The Thinking 

Do I Believe What I Believe?

October 19, 2010



If I may be so bold, I am curious about Christianity with regards to your traditionalist views. Do you espouse Christianity because it is the moral and ethical framework that our culture’s traditions were based on, and because an embracing of it is most likely to bring traditionalism back? Or do you truly believe in the very specific details of the faith — i.e. that Jesus was actually, physically, born of a literal virgin, physically died and was resurrected, etc.?

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From the Brink

October 19, 2010



HERE is a heart-warming story about a man who has managed to coax would-be suicides off the sandstone cliffs of Sydney, Australia. If this man had been hired to do what he does, which is simply invite those about to jump into his home for tea, it would never have worked. Charity cannot be legislated.


The Campaign to Increase Bullying

October 19, 2010


THE ONGOING effort to encourage children and adolescents to see themselves as homosexual, a campaign that seeks the destruction of innocence, will result in more bullying of children not less. That is a prediction based on common sense. When children are encouraged to flaunt homosexual attractions, they are more likely to arouse hostile responses.

Jeanette Victoria writes:

I’m not a deep thinker but it is my impression that the rise in anti-homosexual bullying is a direct result of the pro-homosexual “anti-bullying” campaign in the public schools. We now have childern as young as 12 (or maybe younger) coming out as homosexuals. Who knows what their dysfunction may have been but what with the pro-homosexual propaganda in the public schools children as young as five years old now self-identify as “gay.” Read More »


The Woman in the Grey Flannel Suit

October 19, 2010




THIS AD appears in the latest issue of Fortune. The slogan is “Women as half of all workers changes everything.” That’s true. It does change everything, including the hearts and minds of women. The women in the foreground of this ad appear aroused. They appear to be on the verge of an erotic apocalypse, as if they will gaze from the pinnacles of power with moans of ecstasy. Notice how the morning sun rises in the background. They carry severed heads in their handbags.

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