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Daily Archives: September 8th, 2010

As Men Fall Behind, Feminists Gloat

  BRENDAN writes: You may be interested in Heather Boushey’s article from yesterday’s Slate/XX Blog, which attempts to minimize the recent study confirming that young women are, indeed, out-earning their male counterparts in America’s large cities. The summary: this isn’t a problem, because young women are better educated than young men. The main issue, for Boushey, […]

Should a Man Ever Hit His Wife?

  THE ANSWER to this question, which was raised obliquely in a previous thread, is no. The answer is no. A man should never hit his wife. What if his wife comes at him with a weapon? Then he should disarm her. What if his wife hysterically rages at him? He should walk out of the room or […]

Une Gargouille Musulmane

  TIBERGE at Galliawatch discusses the shocking appearance of a Muslim contractor’s face on the Cathedral of Saint-Jeans in Lyons. [See her entry for September 2.] Underneath the gargoyle are the words, “Allah Akbar,” as well as “Dieu est Grand.” More photos of la gargouille musulmane can be seen here.