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Would I Have to Wear a Kerchief?

June 3, 2010



The solution to Elise’s problem seems obvious to me. You should add a matchmaking section to your website. I would love to find a woman who likes your website and wants to be a traditional housewife. Heck, Elise herself sounds fantastic, except that I’m eighteen years older than she is. There must be lots of scattered traditionalists who read your blog. Think of it as a way of multiplying your readership! Of course, there would be a certain delay. :-)

Laura writes:

The thought has occurred to me. The problem is, would there be liability issues?

I will say that my recent fundraising campaign is prompted by both need and exhaustion. I’m about ready to sell my female readers to my male readers. : -)


The Goddess – and Judge – Within

June 3, 2010


IN RESPONSE to the entry on goddess spirituality, Thomas F. Bertonneau writes:

Under the provocation of Kristor’s insight and yours, I am following out some associations in respect of Gnosticism and our reigning elites. I remarked how the “Goddess writer” rejects scholarly diligence in favor of mystic autoscopy. (“The most important place to look for the Goddess is within yourself.”) Le moi – it’s an even easier reference than Wikipedia!

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The Hired Guard

June 3, 2010


JAMES P. writes:

There is a New York Times story today about workplace protection for nannies. You will note, in the article, the assumption that the bill is a good thing because it will extend workplace protection to illegal immigrants. It is pretty much a given that the nanny will be foreign and probably in the country illegally.

This picture says it all — a black nanny with two white children in her care. Whatever happened to white women raising their own children?


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June 3, 2010


THANK YOU to those who responded to my recent request for donations to this site. If you would like to see this blog remain in existence, and not go the way of so many one-person operations which peter out or suddenly disappear because of the enormous time and energy needed to sustain them, please give.


Conspicuous Fatherhood

June 3, 2010


BRITISH PRIME MINISTER David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg recently delayed cabinet meetings so they could take their children to school. They say they will be doing more of the same in the future. Cameron will be taking paternity leave when his wife gives birth in September and Clegg may have more serious responsibilities as his wife is a top lawyer and reportedly the main breadwinner in the family. According to The Daily Mail, Read More »

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