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When Bristol Speaks

May 22, 2010



BRISTOL PALIN entered a new phase of celebrity last week when it was announced that she has signed a contract with a high-end promoter as a public speaker. She will earn as much as $30,000 per engagement to share her insights into single motherhood and sexual abstinence. Only 19, Bristol is almost assured of success in this new endeavor. Even if her speaking ability is modest, she is likely to grow in celebrity and touch a chord in many.  That’s because Bristol represents a new kind of woman who is looking for recognition and reassurance. 

Though the Palins are now wealthy and famous, this new kind of woman is neither. She is likely to have a high school education, perhaps a community college degree, maybe a couple of years of college. An interesting and lucrative career is not in her future. She will work for most of her life in jobs that are just jobs. Her love life, her friends and children are the center of things. She is enough of a traditionalist to reject abortion, but not enough of a traditionalist to reject sex before marriage.  That’s why she finds herself where she is. She is a mother but not a wife.

She is a heroine because she has rejected abortion. She is a loser because she has had premarital sex in a post-marital age. Read More »

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