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Feminism and Cultural Defeat

December 30, 2009


Was feminism the inevitable outcome of racial and cultural defeat? There is good reason to believe it was.

Feminism is the invention of Western white women. Their discontent, which emerged so forcefully in the 1960s, was arguably a reaction to the emasculation of men. Men were different first. They shed the trappings of male authority. They embraced feminine pacifism and revolted against all forms of paternal authority. 

This emasculation was a white phenomenon too. The white race had run afoul of history. It lost all pride and the will to survive. Why replicate itself? Fatherhood became aimless and decadent. Men stopped being chiefs and lords, kings and bosses. They became just guys. Guys do not rule anything.

A woman can never become a chief or a lord. But she can become a guy.

                                          — Comments —

A Servant writes:

I would like to ask if you were pressed for time writing the article “Feminism and Cultural Defeat” as what you wrote is spot on and mirrors my thoughts exactly on the issue, but only touches the tip of the iceberg. I would like to expand on the thread if I may. I realize the following may be considered “extreme” or “radical” by some, but these are my true convictions of which I believe are done a disservice by being stated in any other way. 

I came to my position on this issue completely solo, being strongly influenced by the Bible and obviously, my personal observations. As I studied the scriptures alone over the past years it was so obvious to me how this issue was playing out around me and was so acutely illustrated in the Old Testament. Anyone with an interest in the matter can easily investigate this for themselves. I believe the following very much supports your statement of feminism being a white invention, white being synonymous with European, and European being synonymous with Christianity. But really what you were saying and perhaps did (I don’t have your post in front of me), is that feminism is an uniquely white phenomena that sprang from the failure of traditional white, Christian society. 

The first example that comes to mind is from the second book of Kings or Chronicles, which are practically the same accounts only from different points of view. These accounts concentrate mainly on the history of the Kingdoms of Judea and Israel and the succession of wicked, God-less rulers they had, with a few exceptions. Intertwined in these accounts are details of sin and idol worship that are further elaborated upon in the books of the prophets. In the books of the prophets it is revealed that much of this, especially the spiritual aspects, was initiated by women, and even resulted in the sacrifice of children to pagan gods, often goddesses. The account of the wicked Jezebel in the second book of Kings is a glaringly obvious example of how wicked, dominating women fill the void when men fail in their role as leaders as appointed by God. 

At the time that I was grossly involved in these personal studies I would go into the world outside and was overwhelmed that this is exactly what is happening today. I would go into business and stores and encounter emasculated, effeminate men (at times it seemed I couldn’t find a masculine man, and this is still the case, even worse now), and overbearing, condescending, crass, arrogant, domineering females and it became so obvious that something very profound on a spiritual sense was and is still happening. Honestly, I found it deeply disturbing and still do. Mrs. Wood, I would not attempt to deny any of your observations about feminism and gender roles and the material causes, but would only like to divulge deeper, past the material and into the spiritual. Surely there are large amounts of people that have been caught up in current culture and are basically lost and confused, but that is not all. The instigators, men first, then women, I believe, are no different in spirit than those of ancient times that prostituted themselves in the temple and slayed their own children in the name of power. The main difference is that the kingdoms of Satan and God have grown side by side over millennia and the lie that is satan is much more deeply ensconced, so the sacrifice and idol worship are much more devious in their form, cloaked in the guise of righteousness. The sacrifice of children in particular is even more wicked than in the days of old because it is done slowly and very decietfully so as not to be noticed, which is far more cruel than a quick death. Your observations on other posts add much credence to this, how feminism and gender role reversal are literally destroying our children, through neglect in day cares and even poisonous diets from the absence of cooking mothers. And of course there is the deliberate poisoning of millions of children with behavior modifying drugs to treat symptoms that would disappear almost immediately if we had a return to the traditional familiar structure as is the will of God, which of course is only possible by the action of righteous men. 

The main point I wish to make is this. In these discussions, I often feel that myself and others can lose sight as to just how important it is to do everything possible to return to a healthy patriarchal structure as outlined for us in the Bible. Strictly speaking for myself, but I often see it in others, we can become overjoyed at identifying the problem (the identification part you are particularly blessed in Mrs. Wood) at the root but forget that what we are really dealing with is pure evil and requires the outmost commitment. It is as though we believe that now that the problem has been thoroughly identified all will see the light, realize their mistakes and begin to do the right thing, but sadly, although true for some, this is not the case for many. I truly believe that these instigators in our society delight on a purely wicked level to murder innocent children bit by bit by warping all of God’s creation into its exact opposite. It is even more satisfying for them today than the days of old because they can do this slowly and in mass, empowering them in their wickedness, and they can do it openly with the support of liberal society at large in the name of humanism and progress and deceive many in the process. It makes them feel and truly believe that they have killed God and taken his place, that they are in control now. To further make my point, your calls for action demand discipline on all levels Mrs. Wood, and we know what the Bible says on discipline. “He who does not use the rod indeed hates his child in his heart.” This of course is not a call to abuse your children but a call to love them enough to teach them and correct them so they do not die the slow, painful death that a lack of respect and self-control will bring upon them throughout their entire lives. Of course, as you pointed out in your post, the implementation of this discipline is largely the burden and responsibility of men, and when they fail by the temptation of wickedness, the door is opened to the society at large. The feminist instigators filled the vacuum. 

