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Terror, Titillation and Tears

May 23, 2017

ARIANA GRANDE is the perfect star of a false flag event. The Manchester “terror bombing,” which allegedly killed 22 people, occurred at one of her concerts. Miss Grande seems to be a victim of child abuse, having been turned into a sexpot at an early age, and is an alleged occultist (indecent imagery). “Terror” is all the more effective when combined with titillation — and lots of schmaltz. Can you tell me why “ISIS” never bombs the politicians it hates?

If anyone can find a convincing photo of a dead body at this alleged “terror” event, I will consider the possibility that it was real. Gruesome images should be readily available in this age of phone cameras. Sorry, but a blood-spattered handbag is just not sufficient. Mass carnage is messier than this.

Nor are photos of people with those foil blankets that are standard at such events. Read More »


Don in Arabia

May 23, 2017


Trump signing single largest arms deal in U.S. history

DANIEL MAcADAMS writes at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:

President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia was perhaps one of the most bizarre spectacles of our time. Just months ago he accused the Saudi government of being behind the 9/11 attack on the US, yet over the weekend he stood on Saudi soil and discussed the virtues of religious diversity (something illegal in Saudi Arabia). Was it all about ” the art of the deal” — inking a hugely lucrative (for some) mega weapons deal? Or was it about calling for war on Iran and Syria (and maybe Russia)?

It was both. Saudi Arabia, which exports hatred of the West through its funding of madrassas, is Israel’s main ally in the region. Justin Raimondo writes:

Has there been a more disgusting spectacle during the four months of this presidency than the sight of Donald Trump slobbering all over the barbarous Saudi monarch and his murderous family of petty princelings? It’s enough to make any normal American retch, especially when one remembers what Trump said about them during the election:

“Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays. Hillary must return all money from such countries!”

And then there was this tweet: Read More »


The Paintings of Homer Watson

May 19, 2017


On the Grand River at Doon, 1880

KIDIST PAULOS ASRAT, a native of Ethiopia who lives in Canada, reflects upon an exhibit on the Canadian landscape artist Homer Watson. She considers the exhibit’s political agenda. She writes:

Homer Watson was born in 1855 in Doon, Ontario (now Kitchener). He started to paint as a young child encouraged by his father and his aunt. He never received any formal art training, but acquired his skill and artistic sense through various artist mentors he sought as he developed his talent.

Watson was called “the Canadian Constable,” and “the man who first saw Canada as Canada, rather than as dreamy blurred pastiches of European painting.” While he holds this noble acclamation, he has nonetheless been overshadowed by the more forceful Group of Seven artists.

The AGM’s exhibition showed us Watson’s southern Canadian landscapes, amidst its farms and homesteads, as civilized and vibrant, and as separate from America. He is the first nationalist Canadian painter, earlier even than the much touted Group of Seven painters. Read More »


A Mother Who Says No

May 19, 2017


—       Fay Inchfawn

You call authority “a grievous thing.”
With careless hands you snap the
leading string,
And, for a frolic (so it seems to you),
Put off the old love, and put on the new.

For “What does Mother know of love?”
you say.
“Did her soul ever thrill?
Did little tendernesses ever creep
Into her dreams, and over-ride her will?
Did her eyes shine, or her heart ever leap
As my heart leaps to-day?
I, who am young; who long to try my

How should she understand,
She, with her calm cool hand?
She never felt such yearnings? And,
It’s clear I can’t be tied
For ever to my mother’s apron strings.” Read More »


Catholic or Communist?

May 18, 2017

THE NEW ORDER sect, or Novus Ordo, has stripped Catholic worship and art of transcendence. A good example is the new logo for World Youth Day, the mass pep rally and globalist youth adventure that will be held in Panama in 2017. Is the logo a snake devouring a cross or a religious version of the hammer and sickle? Is it Communist or corporate?

Whatever, it’s not inspiring. It’s not beautiful. It’s not divine. It’s not Catholic.

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When Girls Beat Up Girls

May 18, 2017

FEMINISTS rarely decry violence against women in the inner city, including assaults by women against other women. That just doesn’t count.

Heather Mac Donald reflects upon this hypocrisy.


The Face of Female Privilege

May 18, 2017

SAGE M. writes:

More than the headline or the preposterous musings of the judge, this article about an aspiring surgeon who stabbed her boyfriend is noteworthy to me for the photograph of the young woman. Her face is fat with conceit, smirking with the knowing cynicism of the modern female careerist. License and constant ego-stroking have made a monster of her.


