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Daily Archives: October 26th, 2010

Viva Las Fishwives

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: Everything means something, the Good Lovelies and the Viswijfenkoor not being excepted. For what it’s worth, I concur with Laura that the Good Lovelies put me off; the little-girl, sleepover antics and the false lesbianism are inconsistent with my sense of adult femininity. The Dutch ladies of the Viswijfenkoor play […]

The Illusory Muslim Woman

  JOSH F. writes: I believe it to be a dangerous illusion to view Muslim women as  oppressed. After all, good, devout Muslim women are mothers of devout  jihadists. In fact, when one really absorbs the head-to-toe covering  of a devout Muslim woman, it is hard not to see the uniform of a  warrior. The […]

Are Muslim Women Oppressed?

  A READER writes: I appreciated your brief thoughts in reaction to the United Nations’ report on the global lot of women.  The subject it raises is one that always causes me to wonder just how clearly we in the West see reality when we choose to analyze societies in points East, especially when these analyses delve into relationships between […]

The Beautiful Hijab

  A WOMAN almost never does something that will bring about social annihilation for herself or her family. Men are more influential in shaping society through idea. Women are more influential in shaping it through form. Mark Richardson at Oz Conservative considers the case of Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of Tony Blair who recently converted to Islam. My guess is […]