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The Real Losers in “Gay Marriage” Ruling

July 6, 2015

FROM Jason Morgan at Crisis magazine:

[T]he true losers in Obergefell are the same as in Windsor: those experiencing same-sex attraction. The blessing is that, post Obergefell, there is no more political frenzy to cover over sadness of soul. Those in homosexual relationships will have to face the hard facts of their lifestyle. Many have already suffered under the normative lie that homosexuality can bring happiness, and many more will suffer now that this lie has been quite literally wedded to state power. Those now given the imprimatur of the federal government on the dead-end slavery of sin—and the children who are condemned to witness this slow-motion destruction of human dignity firsthand—are the true sacrificial victims in this war. If we were not praying for them before, let us start doing so today.


The Latest in Bergoglio-Land

July 6, 2015

ARE we characters in a farce? The man who calls himself “Pope” travels about promoting recycling and environmental “sustainability” while the most powerful nation on earth makes it possible for a man to “marry” a man. Is this reality?

This latest episode of the Catholic program Tradcast examines a few of the recent outrages of Jorge Bergoglio in light of Catholic dogma. It would be comedy if only it was fiction. It would be tragedy if this man were truly the pope. As the outstanding host of this program says, the Vatican II Church departs so flagrantly from the teachings of the Catholic Church at this point that even a cursory reading of the New Testament reveals the lie. Bergoglio is the head of a Counter Church.

The program also looks at the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges ruling and the irreverence and contradictions of Catholic traditionalists who harshly criticize the man whom they believe is the pope. These critics, explains Tradcast, want to have their pope and beat him too.


Phony Marriages, Phony Divorces

July 6, 2015

SAM writes:

Have you seen this article about a “divorce” firm for homosexuals?

These businessmen know up front that there is absolutely no way most male homosexual couples can form stable monogamous relationships, and they are looking to capitalize. You have to respect their business savvy, because it is clear that they know the forbidden truth about a certain wealthy, flamboyant, and psychologically unstable minority group and they are going to rake in the cash. It seems likely that they had this business plan up and running well in advance of the recent travesty at the Supreme Court. Read More »


Sobran on Homosexuality

July 5, 2015

THIS 2001 Joe Sobran piece, posted at Henry Makow’s site, is highly recommended:

Getting in touch with my feelings the other day, I realized how I loathe homosexuals. All of them? Of course not. Some of them are funny, kind, intelligent, and otherwise pleasant. But homosexuals in general, yes. I can’t stand them. Especially the ones who are organized under the rubric of gay rights.

I guess this makes me “homophobic.” So what? Homophobia is one of those ugly cant-words — like racist and sexist — that no self-respecting speaker of the English language would use. (Try to imagine Abraham Lincoln calling someone “homophobic.”) It’s a verbal badge of groupthink. Read More »


An American Song

July 4, 2015


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Happy Fourth

July 4, 2015


MY family once vacationed in a campground in the White Mountains of New Hampshire where we unfortunately pitched our tent next to a group of campers who were having a wild time. They included a man who every fifteen minutes or so would call out ecstatically for everyone around to hear, “Freedom! Free-ee-ee-eedom! Free-ee-ee-dom!” As the night progressed, and the emptied cans of Budweiser piled up around him, his praise of freedom grew louder and louder. Finally, in the early morning hours, he proved just how committed to freedom he was. He sat right in the middle of the campfire. After that, there was a hush. We never heard from him again.

Freedom as an end in itself doesn’t make sense. If freedom is the power to harm or even destroy oneself it is not freedom at all, but a kind of slavery. On this national holiday, when we love our country and celebrate our heritage, we can commit ourselves to a wiser understanding of freedom than the one mindlessly promoted as the epitome of American patriotism. There is no political freedom — for individuals or society — without moral freedom. Moral freedom consists in the power to act in accord with the order of being and eternal law.

As Pope Leo XIII wrote in his majestic encyclical Libertas Praestantissimum, On the Nature of Human Liberty, dated June, 20, 1888: Read More »


SCOTUS Rules for Children

July 3, 2015

THE U.S. SUPREME COURT ruled today, in the landmark case Scarsbury v. Scarsbury, that under the Due Process and Equal Protection clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment, children are entitled to establish their own bedtimes and eat whatever they darn well please. The 5-4 ruling was the culmination of years of struggle by children’s rights advocates. It was widely hailed as a victory for equality.

Eight-year-old Zachary Scarsbury spoke at a press conference outside the Supreme Court Building. “My parents made me do so many things I didn’t want to do,” he said. “I didn’t have any rights at all. This is a victory for equality.”

Zachary has been living in a five-bedroom condo funded by George Soros’s Children Rule campaign while awaiting the decision. “I finally can go back home,” he said. “With the federal government backing me up, my parents understand their obligations and probably won’t give me anymore trouble.” Zachary prefers macaroni and cheese without any vegetables on the side.

