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Daily Archives: August 3rd, 2010

Rape Truths and Falsehoods, Cont.

  THERE HAVE been many important comments added today, including Alan Roebuck’s response to the argument that the culture war has been lost and ongoing additions to the debate about the men’s rights movement. I recommend all of the discussions posted since yesterday. The continuing discussion of false rape allegations and jury nullification is important. In that entry, Jesse Powell […]

The Inevitable Extreme Born of Feminism

  STEPHEN writes in this entry about false rape accusations: While Paul Elam’s suggested response [of jury nullification] is easily recognized as being over-the-top, to simply dismiss it without considering why he would suggest it is matter of ignoring the elephant in the room. Elam’s idea, while I (mostly) disagree with it, did not simply spring […]

Feminism, the Men’s Movement and Radical Autonomy

  JOSH writes: I’ve been a long time reader of Lawrence Auster and have had the pleasure of lurking your site for six months or so after he made your writing known to me. At root of both the “feminist” movement and its modern mirror, the men’s rights movements, is radical homosexuality (devout dykism), i.e., radical […]

Full War or Culture War

  ASHER writes: There is a sophisticated line of reasoning I’ve been exploring for a few years involving the notions of legitimacy and demarcation of authority, both moral and legal. Moral authority is inextricable from cultural interpretation and imposition and different cultures impose different moral schemes. Legal authority interacts with moral authority and they continuously […]