So, in closing, yes, I agree completely that feminism sprung from the failure of men, but this is all to be, it is part of the wickedness that must be brought into the open so that the world may be purged of it and all evil, and as such, things will be renewed. To return society at large to the traditional male-dominated structure will not happen, but as Christians, that shouldn’t be our goal. We only need to affect ours and be gathered into one.

Laura writes:

Thank you. When I wrote this entry, I wanted to isolate this idea and turn it over in my own mind. You have elaborated eloquently on what every Christian knows. A profound rejection of spiritual truths lies behind our condition and only a return to these truths will rescue our society.

Remember, it is sinful in the minds of many Christians to use your term “Christian white society.” Also, many vehemently reject the idea of male headship in the home and society. Feminism is celebrated in our churches. Christianity has been sentimentalized, making it largely unappealing to men. Jimmy Carter is the epitome of the emasculated Christian male who would like to gather us together in cathartic acts of cultural suicide. The Catholic Church has promoted immigration into the West and denies the legitimacy of white cultural survival.

Our society’s rejection of God is intimately tied up with its rejection of nature. The pseudo-Christian tries to wipe away the realities of this world. But we are creatures, not angels. The  Christian’s perennial task is not just to call people to the world of spirit, but to call them to the world of man, to point to its features of clay.

Patriarchy is taken to mean the rule of men when what it really refers to is the rule of fathers. In traditional Western society, the father is the earthly representative of divine love and authority. The father is part of something larger in the way the mother never is. Only in him do the personal and cultural find some workable harmony. A matriarchal society such as ours is destined to sink into the swamp. It cannot obey natural law because it is subsumed by the personal.

Fatherhood is all but erased as an institution if it is evil for white men to care about their people and to actively protect the interests of their people. To expect the father to see only personal love as his work is to emasculate him at the very core of his being. He has larger tasks. Men in Western society will remain emasculated and feminism will flourish as long as our culture is denied the same rights of self-assertion other cultures possess.

Karen G. writes:

I don’t see this, maybe as I was only a small child in the 60s. What I was aware of was The Pill. Who could have missed that, even if it was not clear to me what it was all about? And then only a year or so later the Swinging ( adultery) that began in so many neighborhoods , and a few years after that Divorce because all those couples finally awakened to the Misery they had apparently been in for years but hadn’t really noticed before. They were enlightened all right, (Hope that comes across as sarcastic). My generation and the generation before it has helped to bring this society to a foul point in history , I am just as guilty as the next feminist, just that I am an ex now and trying quickly to go in reverse as I see the edge of the cliff clearly. This has nothing to do with your post, guess I am just thinking out loud. 

Laura writes:

The contraceptive pill would not have had the influence it did unless fertility by whites wasn’t already considered purely a matter of personal preference.

The widespread divorce Karen saw at that time was a phenomenon that was a long time in coming. The suffragettes hoped to achieve the liberalization of divorce laws. It was one of the main aspirations of some of the most activist supporters of the female franchise. Men gave them the vote and they gave them divorce too. Again, I think these were both acts of cultural suicide that could only have occurred in the context of a racial inferiority complex.

N.W. writes:

I’m no expert, but it seems to me that in pharmacuetical development an adequate demand must exist before the money is invested in R&D. If there was no market for the product there would be no logical reason to spend vast quantities of money developing the product. Desire and vision drive development. The desire for what the pill could effect was latent in Western society in the 19th century. In Genesis, God says of men, “Nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.” To date the decline of sexual mores from a technological development is to deny the concept of free will and posit instead that men are formed strictly through their environment and have no say in the matter of who they become. 

Laura writes:

Exactly. To say this is not to deny that the pill was significant. It made the pursuit of personal desires easier. It made it possible to become a society swimming in non-procreative procreative activity.

 Jim B. writes:

As I was reading “A Servant”‘s response to this post, I couldn’t help but think about Paul’s admonition that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

As modern rationalists, it’s easy to discount the concept of spiritual evil – it seems so quaint, so medieval. But if you clear your head of the numbing psychobabble and look clearly at the world outside, you start to see a plan, and even (out of the corner of your eye), fleeting glimpses of a Planner. And as Servant says, it’s the same plan that has been there from the beginning…



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