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Daily Archives: May 19th, 2010

The Grave Injustice behind the Kagan Nomination

  LISA BELKIN, of The New York Times, is to feminist propaganda what the H. J. Heinz Company is to ketchup. If you look at the enormous smokestacks of a Heinz factory, you get some idea of what goes on in there. Heinz keeps churning it out and people keep lapping it up. It’s the same thing with this […]

Employment Facts

  SINCE 2000, the male employment rate has dropped by nine percentage points. The female employment rate has declined by less than five points. The difference will almost certainly be less extreme once the recession ends and traditionally male fields such as construction recover. Nevertheless, these differentials have changed radically in the past 60 years. […]

Defending Literacy

    IN ITS MISSION STATEMENT, the Center for Literate Values, which was recently vandalized by a computer hacker, states: The literate individual is vanishing. We who teach have seen with our own eyes the decline of analytical finesse and expressiveness in our composition classes over the past two or three decades. We who have […]

The Fabulous and Not-So-Fabulous Fifties

    SITI WRITES: I’m a student at Dekalb High School, Illinois, and I’m doing a project on women in the fifties for my U.S. History class. I came across The Thinking Housewife, and was wondering what you would have to say about women then — the education of, the roles of, etc. I kind […]

An Act of Cultural Vandalism

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU WRITES: Here is a story that points to the arrogance and destructiveness of the American Left.  More than a decade ago, when I served for a year as executive director of then newly constituted Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, I came into contact with John Harris of Tyler, Texas, who […]