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Why We Are Where We Are

June 29, 2015

FROM Novus Ordo Watch:

This past Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) handed down its decision in the case Obergefell v. Hodges, in which five of the nine judges “decided” that states do not have the right to refuse to issue marriage licenses to “couples” of the same sex. In other words, this Supreme Court decision “legalized” and imposed the unnatural aberration known as “gay marriage” in all 50 states.

This latest attack on society, the common good, the natural law, and all that is right and just is simply the latest milestone in the gradual dismantling of what was at one point Christian Western society. This monstrous and absurd decision did not, however, come unexpected. To the contrary, it is simply the logical conclusion of the idea that the sexual act can be divorced from procreation, or the latter can be subordinated to some other purpose. If sexuality is essentially or most importantly about pleasure or affection or some other such non-procreative end, then logically any sort of “arrangement” must be allowed that furthers such an end between consenting adults. And this also means that it’s going to get worse from here.

However, there is no reason to be discouraged or despair. On the contrary. Judging from the viewpoint of Divine Revelation and prophecy, we could say that “everything is going according to plan” — so to speak.

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Bergoglio’s Reaction?

June 29, 2015



Novus Ordo Watch

THOMAS DROLESKEY writes at Christ or Chaos:

Although I have scoured the website of the Occupy Vatican Movement for any sign of some kind of reaction to Obergefell v. Hodges from the Uber Apostate, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, there is, of course, none to be found. “Pope Francis” has maintained the same kind of silence now on the “moral issues” as he has done so many times in the past two years, four hundred fifty-seven days.

If one may recall, the marauding Argentine kept his ever-moving mouth shut when the lower house of the French national legislature, the National Assembly, approved “gay marriage” on April 22, 2013, and he said not a word to the renegade former Marxist guerilla fighter named Dilma Rousseff, the President of Brazil, about a then pending bill in the Brazilian Congress that would provide a “back door” means to surgical baby-killing on demand when he was in Brazil for the hootenanny known as “World Youth Day” between July 21, 2013, and July 28, 2013. That bill was approved on August 1, 2013, just three days after Jorge had returned to Rome to place that beach ball and sports jersey on Our Lady’s altar in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major.


Bergoglio, who is taking conciliarism’s mockery of the papacy to its ultimate conclusion in the same manner that Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro and the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States of America have taken advantage of a constitution that admits of no authority above its text, which is as fungible in their hands as Sacred Scripture is in the hands of Protestants, …. also remained silent when the Belgian Parliament approved “child euthanasia” in 2014 … [cont.]


Demonic Supreme Court Decisions

June 29, 2015

THE Protestant preacher James Manning reacts to Friday’s Supreme Court decision in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges. Mr. Manning is not very nice. He is one black leader who will never be invited to the White House or the Democratic National Convention.


The ADL Boasts of Jewish Influence in Supreme Court Decision

June 29, 2015

IT’S OKAY for a Jewish organization to celebrate and point out Jewish hostility to Christian morality and to brag of Jewish funding for the systematic deconstruction of American laws protecting the family.

But, I guarantee you, it’s anti-Semitic for a non-Jew to point it out.

A non-Jew who points it out is a Nazi.

A non-Jew who points it out secretly wants to drag every single Jew, even the Jews he has sincerely loved and treated well for decades, to a concentration camp.

A non-Jew who points it out is evil and filthy.

A non-Jew who points it out is … not nice. He belongs in a concentration camp. Oh, wait, he is in a concentration camp. It’s called the New World Order. It’s the anti-Christian concentration camp of Luciferian America, brought to you in part by the likes of the Anti-Defamation League. Read More »


He Won’t Be Coming Out Soon

June 29, 2015


I just read your post about “Not Coming Out” and I wanted to send along my sympathies to the reader Jacqueline and applaud her sense of self control in the matter.

To Jacqueline:

Currently I work in a job that is closely related to the music theatre business and I do not think I am being a bigot by stating that there are a lot of homosexuals present at my workplace. Along with you, I could have been considered an ally to them once but no more. The things I have seen, the politics along with how I have been treated, have drastically changed my mind. Read More »


The Empire of Nice

June 29, 2015

IN THIS previous entry, a reader asked why those who are not engaged in the vice of homosexuality have been so aggressively in favor of homosexual “marriage.”

Another reader, Ignatius A. Chesterton, writes in response:

J.D. writes, “What is it that they want?”

It’s shockingly simple: They want to be thought of as NICE. By everyone.

Niceness is their highest value… the coin of the realm. Nice people are nice. Not nice people are mean. And they don’t want mean people to think they’re not nice, either, so it’s a double-bind worldview. They’re trapped in the social empire of nice, and there is no escape.

