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The People and Ferguson



PROTESTS are scheduled in dozens of towns and cities around the country in response to the pending grand jury decision in the case of Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot Michael Brown. Among the organizations planning the protests is A.N.S.W.E.R. Read Lee Cary’s article for details.

Brian Becker, above, co-founder of A.N.S.W.E.R is “a former member of the Secretariat of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party (WWP).”

The Cosby Show


M. CATHERINE EVANS and Bill Kassel both argue at The American Thinker that even if the recent allegations against Bill Cosby are true, he has been the target of Communist-style character assassination primarily because of his message of self reliance and moral improvement for blacks.

Thanksgiving: The Shopping Holiday



WHILE more stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day, forcing employees such as those at the Toys R Us store where this notice was posted to work on the holiday, there is also a growing consumer movement to stop the trend.

The End of the World (Coming Soon Near You?)



The Last Judgment, as portrayed on the portal of the Cathedral of Saint-Lazare

THE end of the world may be the most forbidden and censored subject in the history of human discourse. It’s pathetic how few people are interested in talking about it. Well, I guess it’s not surprising. We ourselves are immortal and are so blinded by earthly things that we like to think this world will go on and on and on. People tend especially in our day, so primitive and God-less that it looks suspiciously like the forerunner to doomsday, to avoid any kind of rumination on the last days. Too often, this important subject is left to those who live on the margins of society, weirdos and kooky people who warn that the end of the world is nigh. They may be right and they may be wrong about the timing, but they are most definitely right that the event will occur.

The law of entropy, which abides in all of nature, tells us on a scientific level that the world is finite. Jesus Christ has confirmed what nature foreshadows.

It could happen anytime. You cannot change the world, but you can prepare yourself for its spectacular and dramatic end.

On this the last Sunday of the ecclesiastical year, in the traditional calendar of the Catholic Church we meditate on Chapter 24 in Matthew, in which Christ very explicitly explains to the disciples what will happen. It is not kookiness, but firm reason, to believe every word He says:


America: A Marketplace, not a Nation


FROM OBAMA’S speech last night creating amnesty for five million immigrants so that they can someday vote for the Democratic Party and calling for more visas for foreign, high-skilled workers:


The Latest Stats on the Vatican II Religion




SEE a report on the”faithful departed” at Novus Ordo Watch.

Early Snow



SNOW on rooftops near Toronto, as photographed this week by Kidist Paulos Asrat.



RON C. writes:

With respect to teeth and diet, I have very sensitive gums and the insides of my mouth. If I eat processed food, I can feel an uncomfortable tingling in my mouth which does not go away until I brush my teeth or rinse with mouth wash. However if I eat a meal of fresh vegetables (any unprocessed food) my mouth feels quite good. I’ve come to the conclusion that what God has made has a goodness to it which makes the various parts of our body compatible with any natural intake. As St. Paul writes somewhere, eat everything from God with thanksgiving. What man has wrought is rot.

A Cosby Exhibit at the Smithsonian


This portrait of Bill and Camille Cosby is part of a collection of African American Art loaned to the Smitsonian

This portrait of Bill and Camille Cosby by Simmie Knox is part of a collection of African American Art loaned to the Smithsonian

THE Smithsonian Museum of African Art embarrassingly has a new exhibit from the collection of Camille and Bill Cosby, who are so much in the news for allegations that Bill drugged and raped white aspiring actresses, quite an ironic twist on the message of oppression that comes through here and there in the exhibit catalogue materials. The exhibit, titled “Conversations: African and African American Artwork in Dialogue,” displays African works alongside those by African Americans.

The superiority of the American pieces is striking, judging from the works displayed by the Smithsonian online. The African artworks, such as the sculptures below which are from the 19th and 20th centuries, are brutal, ugly and primitive. The African American pieces, not including the ridiculous portrait of Camille and Bill above, show in some cases a relatively high level of artistic transcendence. Thus despite the accompanying instructional material, that speaks of enslavement and racial injustice in America, the exhibit suggests that blacks were liberated and elevated when they came into contact with Western civilization.


Kongo artist, Angola, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo;
Late 19th, early 20th century


Senufo artist, Côte d’Ivoire
Male and female figures
Mid-20th century



Thuggery and the Pizza Industrial Complex



James Crabtree, 45, was delivering pizza in Columbus, Ohio on the evening of October, 29, 2014 when he was shot multiple times and robbed of approximately $50. No arrests have been made. He is one of countless low-paid pizza drivers who have been killed while delivering the cheese-slathered particleboard that is now the world’s most disgusting foodstuff.


KRISTOR writes:

Reading over Alan’s list of depredations in Saint Louis since August, I could not help noticing that many of the crimes occurred in connection with the pizza industry. I make nothing of this – I don’t know what I could possibly make of it. But it rather leapt out at me. Is there some weird conjunction of universes going on, between thuggery and pizza?


A Life without Meals


MRS. T. writes:

I found your posts on chopping and processed food very interesting. I certainly believe the decline of health goes hand in hand with the modern American diet.

This particular quote from Dr. Alexis Carrel struck me: “Although modern hygiene has considerably prolonged the average length of life, it is very far from having done away with diseases. It has simply changed their nature .. The organism has become more susceptible to degenerative diseases … The ordinary staple foods do not contain the same nutritive substances as in former times.” I look at my dear mother-in-law, who lives with us, as a prime example.


