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Daily Archives: June 15th, 2010

The End of Men, cont.

  ALAN ROEBUCK writes: At first I viewed Hanna Rosin’s essay ”The End of Men” as simply an attack on men. And indeed it is an attack on men, though largely couched in a journalistic, just-the-facts-ma’m tone. The author, despite a few semi-obligatory sentences admitting that all is not well when men are down, clearly approves of […]

The Hollowness of the Empty Home

  CAROLYN WRITES: I sent a small donation to you via Paypal today. Keep up the good work. I hope you get lots of donations. I love reading your site. Your voice is refreshing in a mixed-up world. I think many of us have lost our ability to think clearly and express our true opinions. I […]

Happy Dad’s Day

  N. writes: I’m surprised no one has mentioned that these two articles in The Atlantic, discussed here and here, are in the June issue. So the editors of that magazine went out of their way to publish an article declaring men to be losers and another stating that fathers are inferior to lesbian mothers just in […]

A Question for Women’s Studies Professors

  HAVE WOMEN ever been written off as a class of people in a leading journal of opinion with the sort of summary disdain that appears in The Atlantic’s latest piece, “The End of Men”? Certainly, men have publicly expressed exasperation with women, stating that they were more sentimental than men, and not as smart. Sometimes these statements have been extreme and contemptuous. But has […]