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Two Fools Speak on Women and Religion

January 17, 2010


Mass rape, bride burnings, the brutal disfigurement of young girls in Afghanistan and wife beatings – who is responsible for these things? Not criminals, but Christian clergy who have never hurt a fly. It is religion that “creates the context” for any crime anywhere in the world perpetrated against a woman. Anytime a woman is slapped in the face or paid less than a man, the evil of faith is to blame, unless of course it is a New Age faith.

Such is the claim of the preposterous, babbling King Lear of modern politics, Jimmy Carter, and his New York Times fool, Nicholas Kristof, who wanders with the former president on the windswept heath of advanced political dementia. Religion is one of the “basic causes of the violation of women’s rights,” Carter said not long ago, and last week Kristof echoed this refrain in a column. Read More »


Friends and Lovers

January 17, 2010


Fitzgerald writes:

This article by Jennifer Roback Morse posits several excellent points about the deeper implications of endorsing same-sex unions. Most women have no intention of becoming lesbians regardless of creed or culture. But I can definitely see the young women our feminized culture is churning out going for the concept of a two-parent household under the cover of a same-sex union to further game the system. Read More »


Marriages, Famous and Ordinary

January 17, 2010


Hannon writes:

Your portraits of marriages are always singular and moving. They seem to cast a special light on the fact that two different people, two souls, inhabit a marriage. This is a special notion that deserves more reflection. The idea that they all end– husband, wife and bond– often seems haunting to me, in a strange nostalgic way. (But then you do not write about prosaic couples!). Read More »