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A Spineless Man in Action

September 2, 2009


If you want to get a sense of the sort of bootless, flap-mouthed man who leads America today, read this Washington Post story about Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert F. McDonnell. Two decades ago, McDonnell stated in a master’s thesis that working women and feminists were “detrimental” to the family. Now, though he still claims to be a family-values conservative, he’s running away from his previous views. McDonnell is a real-life version of Joe, the Dickens character in Great Expectations who was beaten by his wife with a switch called “The Tickler.” McDonnell is being tickled to death by feminists. They are loving every minute of it.

McDonnell now says he is “fully supportive of the tremendous contributions women make in the workplace.” His grown daughter was even a platoon commander in Iraq.

Meanwhile America continues to reel under the effects of the massive entry of women into the workforce. The families of America are unhappy. Couples have fewer children, illegitimacy is high, marriages are unstable.There is less financial security, and more domestic chaos, than there was  when McDonnell’s traditionalist views were mainstream. McDonnell is either a liar or has yet to discover that to be feminist is not to be pro-woman.

Show me a man who has the guts to stand up to feminists and to the myths about working women and I will show you that the Y chromosome has not evolved out of existence.

— Comments —

Karen Wilson writes:

McDonnell is a prime example of automatic poodle in action. He is more obedient than any live dog.

He is a man with no principles and will take up whatever position he thinks will bring him most approval from his superiors (not voters, voters no longer matter). This is the behaviour of almost all the political class who with few exceptions, are third-raters. The exceptions get pushed out of politics pretty quickly.

Karen adds:

“Show me a man – just one man somewhere in public office – who has the guts to stand up to feminists and to the myths about working women and I will show you that the Y chromosome has not evolved out of existence.”

If any of them did this, they would have to burst the even bigger myths – the economic growth myth, the prosperity myth and the recession myth. Western economies have had falling wages in real terms for the last 30 years due to the collapse of manufacturing and agriculture. Hence it takes two wages to keep the average family afloat. In real terms Western economies have not grown but the impression of growth was created by the creation of the consumer economy and cheap imports from China, and of course the implosion of debt. The latter got securitised and sold on making huge profits for some bankers and now there are the massive bank bailouts which the tax payer will pay for decades.  And so the real story of the last 30 years is that the rich expropriated the wealth of the West and the general population is getting much poorer and so will have to work longer and harder to keep their heads above water. The good times are not coming back because too much industry has been destroyed and too many assets are held by foreigners. On top of that, there is no political will to change the West and democracy has been subverted. We are now in a post-democratic age. I am fully expecting some British or American politician to start advocating child labour as a beneficial thing.

Laura writes:

We already have child labor. Mass government schooling has turned childhood into full-time preparation for careerism and passive submission.

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