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Power Corrupts

April 2, 2010


IN THIS previous entry, a female corporate executive stated that working mothers are good for business. Despite high levels of unemployment, especially among young men seeking entry-level positions and men in their 50s and 60s, she said she cannot find adequate workers unless she offers a good parental leave package. Here is her response to my comments along with further remarks of my own.

Maggie Fox writes:

I had mentioned following up on the issue of the separation of mothers from their children at an early age. I think the separation of family members during the work day is a product of industrial capitalism, rather than feminism. Gone are the days when extended families worked together in agrarian villages or tribes of hunter-gatherers. I am not advocating that we turn back the clock, as I am quite fond of supermarkets, flush toilets, and the like. Rather, I think we need to accept that industrialization (far more than feminism) has wrought inevitable changes to human relations, including the creation of the isolated nuclear family and a more anonymous, overwhelming society that easily leads to a sense of alienation among all too many people.

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