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Daily Archives: March 4th, 2010

Marriage in D.C.

  N.W. WRITES: While reading the paper today I came across a quote which I found rather disturbing in as much as it is indicative of things to come.

On Kingship

IN THIS thread  at What’s Wrong With the World on the folly of women holding positions of leadership (posted here previously), Kristor reflects on authority, masculinity and human nature. He writes: It is natural – in both the modern and medieval senses of that word – that leadership should fall to men because when things go to […]

The Anniversary of a Heist Approaches

  IT IS two decades this month since thieves talked their way into the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston and stole an estimated $250 million in works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Degas, Manet and others. The 13 paintings and drawings represent the world’s most valuable art heist.  A $5 million reward has been offered for their return and […]