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A Recluse Dies

January 28, 2010

Leaving aside for the moment any comment on his literary works, I would like to point out one potentially enduring legacy of the writer J.D. Salinger, who died this week. He had the guts to admit that fame is not all it’s cracked up to be.

There is a conspiracy of silence among famous and rich people. They are afraid to say fame and wealth are not all that great. Perhaps they worry that this will reflect poorly on them. After all, why haven’t more famous and rich people spoken up? Maybe there is something wrong with them and so they keep quiet. Read More »


Jobs for Men First

January 28, 2010


Say it to your friends. Say it to your relatives. Say it to your coworkers. “Jobs for Men First.”  Say it loud and clear.

As Tim Allen quipped, men have two choices: go to work or go to jail. The majority of men are either under the burden of supporting others or should be. Women and children need their success. We flourish when they flourish. We applaud their accomplishments and cherish their victories. Yes, these victories benefit us, but that is not the sole, or even the most important reason, for our applause and our belief in the primacy of male accomplishment in the world. The main reason we cheer them on is this. We love them and wish them well.

That’s right. We love them and wish them well. Is that so hard to understand? Jobs for Men First.

Preserve fatherhood and the future of today’s boys. Jobs for Men First.  Preserve camaraderie and focus in our corporate offices. Jobs for Men First. Preserve masculinity and life-giving femininity. Preserve domestic tranquility and order. Preserve our culture. Jobs for Men First.  Shout it from the mountaintops. Your country and its survival depend on it. Jobs for Men First.

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