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Daily Archives: July 19th, 2010

Pornography and ‘Mockery of the Divine’

  IN THIS entry, Stephen pointed out that pornography hurts a man’s ability to form and sustain relationships with women. Another reader asked for elaboration.  I wrote,  The more a person habituates himself (or herself) to solo sex or imaginary sex the more he is incapable of dealing with the complexities, unpredictability, disappointments and rewards of reality.  But here is […]

How to Get Free Advertising in the New York Times

  JAMES P. writes: Did you see this New York Times article on the “progress” of the sexual revolution in Russia? What amused me was the article’s overall perspective, which is that the sexual revolution indeed represented “progress” – rather than a slide into degeneracy – and that the Russians are to be pitied for […]

Fantasies in Legoland

  THE ILLUSTRATOR Daniel Mitsui has a fascinating piece (see July 14th entry) on recent trends in Legos, the plastic building toys popular among boys. Lego stopped basing its miniature figures on characters and narratives  from medieval history and legend, choosing branded fantasies instead. Mitsui writes: I began to lose interest in these toys around the time of the first troubling developments. The weird and […]