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Daily Archives: January 17th, 2010

Two Fools Speak on Women and Religion

  Mass rape, bride burnings, the brutal disfigurement of young girls in Afghanistan and wife beatings – who is responsible for these things? Not criminals, but Christian clergy who have never hurt a fly. It is religion that “creates the context” for any crime anywhere in the world perpetrated against a woman. Anytime a woman is slapped in the […]

Friends and Lovers

  Fitzgerald writes: This article by Jennifer Roback Morse posits several excellent points about the deeper implications of endorsing same-sex unions. Most women have no intention of becoming lesbians regardless of creed or culture. But I can definitely see the young women our feminized culture is churning out going for the concept of a two-parent household under the cover […]

Marriages, Famous and Ordinary

  Hannon writes: Your portraits of marriages are always singular and moving. They seem to cast a special light on the fact that two different people, two souls, inhabit a marriage. This is a special notion that deserves more reflection. The idea that they all end– husband, wife and bond– often seems haunting to me, […]