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Daily Archives: July 1st, 2010

Sheet-Metal Poetry

    IN AN article in The Brussels Journal about the interesting genre of aviation movies, Thomas F. Bertonneau writes: The real interest in aviation cinema lies, however, not in the perfunctory drama, but in the forms and movements of the aircraft themselves and – if one were to place such films in their historical sequence […]

Should I Be Covering the Oil Spill?

  ANGELA writes: It seems pretty ironic, but telling, in many ways that a “thinking housewife” seems to be totally sheltered and oblivious to the genocide and slow poisoning that is taking place of women and children on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. Have you, the “thinking housewife” even thought about it? The dead zones, […]

The Problem with Mr. Darcy

  A COUPLE of readers in the Twilight discussion have expressed the opinion that the male vampire hero in the movies and books is no more harmful or unreal than Mr. Darcy, the famous hero of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Leaving aside the obvious problem with comparing the clunky Twilight to the clever characterizations of Austen, […]

Porn Flicks for Girls

  BRENDAN writes: I have to say that Vanessa’s comment [that Twilight represents a wholesome longing for strong heroes] strikes me as wide of the mark. Men do not have sexual fantasies about being Spiderman so that they can “get the girl.” It doesn’t register in the sexual attraction and arousal areas of our brains in […]