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Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Idle Thought

  The mind longs to roam. We try in vain to keep it running toward a fixed destination. The path across a meadow, a trail through the woods, the rocky descent down a steep ravine: these beckon and it yearns to follow. It wants to remember. To wonder. To wander.   When we speak of […]

Vital Statistics

  When President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act into law earlier this year, he once again fueled the myth that women sufffer from widespread pay discrimination. In truth, there is no serious wage discrimination against women and there is ample reason to believe that the end of customary employment discrimination in favor of men has forced […]

The Envied Michelle

Time Magazine’s latest admiring article on Michelle Obama highlights the wistfulness of American women in an era of triumphant egalitarianism. Michelle is enviable not just because she has all the clothes and servants she wants, but because after years of career, she is now that rarest of all things: a housewife. According to the authors, Nancy Gibbs and […]

Sense and Non-Sense

  A recently-released survey of American employees showed that 41 percent believe it’s better if the “man earns the money and the woman takes care of the home and children.” This figure, downplayed by writers of the report as evidence of weak support for traditional roles, is strikingly high given the constant veneration of career women in the press […]

Are Men More Feminist than Women?

  Feminism is not a “women’s movement.” Women have been its most outspoken and visible proponents, but men have enthusiastically embraced its central ideas and worked to fulfill them. Men may even be the greater feminists today. Feminism has meant a loss of status, of political power and of earning potential for men, but these are things they […]

Radical Compassion

  It is not so absurd to say, as another television star once did, that Oprah Winfrey is “one of the most important political figures of our time.”  Here is an immensely powerful woman who is in the deadly serious business of remaking America, one heart at a time.  Read on for the second part of a […]

Adam and Eve

  Should God create another Eve, and I Another rib afford, yet loss of thee Would never from my heart. No, no! I feel The link of nature draw me: flesh of flesh, Bone of my bone thou art, and from thy state Mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe. Paradise Lost (Book IX, […]

Is Domesticity Dull?

  People say the domestic life is narrow and stultifying, a prison for the intellect. Feminists have long made this claim. I guess you could say that’s true, but only if you think human history is boring, the laws of nature are boring, love is boring, birth is boring, children are boring, personality is boring, the […]

More on Dust

Kristor writes about the foregoing entry: With respect to dust, I am with Democritus. If anything made of dust is to be alive to its world, then in some way the dust of which it is made must do likewise. Not in the same way, of course; things are alike, but not wholly alike, or they […]

Dust and Its Implications

  Dust is pervasive. Wherever you are, dust is silently gathering, a fleck of everything, fragments of nothing, the particulate manifestation of the truth that all things are disintegrating. Ordinary household dust is rarely considered a subject worthy of consideration. We live in a superficial world. Perhaps we’re secretly dumbfounded by some of the most […]

Bed, Bath and the Beyond

  It would be impossible to calculate how much the ugliness of modern suburban life has contributed to the flight of women from the home, to lowered fertility, to childhood depression and to isolation for the old. Conservatives aren’t supposed to talk about it. Modern suburbia is prosperous and that’s what counts. The idea that […]

A Voice of Sanity

  The Internet is a wild and untamed jungle, but it contains small gardens of peace and sanity, of order and delight. There are many homemaking blogs, but none excels that of Lydia Sherman, a woman who was raised in the Alaska outback and later became an American housewife. Don’t be deceived by the homey […]

The Darwinian Woman

  “Her beauty is one of nature’s grandest and most cunning gestures of manipulation and, if one is wise, one can never glance at the Darwinian Woman in full flower without feeling that one has outwitted nature itself because one knows this beauty is manipulative.” Read on for a brief examination of the Darwinian Woman […]

Famous Couples: An Introduction

I have a philosopher friend who has his own theory of gossip. He considers gossip a form of philosophizing. To gossip about others is to engage in a type of necessary rational analysis. This is conducive to social order as it enables people to act with reason and forethought. It’s an interesting argument, but I disagree, […]

Spring Warning

Carry your tissues today, dear reader Please, carry your tissues today These white little things Are essentially things For the rinsings and wringings of May Green pollen, your sweet little nose stings The thrushes, your tunnel-y ears wring With petals, your mind sings To secular lute strings So carry your tissues today