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The Adventures of a Sexual Nihilist

October 8, 2010


JEFF W. writes:

I have been thinking quite a bit about Karen Owen of Duke University lately, after reading her thesis. I thought that perhaps you could answer some questions that have been on my mind.

Do you think that she is a coldly uncaring about the young men in her thesis as she seems? Is it possible for a woman to be that cold? After luring all these men into having sex with her, does she view them all just as objects? Or is that the pose she puts on in her thesis?

Also what is to become of Karen Owen? Can a woman like this ever be a wife and mother? The thought has entered my mind that it is a good thing that she will probably not reproduce. Read More »


Four Years of Fornication

October 8, 2010


This article in The New York Times over the latest sex scandal at Duke University is a good example of how conversation tends to focus on the fly on the wall when there’s an elephant in the room. Apparently, this is not really a sex scandal but a crisis of the Internet Age and its infringements on privacy. There is no elephant, only an itsy-bitsy fly.

For those who are new to the issue, a recent female graduate of Duke wrote a long, witty, obscene “thesis” in PowerPoint format on the men she had slept with during her undergraduate years, appraising their anatomy, rating their performance and detailing the sadomasochistic sext-ing messages they exchanged during the day. I have read the report,which was written for the amusement of friends, and it’s too vulgar to post. The woman, whose parents presumably paid $200,000 for her four-year adventure in collegiate hedonism, combines the sensibility of  a cool, articulate corporate or academic speaker with the bestiality and avarice of a dog in heat. In the initial version of her research report, the names of the men she had slept with were included. It soon spread over the Internet and was posted on various sites. She was also contacted by a major book publisher, an agent and a movie producer. Read More »

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