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Daily Archives: January 7th, 2010

Herstory is History

  Where is Mary Daly now? The outrageous feminist “theologian” died earlier this week and one can only breathe a sigh of relief that the world will no longer be perturbed and curdled, at least in person, by the brainless and indigestible wit of this man-hating, child-eating icon, a woman who said things such as: If God […]

The Unexpected Pregnancy

    In 2007, Mia Sardella, then an 18-year-old honor student at Drexel University, secretly gave birth and left the infant to die in the trunk of a car. No one – not even her friends or her divorced parents – knew she was pregnant. Sardella, the granddaughter of a prominent financial executive, may seem an evil woman, but I think she was temporarily insane, a victim of profound […]

Every Day is Dress-Down Day

 The previous post on male attire criticized the self-deprecating, informal dress of men today, an outward sign of the flight from masculinity and authority. At work and on public occasions, most men look better in suits than they do in polo shirts and slacks, or even open shirts without jackets. Why have men abandoned suits? One reader offers an […]