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Daily Archives: February 24th, 2010

Why the Culture War is a Religious War

  THE DEMOCRATS could have their health care reform. They could summon the votes if they abandoned the hope of government-funded abortion. Why don’t they concede on an issue ancillary to the goal of nationalized medicine? On the Stupak amendment, Lawrence Auster writes: It’s fascinating that the campaign to nationalize health care, which Stupak otherwise supports, is crashing in a […]

Tending the Dead in Haiti

  IN THIS EXCELLENT piece by Matt Labash, Father Rick Frechette buries the dead of Haiti. Labash writes: Haiti might be the only place where death with dignity entails being buried five-to-a-cardboard coffin. But it is moving and beautiful. Yet, I suggest to Frechette, it seems futile. Why do this? However horrible their lives were, this isn’t […]

Our Legislative Philistines

  JOHN LOFTON, a former Republican advisor who hosts the American View radio show, attended a question-and-answer session with Maryland lawmakers and grilled them on their understanding of the Constitution and oath of office. The ensuing exchanges are a disturbing glimpse into a mad, mad, mad, mad world.


    The 1995 film version of Giacomo Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, directed by Frédéric Mitterand and filmed in Tunisia by Martin Scorcese, is haunting and beautiful. The Chinese soprano Ying Huang does not look Japanese and her singing is not powerful but she is unforgettable, her character changing from a romantic girl to a mature and principled woman. If you have never watched a full-length […]