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Monthly Archives: December 2009

The Dilemma of a Radical Democracy

  In a brief discussion about my post Fatherhood and Democracy, a commenter at Dennis Mangan’s blog makes an apt observation: A bad king or a bad dictator can be deposed. But how can you depose a bad people?  

Feminism and Cultural Defeat

  Was feminism the inevitable outcome of racial and cultural defeat? There is good reason to believe it was. Feminism is the invention of Western white women. Their discontent, which emerged so forcefully in the 1960s, was arguably a reaction to the emasculation of men. Men were different first. They shed the trappings of male authority. They embraced […]

The Intellectual Woman’s Antipathy to Homemakers

  Intellectual women have been openly antagonistic toward traditional women in the main organs of the press for more than 50 years. And when they are not openly so, they are often subtly and cleverly so. Thus the notion that women are not intelligent unless they are paid professionals remains alive and well. This attitude […]

A Mother in Hiding

  Lisa Miller, a former lesbian who has been ordered to turn over her daughter this Friday to her previous lesbian partner, has apparently fled and gone into hiding. The woman who has been awarded primary custody of the girl by courts in Virginia and Vermont has no biological tie to the child.  For all the mistakes of her […]

Girls will be Girls

  In the previous entry, Karen I. describes an amazing incident in which her nine-year-old son was held down by pre-teen girls while one was forced to kiss him. His arm was injured. The story is typical of the aggressive sexual behavior popular culture encourages in young girls.

Female Immodesty and its Effects

  Catherine writes: I have a question about your article “Married to a Wimp.” I’ve been wondering about it, but haven’t had the chance to ask until now. In that article, it seemed to me that you implied that immodestly dressed girls are forcing young men to or toward becoming effeminate. You said something about […]

The Thinking Housewife Book Club

  Like most women, I cherish the company of other women and welcome the opportunity to bask in female affection or talk about mutual interests. But I have turned down invitations to be part of any women’s book club. A disturbing cultural phenomenon has swept the nation. On the face of it, it seems a sign of progress, an awakening of  intellectual enlightenment and refinement. Women gather in living rooms to sip wine and discuss literature. What […]

The Living

In James Joyce’s short story “The Dead,” friends and relatives gather at a Dublin townhouse for a yearly Christmas dance at the home of the elderly Morkan sisters, Julia and Kate. The guests dance to piano waltzes played by the Morkans’ niece Mary Jane, who like her aunts is a music teacher. Freddy Malins shows up not as […]

Merry Christmas

  The Mystical Nativity, Botticelli   Heav’ns youngest teemed Star, Hath fixt her polisht Car,    Her sleeping Lord with Handmaid Lamp attending: And all about the Courtly Stable, Bright-harnest Angels sit in order serviceable.             – from “On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity,” John Milton

Apple Tree

   The tree of life my soul hath seen, Laden with fruit and always green: The trees of nature fruitless be Compared with Christ the apple tree. His beauty doth all things excel: By faith I know, but ne’er can tell, The glory which I now can see In Jesus Christ the apple tree.

The Charities that Devour Us

    Charles writes in response to the entry In Defense of Scrooge: I thought I was the only one having difficulty with the way charities conduct themselves. Your posters have made some very accurate statements. Here are my favorites: 

Single Mothers Deserve Sympathy

  Brittany writes: I think you are too harsh on single mothers. Not all unwed mothers are bad people; they just made a mistake. Maybe their boyfriend pressured them into sex and he left when she got pregnant. You can have sex one time and get pregnant. I was born before my mom and dad were […]

Further Defense of Scrooge

  Scrooge movie poster M. writes in regard to the previous entry: I have to disagree with Alex A. when he says that Scrooge’s transformation wasn’t as a result of seeing the light but of fear of the horrors to come if he doesn’t change. 

In Defense of Scrooge

Scrooge and Bob Cratchit illustrated by John Leech in 1843.  A few things should be said in defense of Ebenezer Scrooge. First and foremost, Bob Cratchit and his family would have been worse off and possibly impoverished altogether if Scrooge did not work hard and keep his business going, thus creating a job for Mr. Cratchit. Let’s remember that Mrs. […]

The ‘Single Mom’ Gravy Train

  In the previous post on welfare and motherhood, Karen I. writes: I thought of a few more things the poor children of single moms get, including free lunch and often breakfast at school, free coats from the local newspaper charity, free filled backpacks from my church at the start of school, free rides to […]