The Thinking 

Excellence in Parenthood

July 16, 2009


Here is a partial list of the virtues children need to learn in order to flourish as adults. Once acquired, these virtues tend to last, or at least to make a lasting impression. But, they may take many years to acquire:

  •     Truthfulness
  •     Neatness
  •     Obedience
  •     Self-control
  •     Courtesy
  •     Respect for elders
  •     Loyalty
  •     Thrift 
  •     Modesty
  •     Trustworthiness
  •     Courage
  •     Friendliness
  •     A sense of civic duty

 There are also intellectual virtues:

  •     Concentration
  •     Dispassion
  •     Simplicity
  •     Perseverance
  •     Moderation
  •     Judgment
  •     Piety
  •     Studiousness
  •     Curiosity
  •     Respect for the past
  •     Cultural literacy
  •     Exactitude in written and spoken expression
  •     Clarity in thought and idea

Here is a list of the practical things children require on a regular basis:

  •     Clean clothes
  •     Healthy meals at set intervals
  •     A neat, uncluttered environment
  •     Instruction in daily cleanliness
  •     Medicine and rest during illness
  •     Routine social interaction with the same people
  •     Conversation with adults
  •     Physical affection
  •     Words of love and encouragement
  •     Disapproval and punishment for wrong actions and unruly behavior
  •     Fun
  •     Quiet and peace at night 
  •     Adequate sleep