forces and the police accompany the liturgical procession while the church bells peal, bands play sacred hymns, and the faithful kneel in front of their homes to adore the Eucharistic Lord.” (Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs, by Francis X. Weiser).

This version of the ancient chant is sung by the Choir of the Monks of Glenstal Abbey in County Limerick, Ireland, and by the Senior’s Boy’s Schola there ( Read More »


On Putin Worship

May 26, 2016

BRANDON MARTINEZ criticizes Western fans of Vladimir Putin:

Idolizing a man who is in effect a mafia don shows the moral degeneration of those who view themselves as ‘alternative thinkers.’ Read More »


Rules for a Happy and Successful Husband

May 25, 2016

WILLIAM HIGGINS writes from the Netherlands:

Is there such a list for husbands? Read More »


St. Jimmy

May 25, 2016

FROM The Anti-New York Times:

When Carter was booted out of office in 1980, his approval numbers among Whites were as bad as Obongo’s. So why does he assume that hatred for Obongo is motivated by “racism” TM. According to Carter’s logic, opposition to White Globalist liberals is political — but opposition to Black Globalist liberals is “racist” TM. What a dope!

Actually, Jimmy Carter is not a dope. This is the same shrewd cunning political shyster who, as confirmed by his bodyguards, would carry empty luggage onto and off of Air Force 1 — just to show Boobus Americanus what a “regular guy” he was. Hopefully, Trump will crush this self righteous fake with one of his legendary lethal “tweets”. Lord knows St. Jimmy deserves it.


Salve Regina

May 24, 2016


Frank Duveneck (American artist, 1848-1919) Madonna and Child 1867

Frank Duveneck (American artist, 1848-1919) Madonna and Child 1867

IT IS fascinating how rarely feminists mention the most powerful and influential woman in history.

This glaring failure to make much of how extravagantly she has been adored, prayed to, painted, represented in sculpture, praised in song, honored in edifices, written about, and held continuously in the hearts of untold millions ranging from peasants to kings, cannot be attributed solely to the fact that feminists generally do not recognize the supernatural. Even leaving her supernatural powers aside, Mary’s influence in world affairs is evident. Feminists ignore or downplay her because she, a woman, is the single, greatest enemy of feminism. She is the supreme, unparalleled example of femininity. From “The Influence of Mary on Modern Civilization,” by Rev. John Kelly (1897):

And this ideal of a delicate, fragile, modest and retiring lady, overtopping in her grandeur the sons of men, yet retaining supereminently a woman’s heart, has done more towards banishing the barbarism, allying the brutality, softening the hardness, developing the humanity of the native disposition bequeathed to Adam’s children, than all the teachings of philosophers, and all the projects and devices of statesmen and sages. [“The Influence of Mary on Modern Civilization,” Rev. John Kelly, 1897]

While I respectfully disagree with those who say that women were nothing more than the slaves of men before Mary —  that is to say that mothers and daughters and wives had no hold over the hearts of men, which would be contrary to human nature — there is no question that Mary elevated the regard for women and civilized the world. The person of Mary, and her influence, contradicts virtually all of the dogmas of modern feminism. While feminism says women become powerful by seeking positions of power, Mary’s example shows that women become powerful by embracing littleness, or humility.

The knights indeed of mediaeval days have passed in their gleaming armour, with nodding plume and twinkling lance-head, into the shadows of the melancholy past; but that sworn courtesy to the weaker sex, that sweet simplicity of heart, in doing them honour; that self-forgetful devotion to the cause of the oppressed and the helpless, that vowed reverence and affection for Mary’s name, which reigned in their hearts and dictated all their duties and functions of honour, kindliness and true knighthood did not die with them, but fructified through the ages, the same essential spirit in other outward forms.

Yes, beloved Brethren, the love of Mary, the study of Mary’s character and the imitation of her virtues, is no debasing influence, as her enemies pretend, rather it is a stimulus to every good quality that owns a root in the soil of our nature. She is the woman, who (according to the first recorded prophecy), was marked out in the designs of God to crush the serpent’s head. And in the breasts of her faithful children and votaries, her heel is upon that malignant crest, and the poisonous tongue of Satan plays vainly in his jaws.

Pope Pius XII wrote:

If life reveals to what depths of vice and degradation women can at times descend, Mary shows to what heights she can climb, in and through Christ, even to ascending above all other creatures. What civilization, what religion has ever raised to such heights the ideal of womanhood, or exalted it to such perfection? Modern humanism, laicism, Marxist propaganda .. non-Christian cults, have nothing to offer which can even be compared with this vision .. so glorious and so humble, so transcendent and [yet] so easily accessible.

[Pope Pius XII, Allocution, Woman in the Modern World, 10 September 1941]

[Painting above courtesy of It’s About Time] Read More »


Rules for a Happy and Successful Wife

May 24, 2016

Master of the Housebook (c1470-1500) Gotha Lovers.

