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Daily Archives: August 2nd, 2010

Rape Truths and Falsehoods

  JESSE POWELL writes: Paul Elam has now gone public in his call for jury nullification in rape trials. He has written a new article titled “On Jury Nullification and Rape” and posted it as the headline at the Men’s News Daily site.

The White Hills of Thomas Starr King

  We see, then, in looking at a chain of lofty hills, and in thinking of their perpetual waste in the service of the lowlands, that the moral and physical worlds are built on the same pattern. They represent the heroes and all-beneficent genius. They receive upon their heads and sides the larger baptisms from […]

Corsets and Curtains

  GAIL AGGEN writes: I read Lillibeth’s post about the Victorians, and their dreadful habit of dying all the time, last night. I got several good laughs out of that. My nineteenth century grandmother was as big around as a barrel, always wore a full corset, and could outwork anybody in about a third of the […]