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The Undefended Annie Le

September 15, 2009


Annie Le, the graduate student murdered at Yale last week, was alone in a basement laboratory when she was attacked. This makes no sense in today’s world, even in buildings with secure entry. Young women should not be alone in isolated corridors, offices or rest rooms. Ever.

Should women carry weapons to protect themselves? Lawrence Auster addresses the question at View from the Right.  He says:

 What is needed is two things: (1) for society to protect women (and everyone) by punishing murder (and, I would add, violent rape) with death; and (2) for individual men to be armed or otherwise prepared to protect women. While both of these solutions would represent a big change from our current society, the same is true of all changes in the direction away from liberalism and toward traditionalism.

Most people would agree that if a danger is real and ever-present, the logical thing to do is prepare for it. But, Michael Daly, New York Daily News columnist, uses the opposite argument. If a danger is real and ever-present, the reasonable thing to do is not worry about it. That’s what he told his daughter who is a student at Yale and who called him in tears about the Le murder. Precisely because she lives in a higly sexualized world in which predatory men stalk and kill undefended women, she should not worry at all. A woman’s body was stuffed this summer into a ceiling in a Wall Street office building after she was attacked while cleaning at night. See it could happen to anyone. “I love you, Monkey,” Daly tells his weeping daughter.

Remember the days when fathers thought it their duty to protect their daughters? Now, they simply enfold them in cornball sentiment and leave them to tremble with fear in apartments, dorms and offices. A young woman today is stalked whether she is ever physically attacked or not. She knows predatory men are there and she knows she is unprotected. At the same time, she is encouraged to be recklessly free and to walk alone through hallways and cavernous buildings or work in empty offices. She is living in a maze of contradictions.

Most women lack calm in a crisis and the aggressive instincts to use weapons. They don’t want to carry them and find the very idea repulsive. But, we live in extraordinary times.

Annie Marie Le, 24, with her fiance Jonathan Widawsky. Their wedding was set to be this Sunday in New York City.
                        Annie Le and her fiance Jonathan Widawsky
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