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The Happiest Mothers

July 1, 2009


In the previous discussion about homeschooling, I mentioned that homeschooling mothers are the happiest mothers in America. Why might this be true? Parenthood is not just economics and emotions. It’s more than just providing a home and security. It’s about passing on what you love to others and thus ensuring its survival. The highest purpose of education, as Aristotle said, is to make the young love the right things. The highest goal of a parent is to make sure his children love the right things.

The homeschooling parent doesn’t have to fight the persistent intentions of school to make his children love the wrong things.

The homeschooling mother is more than a drudge, more than a mindless chauffeur and cook. She is not a de facto employee of the local school district, filling out endless forms, staffing pointless fund-raisers, and supervising evening after soul-killing evening of boil-brained homework. She forms character and minds.  That’s why she tends to have more children than her counterparts. She knows what she loves will survive. That’s why she is happy. Betty Friedan was wrong. Women didn’t want to leave home. They wanted their homes back.


Belly Report

July 1, 2009


More than one in four adults are obese in at least 31 states, according to a new report by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. But, this is not news. We all know Americans are fat. Disastrously fat. Go to your local hardware store and try to sidle through the bellies in the aisles. You have to be thin to get anywhere in America. Only thin people can serpentine through those aisles.

What is infuriating about the non-stop stream of fatness updates is how consistently they ignore the cause of America’s increased body mass. The spectacular ballooning of bodies parallels the exit of women from the home. The greatest contributing factor to weight gain is a reliance on processed or restaurant-made foods.

I can often tell whether a man’s wife works by the size of his paunch. But, what does the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with its millions in research dollars, recommend as a cure? Free health care, as well as nutrition and exercise programs, also presumably government-funded. Gimme a break. Americans are over-eating and will continue to over-eat until they get something satisfying. It’s not just food they want, but soul food. Soul food is homemade.



The average American male

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