Common Sense and the Rainbow Flag

May 18, 2017

AN 85-year-old elderly woman in Carlisle, Massachusetts wrote a letter to a local newspaper about the rainbow flag outside a Unitarian Church:

To the Editor:

One of the saddest vistas I know is that of the beautiful rainbow flying as a flag to welcome and encourage the extremely dangerous behavior of homosexuality. Each time I go through the center of my town of Carlisle, I see such a flag and my heart cries out—why, Why?

Indeed, why is this flag being used to speak well of homosexuality and encourage the behavior? Where is the caring for people who for one reason or another have gotten into this behavior? And homosexuality is a behavior; no one is born homosexual. Read More »


In Praise of Ostracism

May 17, 2017



How to Break the College Racket

May 17, 2017

FROM The Anti-New York Times:

Step 1: Corporations are already regulated as semi-public entities when it comes to hiring and promoting. For that reason, corporations may not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion etc. This policy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t extend to purely private operations and small “mom and pops.” By simply adding non-college degree applicants to the list of “protected classes,” corporations would be forced to consider qualified job applicants who were self-taught, tutored, apprenticed or attended local study groups. Read More »


Weddings as Political Theater

May 17, 2017


The church where Pippa Middleton will marry this weekend. The Middle Ages provided today’s decadent British, pseudo-aristocrats with stage settings for their weddings and Christenings.

DAN R. writes:

It’s not even June, but love is in the air. It’s the marriage season, but this being 2017, things are a bit different.  Over the past few days we learned of the news that two WNBA players had gotten “married,” Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor.  In case anyone thought how nice it was to have two WNBA weddings in one weekend, rest assured that it’s not for nothing that it’s dubbed the Women’s Lesbian Basketball Association.  For Taylor it was her second “marriage,” Taurasi her first.

Continuing, once again with the women’s sports fans of TTHW in mind, female soccer star Abby Wambach tied the [fake] knot with “Christian mom blogger” and best-selling author Glennon Doyle Melton.  Lest anyone think that in the age of liberation butch/femme stereotypes have become passé, photos of the loving pair, with Wambach dressed as the man and Melton as the girl, should dispel that notion.  It was the second “marriage” for each, though Doyle Melton’s was to a man with whom she bore three children. Read More »


The Revelation of Spring

May 15, 2017


Doon, Ontario; Lucius O’Brien


Leafy with-love banks and the green waters of the canal
Pouring redemption for me, that I do
The will of God, wallow in the habitual, the banal,
Grow with nature again as before I grew.
The bright stick trapped, the breeze adding a third
Party to the couple kissing on an old seat,
And a bird gathering materials for the nest for the Word
Eloquently new and abandoned to its delirious beat.
O unworn world enrapture me, encapture me in a web
Of fabulous grass and eternal voices by a beech,
Feed the gaping need of my senses, give me ad lib
To pray unselfconsciously with overflowing speech
For this soul needs to be honoured with a new dress woven
From green and blue things and arguments that cannot be proven.

 —-  Patrick Kavanaugh


Happy Mother’s Day

May 14, 2017


Vase of Flowers, Leon de Smet


What better way to honor mothers everywhere than to pray today for the welfare of children, to whom all good mothers — and all women with a maternal heart — are naturally devoted, rejecting like the poison it is the feminist idea that the personal happiness of adults is more important than the temporal and spiritual welfare of children:

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of the Infant Babe of Bethlehem, and Our Mother, enkindle in our hearts the spark of youthful innocence. We know of thy great love for little children. It was to innocent children that thou didst deign to appear, revealing the Message of Fatima, and charging them with its propagation. We know no better way to show our regard for them, dear Mother, than to offer our prayers for all children, everywhere. Therefore, O Mother dear, we ask thee to watch over all children in all parts of the world, to guard and protect their homes, to preserve the schools wherein they learn, and to keep them from being tainted with Godless education. Direct them in their play and in all their works, that they may grow in age, wisdom, and the love of God. Grant too, Blessed Mother, that the prayers of our children may hasten the end of all wars of carnage and devastation, and grant unto this world an era of just and lasting peace. We pray that the world may return to Jesus, thy Son, through Reparation to thy Immaculate Heart.

Our Lady of Fatima, we beseech thee to inflame our hearts with the love of Reparation.

Source: St. Gertrude the Great Sunday bulletin, Mother’s Day, 2017


Our Lady of Fatima

May 14, 2017


Witnesses to the Miracle of the Sun

COMMENTARY on yesterday’s 100th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima in Portugal can be found at Novus Ordo Watch, Tradition in Action and Christ or Chaos.

