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Daily Archives: July 13th, 2010

Feelin’ Alive

  I WAS reading a blog the other day in which a young woman stated that she loves Lady Gaga. The pop star, she said, makes her “feel alive.”  This is to be expected as the fans of Lady Gaga are half alive. Here is an apt quote from G.K. Chesterton’s Everlasting Man: There comes an hour […]

Undoing a Lifetime of Damage

  RENÉE writes: When I was twelve years old, my orchestra conductor told us that when she was young, women were not allowed in professional orchestras because they would have to be replaced with they got pregnant and it seemed more practical to just hire men. To me that seemed very sensible, though my opinion […]

The Queen Meets the Queen

    LAST DECEMBER, Lady Gaga performed for Queen Elizabeth at the annual Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool.  Please don’t write to me and say that lots of trashy perfomers have appeared before the Queen. I don’t care if Satan himself tapdanced on a piano for the monarch. The point is, the Queen of England and the Queen […]

Stroking Lady Gaga

  JESSE POWELL writes: I see that bringing to attention the harmful pornographic imagery Lady Gaga has produced in her music videos and public persona has started a vigorous and much needed discussion of the harms that pornography, which is titillation of the senses without regard to the moral content of the message and the imagery, […]