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Daily Archives: June 24th, 2009

Theatrical Women and their Trials

  This article in today’s New York Times states an amazing fact. Apparently, female artistic directors and literary agents have a tendency to discriminate against female playwrights. Are women naturally more competitive with other women? If so, the more women in positions of influence the harder time women trying to break in will have. In other words, the idea that […]

‘Fantastic, Mutable, Illusory’

  James M. writes: Your piece on clouds reminded me of a passage from one of my favorite obscure books: V. M. Yeates’ Winged Victory, a semi-autobiographical novel about RAF pilots during the Great War.     It climbed well, and in a minute reached the cloud layer, which was at fifteen-hundred feet.  After a few […]

What do Fathers Want? II

  Bill writes the following in response to earlier entry on fathers and daughters: I think (decent) fathers want for their daughters what they have always wanted: a home and a life which give them the greatest chance of rightly-ordered flourishing.  For a long time, back to say Greek antiquity, giving her the best chance […]