Master of the Housebook (c1470-1500) Gotha Lovers.

THESE rules, floating around the Internet and on cards in gift shops, are of uncertain origin. They are basic common sense (though not easy to follow), which means they are generally untaught and unknown:

1. Avoid arguments. Your husband has his share from other sources.
2. Don’t nag.
3. Don’t drink or eat to excess.
4. If you offend your husband, always ask forgiveness before you retire.
5. Compliment your husband liberally. It makes him a better husband.*
6. Budget wisely together. Live within your income.
7. Be sociable and go out with your husband.
8. Dress neatly and attractively for your husband and keep your home clean and cheerful.
9. Keep your household troubles to yourself.
10 . Pray together and stay together.

Read More »


Hillary Earns $22M in “Speaking Fees”

May 24, 2016

THE New York Post reports on Hillary the Cash Cow. In a two year period, she earned close to $22 million in speaking fees, mostly from business and financial interests. Think of that: $22 million. To make speeches. (Bill earned $27 million.) Why does she command such high fees from corporate America?

As Obama has shown, there’s now essentially no limit on the president’s power: He can dictate overtime wages (via executive decree), the forcible integration of the suburbs (via HUD) and even sexually integrate bathrooms (under Title IX). No wonder private companies want to cozy up to the White House. Your business is now the president’s business, if he or she wants it to be.

But, should Hillary attain the White House, you ain’t seen nothing yet. For the Clintons, who once rented out the Lincoln Bedroom, too much doesn’t even approach being enough.

Hillary will not be the first woman president, if elected. She will be the first woman dictator. As long as it’s a first for women … Read More »


Virtue Is Profitable

May 20, 2016

IN A continuing discussion at The Orthosphere, Kristor argues that, contrary to popular economic theory,  economies prosper most over the long run not when profit is the goal, but when the good is:

An economy prospers most, not when it seeks to maximize accounting profit (because that’s focusing on the wrong metric), but when its agents reliably seek the true good. And the good is just what a devout Christian is apt to do, by his best lights. As an extra bonus, and as might have been expected in a cosmos built by a good God, doing the true good generally results in the highest overall accounting profit, mutatis mutandis – and, ergo, in the highest tax base for the sovereign. Everyone benefits most when everyone is trying to do the right thing. This is not just an aphorism, but a truth of game theory. It is mathematically true; it is built into the fabric of this and all possible worlds.


Anti-Life Antipope

May 20, 2016

THE TRADITIO website reports:

On May 9, 2016, 100 international pro-life groups took over Rome to protest Francis-Bergoglio’s anti-Catholic and anti-family March 19, 2016, Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia” (The Joy of Sex). The challenge was issued in the keynote address of the annual Rome Life Forum. The international pro-life groups have essentially branded Bergoglio as anti-life. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by LifeSite News.] Read More »


The Holocaust Racket

May 20, 2016

BERNARD WECKMANN is a former Orthodox Jew who has lived in Germany, Israel and Australia. He wrote at his blog in 2013 on what he calls the “mother of all sob stories:”

Few labels are as feared by Gentiles and as liberally used by Jews as anti-Semite and holocaust denier. The German butchers killed six million Jews during WW2 and now the Moslem barbarians are trying to emulate the Nazis; they want to drive the Jews out of their refuge, the God-given Land of Israel, and into the sea.

This is something that everybody knows because the Jewish-owned media tell us. So how can any sane person still doubt? Don’t you feel compassion for the victims of  irrational Gentile hatred and persecution throughout the ages and in all lands?  Don’t you feel guilty and ashamed?

And don’t you agree with the Jews that anyone who doubts that the holocaust happened or even just asks legitimate questions clearly deserves the punishment he gets?  To wit: heavy fines, vilification, ostracism, loss of career or business, physical assault, imprisonment and much much worse.

I will ask some important questions that have been asked many times before and still await answers! To the Jewish thought police I say: you are welcome to label me an antiSemite and/or a holocaust denier or anything else you like! I don’t give a bloody damn!

So here we go! Was Cleopatra really beautiful? Did Columbus discover America? Or was it the Vikings? Did Moses part the Red Sea?  Did Hitler commit suicide? Or did he escape to Antarctica?  Did six million Jews really die? Or is this perhaps the 20th century’s greatest hoax?

Having been born after the above-mentioned people lived and after the events are supposed to have happened I can honestly answer with a resounding: “I DO NOT KNOW!” I have no first-hand knowledge of anything that transpired before I was born. Read More »


May 19, 2016




A Personal Hell from Yoga

May 19, 2016

ONE WOMAN’S descent into spiritual chaos after participating in intense yoga is described at Tradition in Action.

“I want to share what I saw behind the Yoga and the evil powers who use it. It causes great confusion regarding values, it steals one’s energy and ends in a total loss of freedom. ‘Christian Yoga’ is a contradiction. Parishes should not promote a practice that uses New Age exercises and spiritualities that lead to pride and especially spiritual pride.”