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The Unexpected Pregnancy

January 7, 2010



In 2007, Mia Sardella, then an 18-year-old honor student at Drexel University, secretly gave birth and left the infant to die in the trunk of a car. No one – not even her friends or her divorced parents – knew she was pregnant. Sardella, the granddaughter of a prominent financial executive, may seem an evil woman, but I think she was temporarily insane, a victim of profound cultural dissonance.

Young women today are fed the constant message that sex is natural and simple. They inhabit an intensely erotic world. Despite the widespread availability of contraceptives, adolescents are careless and no matter how enlightened sex education is, this carelessness is quite normal in a young virgin. Some of these deceived girls suddenly face the fact that sex is not so simple; it is all too natural. A small percentage enter a state of such strong denial that they do not tell anyone that they are pregnant and even appear to deny the obvious to themselves. They move through life like automatons. They are the living embodiment of cognitive dissonance on a mass level.

In spite of sexual liberation, in spite of the availability of abortion and government benefits, our society is often heartless to the young unmarried woman who becomes unexpectedly pregnant. In many cases (the more you move up the social scale, the greater the shame appears to be), she feels alone and all the abortion clinics in the world won’t remove this isolation.

In any healthy society, pregnancy for a young unmarried woman under the age of 23 should be viewed as the shared crisis of her family and the family of the father. (It’s an outrage that any young girl should live so independently that adults do not even observe pregnancy.) A pregnancy should be seen as a reflection not just of her, but of her parents and the supervision they have offered her. A woman should not be heaped with criticism, but should be lovingly encouraged to marry or to give up her child for adoption to one of the many infertile couples longing for children. She should also be offered support and help through the aftermath of this decision. But these are her two options. There should be no other options, except for the possibility of her parents taking the child and raising him themselves.

Instead, women are left to have abortions and suffer the shame and remorse on their own. Or, they are given government benefits to help raise their children without fathers, a disaster for them and for the well-being of children. We live in an age of sentimentality and brutal heartlessness. No wonder you often read of these strange cases in which a very young woman whom no one even knew was pregnant gives birth secretly in a bathroom and then discards the child. She is a reflection of her culture, which acknowledges sex but denies its consequences.

At her sentencing hearing, Sardella said that every day she lives with remorse. A jail sentence was appropriate and necessary. But I believe her tears were real.

                                         —- Comments —–

Coffee Catholic, a housewife, writes:

No sane woman would leave her newborn baby to die. That is the action of a terrified woman ~ terrified to the point of trying to protect herself from something that is very threatening. Our society is dreadfully threatening to women! Feminists are absolutely brutal.

It infuriates me how women are basically ordered by feminists and our feminist society to sleep around and have lots of sex without “hangups” or guilt… and yet when something goes “wrong” such as STDs or an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy, these same women are ostracized and cut out of society ~ by the very people that TOLD them to go and have sex!

There really is no “freedom to choose” because from early girlhood we are told to have sex outside of marriage or else we have “problems.” We are told that being promiscuous will make us happy and liberate us from misery. We are never told both sides of the story and we are never given a chance to hear about chastity until marriage. And there really is no such thing as being “pro-choice” because in order to choose, to exercise choice, one must be fully informed. Women and girls are never fully informed. They are brainwashed and indoctrinated and then THEY are the ones that must endure the pain and hardship of reality while the feminists continue to bray their warped party line and spread their poison without one thought about the women they keep destroying.

Feminism must go. It is a dangerous and destructive ideology.

Laura writes:

You are 100 percent correct.

Feminists hate women as they are.


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