However, there is a prize: everyone thinks the nice person is nice. Not much more, but certainly nice. No one can say anything bad about the nice person, which isn’t a fully human, fully-alive experience, but it is nice. Read More »


The Institution No Human Law or Ruling Can Change

June 28, 2015


FROM Casti Connubii, the Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on Christian Marriage, December, 31, 1930:

… [L]et it be repeated as an immutable and inviolable fundamental doctrine that matrimony was not instituted or restored by man but by God; not by man were the laws made to strengthen and confirm and elevate it but by God, the Author of nature, and by Christ Our Lord by Whom nature was redeemed, and hence these laws cannot be subject to any human decrees or to any contrary pact even of the spouses themselves. This is the doctrine of Holy Scripture;[2] this is the constant tradition of the Universal Church; this the solemn definition of the sacred Council of Trent, which declares and establishes from the words of Holy Writ itself that God is the Author of the perpetual stability of the marriage bond, its unity and its firmness.[3] Read More »



June 28, 2015

A READER writes:

The vertiginous quality of the prevailing socio-political environment requires the likes of a Kafka to describe it adequately.  It is as though we all woke up one morning and seven out of ten of our acquaintances had undergone the metamorphosis into a giant cockroach.


Corporate Support for “Gay Marriage”

June 28, 2015


From Reuters:

“A total of 379 businesses and groups representing employers across various sectors signed on to a friend-of-the-court brief backing gay marriage. In the healthcare case, trade groups representing hospitals and health insurance companies filed court papers backing the Obama administration over the healthcare law.

In the marriage case, some of the nation’s biggest companies, including Procter & Gamble Co , American Airlines Group Inc and Johnson & Johnson, joined the brief urging the court to rule in favor of gay marriage. Wall Street’s biggest names, including Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley , also signed on.


 Thomson Reuters Corp , which owns Reuters news, also signed on to the brief.”


She Won’t Be Coming Out Soon

June 27, 2015


This was written by the liberal online site Gawker on the landmark ruling:

“I can’t help but be happiest, though, about the defeat of the anti-marriage equality crusaders. The defeat of people who signed up to lose, who wasted their time and ours on a platform of animus and contempt. The defeat of people who put principle over the practical, who fought to preserve their limited understanding of an already imperfect institution over the actual human lives that would benefit from it. The defeat of people who did what bigots do: discriminate, vilify, fear-monger, argue irrationally and without respect to human dignity, and then bristle when they’re called out for what they are (bigots). Read More »


Sore Winners

June 27, 2015



KARL D. writes:

If one didn’t know better, you would think that the Supreme Court decision struck down “gay marriage,” judging from the way the homosexual “community” and their supporters are acting! First, you have the White House itself being lit up with the “gay pride” rainbow flag. That in itself shows you how far we have moved in just the last ten years! Looking at that photograph I found it hard to believe that that house once held men and represented a nation so serious, that we won the Second World War and held off the Soviet Union for close to fifty years. It has now been reduced to a juvenile version of its former self. Putin and the Chinese must be shaking in their boots! Forget about the Muslims. Read More »


Crowds Pour Into Streets of America to Protest Marriage Decision

June 26, 2015


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“Selling Homosexuality to America”

June 26, 2015

HOW DID we get here from there? It happened, in part, through psychological warfare. In his article, “Selling Homosexuality to America,” Paul Rondeau called it “psychological terrorism.” Once again, we see that the most powerful institution in American life is the media, including the entertainment industry and related advertisers. Rondeau wrote: Read More »


Porn for Traditionalists

June 26, 2015

THE following video may incite lust for the day when men were men, women were women, and marriage was marriage. I offer it as a little relief on this disturbing day, which I thought was just going to be an ordinary Friday. It may arouse lust for small town life, domestic servants, stone walls, country fairs, and human interaction.


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Homosexual “Marriage” by Judicial Fiat

June 26, 2015

SHORTLY after I posted my previous entry, I learned that the nine exalted nincompoops have indeed ruled, 5-4, to approve same-sex “marriage.” Are you surprised? Of course not.

The Supreme Court justices might as well have ruled that the earth is now flat and that everyone will be required to act as if it is flat. No judge anywhere has the authority to change marriage, which was made by God. No judge anywhere has the authority to legalize divorce, the killing of the unborn, “assisted suicide,” or pornography. Authority comes from above, not below.

Anger should not be directed to the confused individuals who are drawn into this way of life. They too live in a time of moral chaos, a time of spiritual barrenness when the Divine Life of Grace has been drained from the world. Anger should be entirely reserved for our cultural revolutionaries at the top, most of whom will never “marry” someone of the same sex. Homosexual “marriage” is political exploitation and a brilliant means of social control, fostering endless cultural division — division that has only just begun — and psychological bondage. It is libido dominandi at its finest. Better yet, don’t feel anger at all. Pray for your children and for your country, from which you will now be forced to detach yourself. Have confidence in God as we head toward more, previously unimaginable chaos. Everything, our entire system of family law, will be redefined. The past is now for all intents and purposes illegal. But marriage has not changed at all. No interpretation of our Constitution, no judge, no individual can change it. Read More »