An overview of this most famous of Marian apparitions can be found hereHere is a brief video on the Miracle of the Sun, witnessed by an estimated 70,000 people several months after the three shepherd children reported that they saw Our Lady, a woman of such dazzling beauty that the vision of her hurt the eyes:

Even O Seculo, an anti-Catholic, Masonic newspaper in Lisbon, reported the miracle of the sun from the perspective of the paper’s editor-in-chief, Avelino de Almedia, who witnessed the miracle for himself.

“…one could see the immense multitude turn toward the sun, which appeared at its zenith, coming out of the clouds,” he wrote.

“Before their dazzled eyes the sun trembled, the sun made unusual and brusque movements, defying all the laws of the cosmos, and according to the typical expression of the peasants, ‘the sun danced’.”

Dr. Garrett added that the sun seemed “to be a living body…It looked like a glazed wheel made of mother-of-pearl.” He also recalled a moment when the sun whirled “wildly, seemed to loosen itself from the firmament and advance threateningly upon the earth, as if to crush us with its huge and fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was terrible.”

Numerous witnesses corroborated the phenomenon of the whirling, dancing colorful sun which at one moment seemed to be terrifyingly plunging toward earth, with the crowds “expecting the end of the world to come at any moment” one witness reported. After that moment, the once-soggy and muddy crowd discovered that they were completely dry. [Source]

Regardless of what anyone believes about the apparitions, the last 100 years have seen the prophecies reported by the children fulfilled. Was the third prophecy or “secret” a warning about apostasy at higher levels of the Church? Many suspect it was. That a frightful revolution has occurred was confirmed this weekend when “Pope” Francis appeared with his hideous modernist “monsterance” at Fatima. It was an inversion of the Miracle of the Sun. Truly creepy.



“The future of our civilization, our liberties, our very existence may depend upon the acceptance of her commands,” author William Thomas Walsh wrote of Our Lady of Fatima.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!



May 13, 2017


Mother full of glory,
O assurance of all people,
O sublimity of thought,
Present us with the reward of life.

Virgin source of grace,
O illustrious nurse of the mighty,
O sweet sustainer of souls,
Forever abolish the sins of mankind.

Our holy defender,
O perpetual light,
O scepter of the King of all men,
Support us in our request of salvation.



May 13, 2017


Elizabeth Corbin (Mrs. Griffin Gatliff) & Daughter Elizabeth, Gilbert Stuart; 1798

IN HIS book The Nature, Dignity and Mission of Woman, Fr. Karl Stehlin writes about the deeper significance of the institution that we celebrate on Mother’s Day:

All motherhood comes from the Mother of all mothers. The Immaculate Mother of God is the model for every mother; her motherhood is the ideal, the basis, the heart, and the goal of all creaturely motherhood. Here in a surprising new way the nature of woman proves once again to be the expression and image of God on earth. The polarity and complementariness of man and woman…, which in the interdependence of their different and often opposite characteristics reflects the all-encompassing Oneness of God, appears here in the special relation of mother and child. This is probably the most intimate relationship that there can ever be between human beings.

In this sense Mary’s Divine Maternity is the most perfect creaturely image and manifestation of the most intimate relation between Father and Son within the Most Holy Trinity. In Mary this is at the same time a spiritual and a bodily reality: bodily, since she is the physical mother of God, and Christ is flesh of her flesh, blood of her blood; spiritually, since she conceived Him “first in her heart and then in her body” (prius in mente quam in corpore). Thus in her own motherhood she becomes the prototype and ideal of all bodily and spiritual motherhood. If God Himself defines the most intimate possible relationship between Himself and a creature as the relation between mother and child, then we can say that all earthly motherhood finds its deepest meaning in connection with the Divine Maternity. Mary’s  motherhood is the model and standard of every sort of motherhood on earth, and every instance of motherhood on earth is meant to be an echo of the Divine Maternity. That means that the mother (and by analogy the father also) experiences her motherhood fully when she views it in light of Mary’s motherhood.

Madonna of the Fir Tree, Marianne Stokes

The parents see their child as a gift from God; they see in the child the presence of the Child Jesus. Conceiving the child and carrying it in the womb becomes for the mother a living reminder and “representation” of the conception of the Eternal Word and of carrying Jesus Christ in one’s heart. The birth and the raising of the child are understood as symbolic of the divine mission, that is, the sending forth of Jesus Christ into the world and His proclamation which gives birth to Christ in souls. Jesus Himself confirms this way of looking at it when He says that whoever does His will is “brother, sister and mother” to Him (Mt. 12:50).

