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Spring Poem

April 21, 2010


A March Calf

Right from the start he is dressed in his best – his blacks and his whites
Little Fauntleroy – quiffed and glossy,
A Sunday suit, a wedding natty get-up,
Standing in dunged straw

Under cobwebby beams, near the mud wall,
Half of him legs,
Shining-eyed, requiring nothing more
But that mother’s milk come back often.

Everything else is in order, just as it is.
Let the summer skies hold off, for the moment.
This is just as he wants it.
A little at a time, of each new thing, is best.

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The Politically Besieged Homemaker

April 21, 2010



I have been following your blog from the very beginning and I like it very much. You come across as a very intelligent, well-educated person. There is a question I’d like to ask you, concerning your thoughts on traditional family as you are one of the few voices on the Internet defending housewives. 

It seems that housewives nowadays are attacked both from left and right. Feminist attack on housewives is nothing new, of course, but during the recent years there emerged a new generation of bloggers who claim to be antifeminist, but attack the traditional homemaker quite viciously nonetheless. 

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The Marriage Gap

April 21, 2010


RECENT FERTILITY statistics show something that has been widely noted for years: Women with lower educational and income levels are much more likely to have children out of wedlock and to enter into a life of single motherhood. They are also much more likely to get divorced. Fifty years ago, college-educated women were slightly less likely to be married than their less educated counterparts, and the majority of women at all education levels exhibited the maturity to enter into and maintain marriages early in adulthood. The difference today in marriage rates among the classes is often known as the “Marriage Gap,” a subject which author Kay Hymowitz and others have explored. Read More »


Forget the Brylcreem

April 21, 2010


James H. writes about the previous post on blue collar men:

It’s not the smoking, the Brylcreem, the vodka or whisky – it’s the attitude. It’s being comfortable in your skin. It’s understanding where center is. It’s being your own man and not giving a damn about political correctness, progress, sending the kids to the right schools, keeping up with the Joneses, going to the “best” restaurants, having the most expensive toys or making the most money. It’s all about getting the job done and living within one’s means. Marrying a good woman and staying married. It’s about finding enjoyment in the simplest things. It’s about being easily pleased. It’s about being grateful. It’s about raising good kids – not the smartest or best athletes, but good. It’s about finding as much to appreciate within 50 miles as most can find within 5,000 miles. It’s about accepting responsibility and towing the line. It’s about duty. It’s about treasuring tradition, ritual, custom and convention. It’s about family and friends. It’s about not pursuing happiness or perfection in oneself, others or society. It’s about doing the best you can.

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