The Thinking 

Do Men Want Housewives?

May 7, 2009


The answer to this question is clear. Yes, men want housewives.

But, they also want career wives. The average man wants a woman who can be both. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a woman who could be both, doing all a housewife does and bringing in a decent income too?

The problem is there is no such thing. Search high and low. Look east and west, north and south. Comb the face of the planet and you will not find a woman who is both a housewife and a career woman. A person cannot be in two places at once.  The laws of matter make it so. She also cannot devote her mind to two entirely different and entirely absorbing tasks at once.

Unfortunately, feminism tells men this dream is possible. Many women tell men this dream is possible. No wonder they are confused. No wonder they are surprised. They sought normalcy and they end up with abnormalcy. Wives who are critical and irritable, undisciplined children or no children, cluttered homes, terrible food, extravagant spending and large credit card bills – these are a few of the signs of abnormalcy.

Men want housewives. Men want working wives. But, they want happiness too.

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