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Daily Archives: July 15th, 2009

Anti-Woman Women

  The idea that women in power are more sympathetic to women is false. This notion has been used countless times to justify the choice of women over men as lawyers, judges, and politicians. In fact, women in power are often actively anti-woman, despising the very things most women cherish. Here is a good example. In a recent interview […]

Sonia and Sarah

  It is interesting to contrast and compare two of the most prominent women in American politics this summer. They are dramatically different figures.  Let’s leave aside their sharply differing political views for a moment. It’s interesting to look at these women simply as models for women. What do they have to say to the young women of America about their […]

Women’s Vote: the Silent Debate

  The women’s franchise seems to be the deadest of dead issues. To express the opinion that it has been damaging to the country at large is to relegate oneself to the marshy backwaters of political discourse. Unless, of course, you’re a billionaire, such as Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal, who expressed in a recent article […]

The Symbolism of Sarah

  Sarah Palin is not simply a personality. She is an idea. From the moment she stepped through the gates of national politics, she presented herself as a normal all-American mom. People went gaga. The hockey mom routine was a sensation. They roared with approval, not just at the convention but all across the country in […]