Mr. and Mrs. Scarsbury, who sold their four-bedroom house two years ago to meet legal expenses, appeared somber as they addressed the press outside their mobile home. They said from now on they would do whatever Zachary ordered them to do. “We were living in the past,” Dan Scarsbury said. “It’s time to move on.”

Parents across America reacted to the ruling with indifference. “I’ve been letting my children do whatever they want for years,” said Heather Jones, a single mother interviewed on the street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. “I think everyone should have equality. My children prefer double-crust, cheese-stuffed pizza from Pizza Hut.”

Richard Helward, interviewed in Macon, Ga., said he gets angry whenever he thinks of how parents controlled their children in the past. “If my son wants to play video games for 12 hours a day, I think he has the right to do it. Who am I to say, no?”

The court also ruled that parents are no longer permitted to impose their religious beliefs on their children. Under the First Amendment, no family can establish a religion.

“My parents kept forcing their fairy tales on me,” said Zachary, who is an atheist. “I felt sorry for them.”

“They can still give me presents at Christmastime, but that’s it.” Read More »


Goodbye to All That

July 2, 2015


A READER writes:

Some months ago I stopped following “the news.” I know mainly what’s going on by following a few blogs but I cannot bear to look at the poisonous culture and vicious propaganda of the new regime. I used to check Drudge, the Daily Mail, the Post or Daily News… no more. I won’t even read the New Yorker for their cartoons, or the New York Times real estate section, which used to be a Sunday morning pleasure. I stopped watching TV years ago. We don’t have cable, I don’t watch modern movies. They turned us into zombies with their toxic mass media, the devils. If I am not already imprisoned in the cell next to yours I will be honored to visit you in jail. Or maybe I could organize a jailbreak — the storming of the Bastille, in reverse. I wonder if I’m too old and cowardly to strap on a sword and ride out for the Lord. All I really want to do is read beautiful books, hear beautiful music, see beautiful art, make beautiful things with my own two hands, and commune with beautiful souls. Is that too much to ask? Yes, it’s an ironic question. :-) The world keeps shoving its ugliness in our faces. Read More »


Canadian Schadenfreude

July 2, 2015

THE Canadian professor Douglas Farrow makes a couple of important points about same-sex insanity in this piece at First Things. These points have been made here before but they deserve repetition, endless repetition.

He rightly points out that the problem with the Supreme Court decision is not, as the dissenting judicial nincompoops argued, that it usurped the legislative branch or popular referenda. If every single American had voted to institute by Constitutional amendment same-sex insanity, it would still be an act of tyranny. As Farrow points out, marriage is a pre-political institution. Read More »


The Destruction of Kinship

July 2, 2015

A “CORRESPONDENT from an Occupied City” writes:

Josh F., in the previous entry, stated:

“This desire [for self-annihilation] has passed the critical threshold. We’ve crossed the event horizon. Western Man measures his freedom in the metric of self-annihilation and daily grows closer to more primitive “man.””

While I love Josh F.’s description of our current stage as having passed the “event horizon” I don’t necessarily agree that we have reverted to primitive savagery. I think we are much worse off because we are primitive savages with nuclear weapons – the nuclear weapon of a vast, far-reaching legal apparatus, the nuclear weapon of all-encompassing corporations. (Try to boycott one and see how far you get.) Read More »



July 2, 2015

STEVE writes:

In light of the two recent Supreme Court decisions on Obamacare and, especially, on “gay marriage,” it has become almost impossible to put off the two questions that have been circling the country like satellites for at least a decade:

“Is it time to resist?” And, “Resist how? Read More »


The Most Advanced Nation on Earth

July 2, 2015


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“The Born Gay Hoax”

July 2, 2015

IN THIS two-part video, Ryan Sorba of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality debunks the immensely influential myth, deliberately propagated by the media, that people are born homosexual.


Now What?

July 1, 2015

A “Correspondent from an Occupied City” writes:

Apropos of your pointing out that same-sex “marriage” has solid corporate support, I was accosted by an “LGBT” rights campaigner on the street last weekend. Against my better instincts I engaged with him. Never again, it’s not worth it.

I said to him, “You’ve got marriage, now what?” He screamed (yes, screamed), “You can legally fire a gay person or transgender person in 28 states!” I responded that I thought that was fine, an employer should have the right to hire and fire at will, and that I didn’t want a man in the bathroom stall next to me, and went on my way. Read More »


America’s Version of Nazi Youth

July 1, 2015


FROM Goodbye, America (in a photo).

These children, by the way, are merely political pawns. They can have no idea that the rainbow flag stands for tyranny and perversion. Read More »