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A Boycott on Compliments for Women

May 4, 2010


David writes:

As a young man growing up in a culture saturated with the sort of misandry Youngfogey describes – a culture where it is taken for granted that women are superior to men, to the extent that men are sometimes simply considered useless and risible — I want to express my wholehearted support for the things Youngfogey and Samson have stated in response to Randy’s post. Youngfogey, you in particular have done a phenomenal job challenging Randy’s post. Way to go! Since you are obviously intelligent and articulate I hope you continue to speak up whenever the misandrist mentality rises to the surface. Read More »


The Modern College Girl, a Creature of Silliness, Vanity, Malice, and Frozen Immaturity

May 4, 2010


IN THIS PREVIOUS POST, a reader argued that women mature more quickly. But is this true today? The evidence is overwhelmingly against it. Here is an excellent 2008 piece by Thomas F. Bertonneau, looking at the mature girl of yesterday and the creature of vanity and mindlessness of today.

He includes this vignette:

In the crush of students we find ourselves walking next to a female undergraduate engaged, like eighty percent of other students, in a peripatetic cell phone conversation. The young lady is well dressed—in the female equivalent of “junior executive.” She walks briskly, oblivious of anyone’s co-presence in the public space. Her dialogue grows excited. She is complaining to a sympathetic listener about one of her instructors, who has apparently assigned what she believes to be too much reading and who grades, as she sees it, harshly. “He f—ing thinks nobody’s got other things to do,” she says loudly. “Well, I’m f—ing not going to let him push me around. I’m f—ing going to report this f—er to the dean.” In three sentences, she has inserted sailor-talk into her speech four times. At the second usage of the Anglo-Saxonism, I give her a disapproving glance. At the fourth I say loudly, “Thank you for sharing that with my twelve-year-old.” She drops back, looking more irritated than ashamed, avoiding my eyes. Read More »