Mary’s Divine Maternity makes comprehensible to the Christian, and in particular to the Christian woman, the mission that she has to fulfill in her short life. We have to continue the mission of the Son in the world, to be His instruments to help lead people home to Him, to prepare the way for the sake of their eternal happiness. This is nothing less than a spiritual fatherhood or motherhood with respect to souls, which in a certain way become our children. How do they become our children? Through our prayers and sacrifices, our example, and the dedication of our lives, we impart Christ to them, communicate the grace of Christ to them, and act as instruments of the Immaculata, so that she can bear Christ in their souls: and that, of course, is her Divine Maternity. “What do you want me to do?” each one of us must ask God. The answer is always: “Be a father or mother of souls! Imitate the motherhood of My Mother in your life.”

The meaning of spiritual motherhood goes still further, however. In imitating the Mother of all mothers, a woman finds a special relationship to Christ Himself, who wishes to be visible here on earth as a “small and insignificant” child. That is why He conceals Himself also under the unassuming appearances of bread and wine. And He wants us to love Him as Mary loved Him, as a mother loves her child, for there is no more intimate loving relationship on earth than the one between mother and child. Naturally this does not mean the purely natural, physical bond and certainly not the kind of motherhood that has been distorted by original sin and is often full of egotistical needs. This “maternal character” of our relationship to Christ is a compliance with Mary’s being, and it is guided by her maternity. But in what way was she the mother of the eternal Son? How did she raise Him, live with Him, speak with Him? Surely the most profound reverence for His majesty was combined with the deepest possible intimacy of her immaculate love. And so that this might not be something abstract and unreal for us, God gives us a very realistic analogy that is experienced intensely. Read More »


The Illuminati Candidate

May 13, 2017


CONFITEOR DEO writes from France:

The official result for Emmanuel Macron in the election against Marine Le Pen last Sunday was 66.06 percent of votes cast. The resemblance to the number of the beast is quite unsettling.

The name “Emmanuel” means God with us and “Macron” is almost an anagram of monarch. Macron, however, is the complete opposite of what his name suggests and as ever, the devil inverts truth and lies. Note the long lonely walk by Macron from the shadow towards the light in the courtyard of the Louvre.

The walk was accompanied by the music from Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, its lyrics matching the aspirations of Freemasonry.

The pyramid in front of the Louvre, with its 666 panes of glass, is the starting point of a Masonic axis that runs in a perfect line from the Louvre to the Grande Arche de la Fraternité at La Défense. This arch is actually an overturned altar complete with altar canopy. Both the pyramid and the Grande Arche were inaugurated under President François Mitterrand. They were inaugurated in 1989 to mark the 200 year anniversary of the French manifestation of the ongoing world revolution against God, the throne and the natural order.


The Louvre pyramid


La Grande Arche de la Fraternité

The enthronement of Emmanuel Macron, is yet one more ritual, such as the ceremony for the Gotthard Tunnel or the 2012 London Olympic opening and closing events, that involve the masters of the earth telling the masses who’s really in charge.

There were irregularities reported that favoured Macron in both rounds of the election but it’s fairly certain that he was going to win against Marine le Pen at least in the final round. The system had to ensure a Macron presidency by getting him to the second round against Le Pen. There are also suggestions that Le Pen deliberately ruined her chances by a dismal performance in the TV debate with Macron. She should have won this debate without even trying. When you only have one shot, you had better use it wisely. Her stupid dance moves after her defeat showed to her millions of supporters a totally carefree attitude regarding the catastrophe that just took place.

Just as Trump was perceived by many as the last chance to beat the system, Le Pen represented a similar electoral promise. Both have failed because ultimately, man without the grace of God can do absolutely nothing, and, neither Trump or Le Pen show any signs of being anywhere close to being in a state of grace.

I will never vote again.


The Alien

May 13, 2017


ALAN writes:

Do-Gooders who are out to make the world over like to advise older people not to live in the past.  That is hilarious.

Not to live in the past—as against what? The increasing ugliness of the culture outside? The supine willingness of grown men and women to go along with trendiness instead of stand firm by timeless moral and esthetic standards?

“Real life today?” And precisely what is “real life today?” It is a festival of inanities and imbecilities, each more preposterous than the next. Why would any self-respecting person wish to live among people who celebrate those things?

I’m confident that many of your older readers will agree with me if I say that memory offers at least some refuge from those indescribable horrors. Memory is the land where we exclude those things in a glorious act of discrimination. Memory is the land where we build our interior castle.  Memory is “the land where the good songs go” (Jerome Kern, 1917). It is the land where the good people go and where we keep them until we join them.

The past—the eternal past—may be the only place where decent people and a sensible tempo and texture of life can be found. Read More »