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Daily Archives: July 7th, 2010

On Admiration

  Behold Who told how countless stars congregate? When light competes with light, There are so few. One, two, three. One night in California, I saw eighty drop onto the hills. Four, five, six. But visibility takes the seen. Darkness gives the unseen. In this vast and intimate ceiling, Once I saw one. Seven, eight, nine. Gratitude […]

Survey of Women Reveals Double Standards

  WOMEN in Great Britain are perhaps growing wise to the relentless propaganda of recent years. The annual Social Attitudes Survey shows a significant increase in the number of women who want to remain home with their children and be married to men who are the breadwinners. According to The Daily Mail, in 1998, only 21 percent of […]

The Private Revolutions of Teenage Boys

  TEENAGE BOYS sometimes become suddenly bored and apathetic with school. This indifference does not afflict girls as often and there are numerous possible causes for it. For one, high school allows little opportunity for the sort of mastery or obsessiveness that appeals to boys. There are too many classes in too many subjects. Gary North looks at […]