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October 5, 2015



“Papal” Mass Attendance

October 5, 2015

professor of “crowd science” estimates that there were as few as 80,000 people at the “papal” mass in Philadelphia last week, not the 1.5 million people widely reported.


Family Farce Starts in Rome

October 5, 2015


AS the conclave known as the Synod on the Family opened in Rome yesterday, the Vatican of the international pop star, “Pope” Francis, gave more strong and unmistakable signals of support for the normalization of homosexuality. It distanced itself from Kentucky clerk and civil resister Kim Davis when a spokesman stated that the pope’s private and initially unpublicized meeting with her during his U.S. visit last week must not be construed as support. (At the most, to a modernist in the Vatican II Church, it would have been only a matter of respecting her freedom of conscience, not defending her opposition to an unjust law.)  The news also broke that Francis met with a male homosexual couple in a special private audience during his visit to the United States. Finally, a priest with a position in the Congregation for the Doctrine and Faith announced that he was homosexual and introduced his partner. He was fired, but …. why was he there?

Pull up a chair. The Great Apostasy continues.


What’s a Catholic To Do?

October 5, 2015

NICK W. writes:

Thank you very much for all you do. I’m in a state of spiritual confusion and don’t know who else to ask for advice on how to deal with the Church in the current climate. I had made excuses for a long time and tried to give the benefit of the doubt, but the decision made by the Pope to have Church organizations take in foreign, non-Christian invaders has been the final straw. I do realize it is our duty to provide aid and charity to the needy, but this can be done without giving tacit approval to the Camp of the Saints scenario we are seeing in Europe and the United States. It is clear to me that the current leadership believes more in Christ the Communist than Christ the King, and I just simply can’t agree with this. Read More »


Ten Ways to Spot a False Flag Shooting

October 4, 2015

JOE WRIGHT suggests some of the tell-tale signs of a hoax. Read More »


Oregon Shooting

October 2, 2015


FROM Natural News:

No shooting crisis in America — real, staged or otherwise — ever takes place without law enforcement exploiting the crisis to indoctrinate the local population with police state totalitarianism.

Following the mass shooting at the Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Oregon, students and staffers were treated like violent prison felons, forced into prisoner lockdown formations by heavily armed, militarized law enforcement toting large ammo loads and dressed for combat in Afghanistan.

As the photos reveal here, students and teachers were ordered by police to march in prisoner formation with hands behind their heads, fingers laced together. Police then engaged in illegal, unconstitutional searches of students’ personal belongings, with no search warrant and no evidence of wrongdoing.

The only “crime” of these students was being present. Merely by being present on the same campus as the shooter, they were all treated like suspected criminals and potential terrorists. This is the new police state in America, by the way, accurately described by John W. Whitehead in the outstanding book Battlefield America: The War on the American People. [cont.]

The lone gunman killed nine and wounded 7, according to police. He is reported to have been killed in a shootout with police.



Auster on the 1965 Immigration Act

October 2, 2015

THIS excerpt from an unpublished book of the writer Lawrence Auster is a detailed account of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act, which turns 50 this week. This single piece of legislation has arguably transformed America, demographically, politically and culturally, more than any other. According to Auster, the legislation was a “civil rights bill applied to the world at large.”


The 1965 Immigration Act – Its Intent, Its Consequences

By Lawrence Auster

This is the central problem of immigration today: that the law…has not recognized that individuals have rights irrespective of their citizenship. It has not recognized that the relevant community is not merely the nation but all men of good will. —Robert F. Kennedy, 1965

The outstanding trait of the men of our period may seem in retrospect to have been the facility with which they put forth untried conceits as “ideals.” —Irving Babbitt, Democracy and Leadership, 1924

TO understand the reality of immigration, we first need to know something about the existing immigration law and how it came into being. Such knowledge, more than any other factor, can help dispel the strange mental passivity that has gripped most Americans when they are confronted by this issue. Even when they begin to recognize the unprecedented scale of the ethnic changes taking place in our country, they take it for granted that those changes are inevitable. It is as though the “browning of America,” as newsmagazines and minority spokesmen have cheerfully dubbed it, were a kind of vast natural phenomenon, as far outside of human control as continental drift. There seems to be almost no awareness of the fact that this alteration of our society has been the result, not of an act of God, but of an act of Congress; not of some inviolable provision in the Constitution, but of a law passed in 1965. An examination of the 1965 Act, and of the profound misconceptions expressed by its framers, will show us that they never intended the sea change in American life that has occurred as the direct result of that Act. This understanding is essential if we are to disenthrall ourselves from the disabling belief in the “inevitability” of present demographic trends. Read More »


Defending the Good

October 1, 2015

“It is a smaller sin to follow evil which you think is good, than not to venture to defend what you know for certain is good. If we cannot endure threats, injustice, poverty, how shall we overcome the flames of Babylon? Let us not lose by hollow peace what we have preserved by war. I should be sorry to allow my fears to teach me faithlessness, when Christ has put the true faith in the power of my choice.”

                               —- Saint Jerome, Prologue to the Treatise Against the Pelagians [Quoted here.]


