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Daily Archives: January 19th, 2010

The Well-Dressed Socialist

    When a beautiful woman is photographed often enough, and her picture appears everywhere, she becomes a powerful cultural force. Such is the nature of female beauty. Two women who typify this phenomenon are Princess Di and Michelle Obama. The deceased princess had spectacular clothes and the current first lady does too. Interestingly, they are both viewed as […]

Economic Folly

  The centuries-old tradition of half-day schooling in Germany is breaking down as more women go to work. The trend will likely accelerate as a tipping point is reached. More women are likely to feel forced to work by changes in prices and wages and by a shift in cultural norms. Unless there is conscious […]

Interfaith Couples

  You’ve heard of marriages between Christians and Jews, but what about between those who believe in recycling yogurt containers and those who do not. That’s an interfaith affair too. The New York Times explores marriages and romantic relationships across denominational lines in the environmental movement. It’s not pretty: Linda Buzzell, a family and marriage therapist for 30 years who lives in […]