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Transracial Adoption and Feminism

November 11, 2009


As mentioned in the previous post, international adoption has soared in the last 40 years and yet is a relatively unexamined cultural phenomenon. A new study looks at the confused identity experienced by many transracial adoptees from foreign countries.

The study does not examine a major cause for the growth in transracial adoption: feminism. The rejection of motherhood in early adulthood has caused dramatic increases in infertility. Feminists have concealed the facts of biology from ordinary women, and as a result many have found they could not conceive on demand.

Feminism has also promoted abortion. Given the rate of sexual activity among the young, pregnant women should be a common sight on our college campuses. But they are rarely seen. Millions of children that might end up in the care of infertile couples are never born.

Many thousands of transracial adoptees have found loving homes in the West.  That’s an undeniable fact. But it’s important to be honest. It would be far better if fewer women were infertile. And it is ideal for children to be raised within their native cultures. To say this is not to lose sight of the happiness, love and good fortune many foreign adoptees have experienced in Western homes. 

These children are now full members of  Western society and it must wholeheartedly embrace them. But the future of this trend should be placed in check. To do so, it’s necessary to admit just how numerous the casualties of feminism are. Here is an ideology that would rather send mothers-to-be halfway around the world on a desperate quest for children than recognize the sacred and primary call of motherhood itself.

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Karen Wilson writes:

The biggest cause of infertility now is sexually transmitted diseases brought on by promiscuity. Chlamydia is the most common and is asymptomatic whilst it destroys the pelvic organs and blocks the fallopian tubes. It also diminishes male fertility and some of the statistics on the links below show massive rises in its incidence.

Here are some UK statistics which show a huge increase over the last decade and here are U.S. figures. Here is some information about the infection. Ectopic pregnancy is one of the major complications of STDs – PID.

Sexual promiscuity is a massive cause of infertility and preventable if people were to abstain from sex until marriage but this message is never advised by experts. Infertility is also a reason why there are few babies to adopt. The sexual revolution was truly a disaster for women and men and the whole of Western society. Never in the history of the West have sexually transmitted diseases been so rife or so destructive. Never have so many people attended infertility clinics and embarked on various fertility treatments. This is the real disaster and this really has to be addressed.

Laura writes:

Excellent points. While sexually-transmitted diseases are a major cause of infertility today, I’m not sure it is possible to say they are a greater cause than delayed child-bearing. Also, the two factors can work in combination.

Karen continues:

Infertility is defined clinically as a failure to conceive after 12 months. It has been proven that STDs are the greatest cause of infertility. All the data collected on the aetiology of infertility by the OB/GYN hospitals and academic departments has demonstrated that beyond any doubt and it is also the major cause of the rise in the incidence of infertility over the last few decades. Maternal age is not hugely important from an Obstetric point of view until the late thirties. There is no significant difference in the management of pregnancy and labour between a woman of 24 and 34. You can get reasonable success rates in IVF until age 40 in an otherwise healthy woman. But if there is any old PID and significant pelvic adhesions or tubal damage it is a hopeless case for any woman even a 20 year old. That is the problem that hospitals are now seeing. There are loads of young women with destroyed pelvic organs. They will never conceive. They fill the gynaecological surgical lists in most hospitals for diagnostic laparoscopies and tubal surgery and it is getting worse. There is little that can be done for them. Infertility has been a major growth area for Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in the last few decades and IVF is a booming business. The vast majority of IVF patients are women with tubal damage and most of them are in their 20s and 30s. No-one is giving the message to the public that sexually promiscuity is destroying the fertility of the West as it has done in Russia. Abortion is another factor in causing PID.


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