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Jobs for Men First, cont.

March 2, 2010


I RECENTLY talked to a female corporate executive who was unemployed. She had earned a handsome six-figure salary at her former job. She still had an annual six-figure income from her ex-husband and a six-figure income (or slightly less) from her current husband. Within a few months, after panic over her unexpected job loss, this mother of three young children found a new position in a dismal economy. Yes, it was a six-figure job too. Read More »


In the Company of Plants

March 2, 2010


Hannon writes:

I really got a charge from reading Aservant’s post about chefs. While I foreswore I would never work in the “food service industry” and never have, I have great appreciation for Aservant’s sentiments and thoughts on the subject. My own work in another hands-on, unseen and “all labour” industry as a nurseryman is similar in some ways, especially in the technical knowledge and skill that only comes from experience. But it has nothing like the minute-to-minute demands of a kitchen. Still, I would wager that making good money – that is, a wage that allows homeownership at some point and obviates the wife earning wages-  is more difficult growing and selling live plants, mainly because of the low value people assign to them. 

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