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Honor Thy Father

August 27, 2010


LIV writes:

I have been reading your blog for a half a year now. I actually started calling myself a traditionalist a year before that, after I spent some time abroad on my own and, for lack of a better expression,  saw the light. Your blog has been a great help to me. I started out  reading the male perspective online and continue to do so, but am also grateful for the balance you provide. Recently you and your readers have been discussing the subject of  man-bashing and how it stems from assumed male authority. The  following comment of John P. made me consider the situation in my home:

“As to hierarchy breeding resentment, I think this is untrue. Bad  hierarchy breeds resentment. There are many men who are vastly better  at squash than I am and I feel not the slightest resentment toward  their position because it is self-evident that they have earned their  superior position through a transparent and rule oriented process.  Resentment of superiors emerges when the leadership is observably no  better, or even worse, than the led, a condition I see as becoming  worryingly ubiquitous in liberal society.”

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WARNING: Shocking and Highly Disturbing Pictures of Children

August 27, 2010




JAMES P. writes:

There are wonderful pictures of British children from the 1940s to the 1960s here. Note the picture of the teacher leading morning prayers, and the boys using roller skates with no helmets or pads — both very shocking by today’s standards.

Meanwhile, today, one child in four in the UK is born to an immigrant mother.


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