Explaining “Catholic” Divorce

October 1, 2015

ON the plane home from his U.S. trip, “Pope” Francis says the “Catholic” sacrament of marriage is not valid if one of the spouses is lacking maturity or is “mentally ill” or lacks “freedom.” First he firmly states there will be no change with the new annulment process. Then he boldly outlines the radical change:

And this the Church cannot change. It’s doctrine. It’s an indissoluble sacrament. The legal trial is to prove that what seemed to be a sacrament wasn’t a sacrament, for lack of freedom for example, or for lack of maturity, or for mental illness, or, there are so many reasons that bring about (an annulment), after a study, an investigation. That there was no sacrament. [The Airplane InterviewsCall Me Jorge]


Two Rallies in Chicago

October 1, 2015



Another Kentucky Clerk Will Defy Ruling

October 1, 2015


A CLERK in Casey County says he too will refuse to issue any same-sex “marriage” licenses.


Freemasons Sound Like “Pope” Francis

October 1, 2015



Syrian refugees off Greek island of Lesbos

SEBASTIEN writes from Paris:

Here is a copy of a Sept. 7, 2015 letter signed by 28 Grand Masonic Lodges in Europe requesting that governments take in a maximum number of invaders. The letter calls them ‘migrants’ but they are nothing of the kind. It is a manufactured refugee crisis of mostly men men of fighting age, very few of whom are from Syria.

Strangely enough, all the Grand Masonic Lodges that have signed the pledge are from countries where Protestants are in a minority. I guess these Luciferians believe that the reminaing tepid Catholicism is still a stumbling block to their plans of a global governement under the destructive slogan of liberty, equality and fraternity. Read More »


The Temptations of St. Jerome

September 30, 2015

St. Jerome 01

“After four years he went to Jerusalem to revisit the holy places, and to learn Hebrew more perfectly. Satan endeavored to disgust him with Holy Writ, pretending that the style was not so finished as that of Cicero, the pagan writer, whom he esteemed most highly, and often read with great attention. But God punished him severely for this. He relates himself that once, during a heavy sickness, it seemed to him that he stood before the judgment-seat of Christ. He was asked: ” Who art thou?” “I am,” answered he, “a Christian.” “Thou liest,” said the judge severely, “thou art a Ciceronian and no Christian ; for where your treasure is, there also is your heart.” Soon after this the judge ordered him to be scourged. During this punishment, Jerome cried: “O Lord, have pity on me, have pity on me!” The scourging ceased, but the marks on the body of the saint were a sign that the vision had been more than a dream. Jerome concluded from this that he had done wrong in spending so much time in reading a heathen orator. He laid all worldly books aside and once more began to study Holy Writ most diligently. He also translated many books of the Holy Scriptures from the Hebrew into Latin, and corrected others according to the Greek version, and added to all most learned commentaries.”

   —– Read more here.


The Religion of Holocaustism

September 30, 2015


Auschwitz, 1945

Auschwitz, 1945

BILL R. writes:

Allow me to praise your courageous public skepticism regarding the official version of the “Nazi Holocaust” to which we in the West are all expected to show unhesitating obeisance.  There are few, if any, thought crimes deemed more reprehensible or more odious by our secular theocracy than heresy against the religion of the Holocaust, particularly by a white European gentile.  Members of that group, more than any other, are expected to have unquestioned faith in it since it is they who are deemed responsible for its founding.  And faith, of course, is exactly what you must have to believe it since not only are there not facts to support the widespread account, but as soon as one dares move beyond the faith to look at the facts, they immediately begin to lead you elsewhere. 

Many tens of thousands of Jews perished in Nazi concentration camps and, as you say, that was appalling, as were the deaths of so many others (more Catholics actually died in Auschwitz than Jews, for example, according to the death records kept by the Nazis themselves, which figures were independently corroborated by the International Committee of the Red Cross, whom the Nazis permitted to regularly visit and inspect the camps — an odd thing to permit, to say the least, by those supposedly engaged, at those very locations, in the wholesale murder of millions, an act oddly never witnessed by the Red Cross nor even hinted at by them as a possibility, though they were as aware of the rumors as anyone and kept meticulous records and eventually issued a several volume report on the Auschwitz camp alone).  But it also true, and ironically so, that many of those thousands of deaths were caused by Typhus epidemics and malnutrition that swept through the camps, particularly in the latter stages of the war, owing to the collapse of transport brought on by Allied bombing which prevented the resupply of the camps with provisions, one of those provisions being the dreaded Zyklon B, an insecticide designed to exterminate, not Jews, but the deadly Typhus-carrying lice from clothes. Read More »


St. Michael the Archangel

September 29, 2015


Juan de la Abadia; The Archangel Michael c. 1490


Auster and the Jews

September 29, 2015

DAN M. writes:

I’m trying to figure out if you and Lawrence Auster debated about the Jews and anti-Semitism. You may remember that I was an avid reader and occasional contributor at VFR. It was in comments there that I discovered your writing.

I recall Auster taking a strong position that Jews (and other majority leftist subcultures) would fall in line with a more substantially self-assured and nationalistic majority culture. Read More »


Intoxicated by Jorge

September 28, 2015


(Above: A 15-year-old girl in a form-fitting, sleeveless gown sings a secular tune for the “pope” crowd in Philadelphia)


THOMAS DROLESKEY writes of “Pope” Francis’s visit to the United States:

Jorge’s visit to the United States of America was not about preaching the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It was about evangelizing in behalf of the Judeo-Masonic gospel of happiness on earth that leads to the sort of impotent humanitarianism condemned by Pope Saint Pius X in Notre Charge Apostolique, August 15, 1910: Read More »


Courageous Women

September 28, 2015



Amidst the darkness that invades our motherland, I offer this ember of hope that all is not lost for Europe.  As art goes, politics follows as they say, or we should hope.