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Daily Archives: April 21st, 2010

Spring Poem

  A March Calf Right from the start he is dressed in his best – his blacks and his whites Little Fauntleroy – quiffed and glossy, A Sunday suit, a wedding natty get-up, Standing in dunged straw Under cobwebby beams, near the mud wall, Half of him legs, Shining-eyed, requiring nothing more But that mother’s […]

The Politically Besieged Homemaker

   SANDRA WRITES: I have been following your blog from the very beginning and I like it very much. You come across as a very intelligent, well-educated person. There is a question I’d like to ask you, concerning your thoughts on traditional family as you are one of the few voices on the Internet defending […]

The Marriage Gap

  RECENT FERTILITY statistics show something that has been widely noted for years: Women with lower educational and income levels are much more likely to have children out of wedlock and to enter into a life of single motherhood. They are also much more likely to get divorced. Fifty years ago, college-educated women were slightly less likely to be married than […]

Forget the Brylcreem

  James H. writes about the previous post on blue collar men: It’s not the smoking, the Brylcreem, the vodka or whisky – it’s the attitude. It’s being comfortable in your skin. It’s understanding where center is. It’s being your own man and not giving a damn about political correctness, progress, sending the kids to the right […]