The Emotional Whirlwind of Lesbian Relationships


IN AN interview at Lifesitenews, Robin Teresa Beck talks about her former life as a lesbian:

Women are emotional, that’s our strong point, and when you put two women together in intimacy, you’ve got drama all over the place. It’s like a soap opera on steroids. That’s something that most women in a Lesbian relationship will not tell you. You know, God made men more sexually driven, and women are just more emotionally driven. And that’s the beauty of men and women coming together in partnership: Somehow, it balances out. Men and women balance each other out. But when you put men together sexually, you get guys who become unsatisfied and always looking for something more. That’s why some gay men go through a hundred relationships, some even a thousand. It’s similar when two women become sexual together: There is nothing but emotion, turmoil, and all kinds of upheaval.


A River of Agit-Prop Flows through St. Louis



ALAN writes:

A traditional purpose of libraries was to educate and elevate, not celebrate contempt for law and morality. Six months ago, I wrote about a painting that hangs in the St. Louis Public Library and shows white men dressed respectably and sitting at a table reading. That painting must now share wall space with an “art exhibition” called “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot: Artists Respond, inspired by the events surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson.

This is not art for the sake of art. It is not art at all. It is Communist-inspired propaganda for the grievance industry and those who run it:  Feminists, Marxist intellectuals, Fabian change agents, Communist planners, and black race agitators, among others.

Take it from former American Communist Party chairman William Z. Foster: There must be a clear understanding that art is a weapon in the class struggle…a very potent one.”  It is a cardinal rule of Communist agit-prop never to let any opportunity go by to beat up on productive, law-abiding white men.

A police officer is brutally attacked by a thug and library directors respond by staging a Communist propaganda exhibit aimed at promoting sympathy for the thug or for loudmouth “protesters” who claim they are “seeking justice.” (Continued)

The Decline of Chopping


Girl Chopping Onions, Gerrit Dou

Girl Chopping Onions, Gerrit Dou

ONE OF the relatively recent innovations in supermarkets, at least in my area, is pre-chopped and pre-peeled and pre-washed vegetables. Our supermarkets don’t have the room for produce from local farmers, but they do have the room for hundreds of packaged “fresh” vegetables and fruits that are all ready to cook or eat without any prep work. They even have pre-sliced onions and brussels sprouts. I realize these chopped vegetables are a great convenience for certain segments of the population, such as old people who live by themselves, but is it possible that so many people don’t have the time to wash their own carrots? This phenomenon, it seems, is related not just to materialism and the economic pressures on families that are inevitable in a materialistic society, which leaves no one with the time to chop, but to the general disdain for manual labor that consigns all household chores to useless drudgery. I once met a woman who said she does not chop any vegetables at all. That would be fine if she were wealthy and had servants to do it or could take her family to a decent restaurant every night or lived in a major city where she could order great take-out prepared by immigrants who do all the chopping. But she actually was a middle class mother in the suburbs. How can you raise a family and not chop onions? That’s like being a violinist and refusing to touch a bow.

A people that cannot chop is rootless and doomed. It’s like a country without farmers, deprived of all connection to the earth. As it is, most of the fruits and vegetables in the stores resemble plastic play food in doll houses. Vegetables come from dirt, not from factories!! Do people realize that? In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve probably enjoyed breaking open and sectioning the abundant fruits of the earth. It was play to them to revel in the splendiferous colors and shapes. Every onion is a masterpiece. In our fallen world, chopping is not always play. It truly is tedious, but it’s a tedium that becomes us and improves us.

Pre-handled vegetables are not as healthy. The outer layer of the carrot protects it from drying out and leaching nutrients. I have seen this process close up. When lettuce is broken up and put in a plastic bag, it also, I am convinced, loses nutritional value. I am not a scientist and can’t prove any of this, but it’s just so obvious from the plastic taste of these processed vegetables, which are so lacking in the personality of real food. Nutrition is connected to the spiritual needs of man, so much so that all the dietitians in the world can’t put their fingers on the key to health. It is to be found in the intimate and sacred relationship between the human and the material.

There is perhaps another reason for the decline of chopping. At the cutting board, one is sometimes alone with one’s own thoughts. Some people in our vain, heavily mediated and distracted world, perhaps through no fault of their own, have no thoughts at all. They only have sensations and emotions. Thus they discover at the cutting board that there’s no there there. For these people, much to be pitied, chopping would be therapeutic. Doctors should perhaps send some of the depressed home with prescriptions to chop so many onions and cabbages a day.


The “Organ Gap”


RON writes:

I thought you might be interested in this article about organ donations from Women’s E-News.

Much of the article makes sense in terms of helping to facilitate an increase in the number of organ donations from healthy donors. The weird thing is the “women as victims” overlay that seems to be a requirement for any article published by this outlet and many others. It almost looks like a pre-existing, gender neutral article had a “women as victims” front end grafted onto it.  Note how it is all “women as victims” up to the sub-heading “Hidden Costs Pile Up,” after which gender is never mentioned again.

The overwhelming (and still growing) tendency to force everything through a “women as victims” gender “lens” is something that needs a good dose of ridicule.

There are so many stories that sound like the famous joke headline, “World Ends Tomorrow: Women, Minorities Hardest Hit.”