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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Debates of the Week

  I RECOMMEND a few of the ongoing discussions here from this week. This entry includes insights from male and female commenters on how men can deal with feminists in their personal lives and how to handle women in general and remain in charge. This discussion about the men’s movement is long, heated and interesting. Two entries, here and here, consider Christianity and the culture […]

The Strange Mortality of the Victorians

  LYDIA SHERMAN writes: Our daughter has finally got fed up with the expensive museum plaques which claim that boys were not allowed to cook and girls were not allowed to shoot before the 20th century enlightenment. We went to one historical museum where a plaque said, and I quote,  Women’s clothes in particular were so […]

Courage and Sweetness

  LAURA GRACE ROBINS, at her site Full of Grace, Seasoned with Salt, writes: To be noble the man must be manly. To be noble the woman must be womanly. Independently of the virtues required equally of both sexes, such as truth, uprightness, candor, fidelity, honor, we look in man for somewhat more of wisdom, […]

Christianity and the Conservative Revolution

  THE MANHATTAN DECLARATION is a manifesto calling upon Christians to unite in fighting the culture war. Signed by prominent Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians last November, it advocates organized action and rebellion against abortion, the erosion of marriage and the decline of religious liberty. Alan Roebuck has a provocative piece at The Intellectual Conservative in which he […]

Dehydration and Civilization

  IN THE previous post, I wrote: I was in a restaurant the other day and there was a little sign on the table that listed all the medical ill effects of dehydration. It said that if your water intake drops slightly, you are likely to become confused and unable to function mentally. The water […]

Sailors in the Water

  A COMMENTER at VFR has a hilarious take on the four women awarded “Sailor of the Year”Awards by the namby-pamby U.S. Navy and on the decadent practice of grown adults carrying water bottles with them everywhere, just like babies with their ba-bas. This country is run by adults who are not yet weaned. Do these sailors carry pacifiers and blankies too? Patrick […]

Idiocy and Hatred in the Men’s Rights Movement

  JESSE POWELL writes: Paul Elam, the editor-in-chief of Men’s News Daily, the largest news-oriented site of the men’s rights movement, has proclaimed, “Should I be called to sit on a jury for a rape trial, I vow publicly to vote not guilty, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true.”

Old-Fashioned Yearnings, Even in L.A.

  HEADY G. writes: So, I have been reading your blog like crazy lately. It’s distractingly good. I am a male in my mid-twenties and it’s amazing how much of your blog’s truth I see in my everyday life.  I live in L.A., such a hip, liberal, and “forward thinking” city it is. I hear […]

A Fantasy Film

  READER N. writes: You may find this article in First Things interesting. It is a discussion of the current movie The Kids Are Alright in which children of a pair of lesbians locate the man who is their “father” via semen donation.

A New Study Offers Alarming Proof that Men Need Love!

  IN THIS previous entry, Fitzgerald argues that men suffer in subtle and little-recognized ways from women who are criticial or demanding. Male fortitude is not simply self-generated. His point is similar to one I have made before: that gentleness is one of the most important forces for the good. A recent New York Times article makes a similar argument. Men are more sensitive […]

A Feminist Socialist Vies with Traditional Australia

  KILROY M. writes: I thought you might find this amusing cover illustration of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard of interest. It’s pretty blunt about the ideological tendency of each candidate.  

The Egalitarian Marriage Is Doomed

  FITZGERALD writes: I highly recommend this article.  It is harsh, but the points it makes are essentially valid. The Roman Catholic Church has capitulated since Vatican II to the concept of equality in marriage. This represents a surrender to the forces out to destroy the family, a sop to the progressives and their agitators.  Tradition […]

On Journalistic Objectivity

  THE PREMIER purveyor of propaganda, The New York Times, has these enlightening words on the subject in an article on the Shirley Sherrod affair: [I]t is an open question whether conservative media outlets risk damage to their credibility when obscure or misleading stories are blown out of proportion and when what amounts to political opposition research […]

The Beauty of Self-Mortification

   JOHN writes: Christian men who are struggling against sexual sin should try real live old-fashioned corporal mortification. Intentionally and prayerfully do something really painful, offer the suffering to Jesus in union with His suffering on the cross and ask Him to use the pain to burn away all the self-inflicted corruption and wash the […]

Things Which Cannot Be Unseen

  JAMES M. writes: I’m ashamed of my familiarity with this subject [of pornography], and like so many others am living with damage done; I’ve seen things which can not be unseen. I was going to stay out of this but here’s a short poem I wrote about the feeling of self-loathing and hopelessness experienced […]