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Daily Archives: November 24th, 2009

Oprah Betrays Women, Again

  Having announced that she’s giving up her TV show in 2011, Oprah is not headed toward retirement. She is redirecting her efforts, which will include a cable TV series focused on an L.A. housewife who dumps her family to pursue a life of erotic adventure. Is this any surprise, dear reader? Oprah never was the girlfriend, true […]

Our Conspicuous Consumption

  In a previous entry, a reader named Joel complained that it isn’t possible for young hard-working professionals in their twenties to form families without some dramatic changes in social policy. To this, readers and I responded that young couples would be wise to accept relative poverty for the sake of having children while they are young. This, we […]

The Breast: Sacred and Profane

  Can you imagine any portion of the male anatomy deified as the female breast has been in recent years? If there were ten-foot phallic symbols lining the mall in Washington, would we be any more in thrall to masculinity than we are to femininity in our current state of outright breast-worship? Last week, newspapers and TV […]

The Demented Sarah Palin Debate

  Andrew Sullivan proclaims in his Atlantic Monthly blog that Sarah Palin is a “delusional fantasist” and a “deeply disturbed person.” At the other extreme, a writer for the American Thinker says Palin is the victim of sexual violence by leftists. To say Sarah Palin is a polarizing figure is an understatement. The vile attacks of her […]