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Daily Archives: February 15th, 2010

Denied a Promotion

  [NOTE: I originally posted a picture of Amy Bishop here, but I found it too disturbing, I decided to remove it. It is a chilling portrait of an angry human being.]   It is always more shocking when a woman commits an act of extreme violence. The case of Amy Bishop, the neuroscientist who allegedly shot three professors […]

Men’s Fashions

  WOULD YOU, could you love a man who looks like this?  The New York Times describes the latest in men’s fashions here. I realize the idea is to create a look that appeals to other men, not women.                        — Comments – Lisa writes: “Would I, could I, love a man who looks like this?” That’s just it: […]

Masculine and Feminine Principles

       MALE AND FEMALE are more than biological realities. They are spiritual essences and cultural ideals. Bonald, a writer who takes his pseudonym from the French  monarchist Louis de Bonald, describes these ideals at his site, Throne and Altar. He writes: Of course, each nature has its characteristic deformations, but it is always a gross […]