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Daily Archives: January 12th, 2010

Why We Must Discriminate, cont.

  Tammy writes: A friend directed me to your blog today and I am so glad she did. I decided to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed it. After reading your current post, I clicked on your first entry in your Featured Posts list, “Why We Must Discriminate.” My first […]

The Bostonians – A Book Club Selection

  The Bostonians, by Henry James A Thinking Housewife Book Club Selection Before there were pick up artists, dark lords of singles bars and beta men studying the fine points of female psychology, there was Basil Ransom, a man who knew how to conquer and reform a feminist. That’s depressing when you think about it. One hundred and twenty five […]

In Defense of a Clean Shave and the Chiseled Chin

  Michael Hegel writes: I recently discovered your blog and must commend you for not covering day-to-day politics but instead taking the time to address the more interesting social questions that actually impact our daily lives. I can’t say beards are a hot topic, but as your readers appear to have some preference for the […]