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Daily Archives: August 6th, 2010

Joe and Bill: A Portrait of Two Non-believers

  I HIGHLY recommend Kristor’s examination of the difference between hypocrisy and uncertainty in this recent entry on interfaith marriage. He looks at two parents who choose to take their children to church even though they themselves do not believe. Other interesting comments have also been added to the discussion on whether it is good to take children […]

The Alternative Extreme

  AT ALTERNATIVE RIGHT, a video of a black man who is hit by a truck while dancing in the street, and presumably killed, is gleefully savored by hateful commenters. By the way, if hatred is expressed at a website by commenters, and not denounced by moderators, the latter are implicitly endorsing those sentiments. In this case, Richard Spencer […]

The Educated Eye

    IN HIS inspiring and provocative reflections on mountains and their effects on the psyche, Thomas Starr King spoke of the importance of learning to see. He wrote: To learn to see is one of the chief objects of education and life. First as infants we learn to push the world off from ourselves, […]

Extinguishing the Embers of Burning Lingerie

  KRISTOR writes: The Corset Revolution would presumably herald the downfall of the movement that began with the public burning of bras. Laura writes: Yes, of course. The revolution must come full circle and make some dramatic statement involving underwear. We cannot project an image of seriousness otherwise.  Why did they burn bras anyway? I forget. Here’s an article claiming that […]