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Daily Archives: January 25th, 2010

Scott Brown and the Glass Ceiling

  In the ultimate denial of last week’s victory for Scott Brown in Massachusetts, some liberals are attributing the outcome to bias against women. The state has already had a female governor (briefly), female lieutenant governors, and four women in the House of Representatives. A woman is currently president of the state senate. But Massachusetts lingers in the dark ages, longstanding prejudice holding women […]

“The World is Her Oyster”

  Why are many middle-aged women today lonely, unhappy and childless? Because when they were young they were told they could have it all. Female fertility peaks in a woman’s twenties and her attractiveness to men does too, but they weren’t informed of these basic facts of nature. Feminists continue to feed young women the myth that they can get married and […]

Did Feminists Discover Sex?

    One of the great conceits of feminists is that they introduced female sexual pleasure to the world. Before the sex experts of the 1970s, human beings were entirely in the dark about female anatomy and the nature of womanly pleasure. Feminists must maintain their claim over this discovery. It’s a subtle form of blackmail. Women are […]

Dr. B. on Romance

  Do modern women seem to you either desperately unhappy or manically triumphant? Do they seem to be hopeless or filled with the most unreal of hopes? Perhaps we need look no further for light on these strange contradictions than Dr. Laura Berman, the famous expert on female sexual health. Dr. Berman, who proves that wearing a white lab coat gives almost any […]