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As Men Fall Behind, Feminists Gloat

September 8, 2010


BRENDAN writes:

You may be interested in Heather Boushey’s article from yesterday’s Slate/XX Blog, which attempts to minimize the recent study confirming that young women are, indeed, out-earning their male counterparts in America’s large cities. The summary: this isn’t a problem, because young women are better educated than young men. The main issue, for Boushey, is not that women are out-earning men, overall, but rather the supposed difference in pay between the women who are earning more money than men on average and the man in the office next door. In other words, it doesn’t matter that men in general are falling behind women in education and pay (in fact, that’s viewed as good … see below) — what matters is that the relatively few men who are highly educated are earning slightly more than women are.

The reason for this pay difference is that women tend to choose different jobs and also tend to work less when they choose the same kinds of jobs that men do. The Department of Labor study released during the final year of the Bush Administration (and which was suppressed almost immediately when Obama took office in 2009) confirmed these facts relating to the so-called “pay gap.” But that doesn’t stop feminists like Boushey from continuing to pound this misleading point in an effort to deflect attention from a much more troubling and substantive trend in the broader society: the decline of American men, in terms of education, work, pay, marriage, fatherhood and so on. Read More »


Should a Man Ever Hit His Wife?

September 8, 2010


THE ANSWER to this question, which was raised obliquely in a previous thread, is no. The answer is no. A man should never hit his wife. What if his wife comes at him with a weapon? Then he should disarm her. What if his wife hysterically rages at him? He should walk out of the room or out of the house. What if his wife slaps him? The answer is the same; he should leave.

The Violence Against Women Act of 1994has created a domestic violence industry that does not protect the interests of the family and violates the constitutional rights of the accused, whom almost always happen to be men. I recommend Phyllis Schlafly’s piece here. She writes:

It seems elementary that husbands and fathers who are accused by their wives or girlfriends should have the constitutional rights accorded to any criminal, but they are routinely denied equal treatment under law, the right to a fair trial, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the right to own a gun. The accusation also destroys [a man’s] employability, which diminishes her income as well as his. Read More »


Une Gargouille Musulmane

September 8, 2010



TIBERGE at Galliawatch discusses the shocking appearance of a Muslim contractor’s face on the Cathedral of Saint-Jeans in Lyons. [See her entry for September 2.] Underneath the gargoyle are the words, “Allah Akbar,” as well as “Dieu est Grand.” More photos of la gargouille musulmane can be seen here.

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