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Daily Archives: September 14th, 2009

A Mind of One’s Own

  In response to last week’s posts on Virginia Woolf, which begin here, Melissa, who is the mother of nine children, writes: Years ago in college I had to read Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own and also in the same course Elizabeth Spellman’s Inessential Woman. Spellman’s thesis was that since we can speak of expressions of womanhood as being […]

Amazons or Athletes?

  Karen Wilson writes in response to the post on Serena Williams: You write: “I find even the normal demeanour and appearance of many women athletes disturbing.” That’s because most (and probably all) of them are on drugs. Contrast this picture of Virginia Wade with the recent photos of Serena:   You can see that the […]

The Sound of a Man

  A man’s voice, especially a baritone or a bass, seems to emanate from a barrel. It is deeper and more resonant than a woman’s and represents one of the most striking differences between male and female. Women have favored deep-voiced men over the course of eons, ensuring survival of this sexual trait. There is no question about this: […]