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November 10, 2009


INTERESTING observations by readers have been added to the following posts:

Transracial Adoption: the Undiscussed Issue

The Overly Affectionate Mother (about the Obama family portrait)

Remaking Rome  (See exchange between Diana and Clark Coleman on conservatism and popular culture.) 



Transracial Adoption: The Undiscussed Issue

November 10, 2009


Since 1971, American parents have, by conservative estimates, adopted more than half a million children from foreign countries, particularly girls from Asian orphanages. These children have been given loving homes, but the cultural and psychological implications of these adoptions are seldom discussed. A study released on Monday by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute examines the first generation of adoptees from South Korea and concludes that many have struggled with ethnic and racial identity.  This conflict typically was mild in early childhood but intensified in adolescence and adulthood.

“Race/ethnicity is an increasingly significant aspect of identity for those adopted across color and culture,” the report states. It also says,  “A significant majority of transracially adopted adults reported considering themselves to be or wanting to be White [sic] as children.”  In an article in the Sunday New York Times, two Korean adoptees speak of their satisfaction with the study:

“This offers proof that we’re not crazy or just being ungrateful to our adoptive parents when we talk about our experiences,” said Mr. [Joel] Ballantyne, 35, who was adopted at age 3 and who grew up in Alabama, Texas and, finally, California.

Jennifer Town, 33, agreed.

“A lot of adoptees have problems talking about these issues with their adoptive families,” she said. “They take it as some kind of rejection of them when we’re just trying to figure out who we are.”

Some 468 adopted adults responded to an online survey for the study, making it the largest study of its kind, the authors of the report said. The Times article, an unusually candid discussion of the report, also quotes another adoptee:

Sonya Wilson, adopted in 1976 by a white family in Clarissa, Minn., says that although she shares many of the experiences of those interviewed in the study — she grew up as the only Asian in a town of 600 — policy changes must address why children are put up for adoption, and should do more to help single women in South Korea keep their children. “This study does not address any of these issues,” Ms. Wilson said.


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Health Reform and Abortion

November 10, 2009


There is one bright spot in the ongoing debate over so-called health care reform. And that is the fanatical, unreasoning, unquenchable, blind and ever-vigilant devotion to abortion rights by supporters of socialized medicine. So unthinking is this devotion it may, by some slim chance, doom the ultimate success of proposed reform bills.

To truly understand the inextinguishable nature of this fire, this burning passion for abortion “rights,” it’s important to know how much an abortion costs in this country. It costs on average less than $500. That’s right. Less than five hundred bucks to destroy a life and damage a woman’s soul and her ability to love.

Now, $500 is not so much money that most women in this country could not somehow come up with it through loans from family and friends. But, abortion activists are not happy with that. They want a woman to be so unimpeded in her search for an abortion that she need only take out a few bucks from an ATM and be on her way. They don’t want simply the freedom to abort, they want abortion to be automatic and quick, leaving no time for reflection.

President Obama, as unthinking an abortion advocate as one can find, said yesterday that he is unhappy with the bill passed in the House on Saturday because it does not allow women to obtain government-subsidized insurance that covers abortion. He hopes to approve a bill that allows extra premiums or co-pays so they can have this essential coverage.

Thank you, President Obama! May you continue to pursue this brand of zealotry because it will effectively doom this bill. The American public seems unable to grasp many of the details of this reform, but they can understand abortion subsidies, and they don’t like them. By the way, most women who support abortion could care less whether their insurance covers it. It’s only the abortion apparatchiks who march to this tune.

Obama does not just support abortion rights. He believes in actively encouraging abortion, which is what subsidies through insurance coverage or government aid do. He talks as if there is no possible alternative for women, which is the single most heinous lie of abortion supporters. They see no possibility of sexual restraint and no possibility of putting unplanned children up for adoption.


The Decline of Manners, Chapter CXVI

November 10, 2009


A man dressed in a business suit walks onto a crowded suburban commuter train. He sees no place to sit until he notices a passenger next to an empty window seat. He walks up to the male passenger and says in a polite voice, “Excuse me, Sir. The train is very crowded. Do you mind moving in so I can sit down?”

The passenger explodes in rage and spits out these words, “You over-pompous, over-privileged [idiot]!” An argument ensues in which the polite man defends his right to be polite.

This incident was witnessed by a friend the other day.

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