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Chore Wars

March 19, 2010



I came across this article at Fox News, and I found it to be interesting because I remember when I was trying to be “Super-Mom” (and giving myself an anxiety disorder in the process), I felt a twinge of incompetence when my husband was “too helpful” with the babies (a toddler and an infant.) When he loaded the dishwasher (even before we had children), I felt like I wasn’t doing my job, despite the fact that I was in school full-time (or working or both.) I tried to tell myself I was being stupid and unrealistic about my abilities (and I was), but that still didn’t stop the gut-feelings that I had. 

Talk about turning oneself into a neurotic.

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Our Census and its Excesses

March 19, 2010


THE FEDERAL government has no constitutional authority to require answers to many of the personal questions it asks on census forms, including queries on race, physical disabilities, and income. In fact, it is only authorized to count people. That’s it.

Here is an excellent report by Jerry Day on the over-reach of our national statisticians, who are naturally  just asking out of curiosity.

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