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More on Romance

January 23, 2010


Hannon writes in the entry on women and romance:

I would be genuinely shocked if there are many women out there who could feign disinterest on being given these tender attentions. This can be tested in the platonic world also. Try giving a simple flower (not a bouquet) to a woman at work and experience her reaction. The absence of such civilized and kindly gestures– from fear of harassment charges or simply the effects of post-modern autonomy– strips life down to a level that is abnormally disconnected. Read More »


Sarah the Feminist

January 23, 2010


Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

Have you heard about this horrible incident on Oprah yesterday, where Sarah Palin and Oprah discredit Bristol’s brave attempt to reconstruct her life by advocating and practicing abstinence?

It was a terrible moment in modern feminist history.

A young girl tries to go back to traditional (even religious, which I think is Bristol’s confident basis for her choice) principles, and two modern “career” women, one her own mother, shoot her down.

Bristol was brave, uncompromising, and silently suffering.

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