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Mommy on Tour

January 26, 2010


Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the cable show Morning Joe, gave one of the more novel perspectives on contemporary parenting in a recent talk at the Philadelphia Free Library, where she was promoting her paean to female careerism, an autobiography titled All Things at Once.

My career wouldn’t mean a thing to me if I didn’t have my children to share it with,” she said. It’s true. Children love hearing about office politics and can provide excellent guidance to a tired parent. Families are for sharing.

By the way, according to a recent review in The New York Times, Brzezinski recounts in her book that she was so tired one night from work that she fell down the steps while carrying her newborn baby. All things at once. This brings to mind Richard Weaver’s statement: If you seek the monument to our folly, look about you.

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The Lost Art of Marketing

January 26, 2010


Marketing can be one of life’s great pleasures. In the simple effort of feeding a family, a woman may accumulate a lifetime of small adventures in the universe of grocers, farmers and food purveyors, ranging from the bored convenience store clerk to the butcher with a bloody apron.  

Unfortunately, the mega market, with its vast aisles of packaged and frozen food simulacra, its canned music and flourescent lights, towers of cereal, pyramids of phony fruit, and gleaming rows of plastic, has an atmosphere that is so removed from the messy and fascinating business of food that one could just as soon be in a place selling office furniture and copy machines. There is an illusion of progress. There is always something very impressive at work here. We are so used to the centralized and the impersonal, to falling into lockstep acceptance of whatever corporate retail offers us, that we barely notice the sterility of it and accept the deadly boredom with hardly a protest. The richest nation on earth and we can’t afford the pleasant, humanizing exchanges between small-time merchant and buyer that the poorest nations have.  Read More »


Misogyny Unleashed

January 26, 2010


There is plenty of rampant hatred of women on the Internet. The Spearhead is a new men’s online magazine that has interesting articles lambasting feminism. Sad to say, the editors do not keep their commenters from juvenile posturing and vile insults. Misogyny will not cure feminism. Here are some examples from The Spearhead: Read More »


Economic Decline and Feminism

January 26, 2010


Again and again we are told the past is over. The modern economy is no longer dependent on traditional sex roles. The influx of women into formerly male jobs is an economic necessity and a sign of progress.

This is a myth. The exact opposite is true. Sexual egalitarianism is hurting us economically. See this article at The Spearhead, which argues that corporations grow less healthy the more women take over management: Read More »


Hatred for Mothers and Wives

January 26, 2010


Notice how this article on women who earn more than their husbands is dripping with contempt for homemakers, portrayed in so many words as petty, materialistic, idle and obsequious. The writer, Sandra Tsing Loh, is the woman who announced her decision to leave her husband and the father of her two children for another man in Atlantic magazine last year. The upshot of this confusing essay seems to be that everyone, both man and woman, wants a wife, but a devoted wife is too much of an absurd and sick fantasy to exist in real life. Read More »

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