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Daily Archives: November 1st, 2010

Knowledge and Love

  SOME SEEK knowledge for the sake of knowledge. That is curiosity. Some seek knowledge to be known by others. That is vanity. Some seek knowledge to serve. That is love.                                                                — BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX

Stonewall’s Children

  SARAH WRITES: Creating an award for a children’s book about homosexuality is obviously immoral. But there is an additional problem with this award, namely the fact that it is named after the Stonewall riot of the 1960s. The riot occurred when police tried to arrest patrons at a homosexual bar in Greenwich Village known as […]

To the Polls

  LAWRENCE AUSTER WRITES at VFR: Never, never forget what the Democratic Party is and what it has done. They are not a legitimate American party. They are a criminal, leftist party that is alien to this country. In the name of meeting a national economic emergency, they passed one of the biggest spending bills […]

A Ladybug?

  JANE writes: The Gawker story about Christine O’Donnell and her one-night stand with a 25-year-old seems to be helping her campaign; people see her as a victim of sexism. While a similar story might be political suicide for a man, somehow it’s a boost for a woman candidate. Surprise. Surprise. The following is the […]

The Repeal Pledge

  A FULL LIST of candidates who have pledged to repeal Obamacare can be found here. These candidates have promised to vote for all bills leading to the “defunding, deauthorization and repeal” of Obama’s heath care bill.

The Liberal, Anti-Child Librarian

  HERE is a news story that horrifyingly confirms complaints about the decline of the public library.  The American Library Association announced today that along with the prestigious Caldecott and Newbery awards it will now honor an annual award for a children’s book about homosexuality.

Mom Politics

  LINDA MCMAHON, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, is one of many smart, engaging, and well-spoken female GOP candidates making last-minute pitches today. Here’s a three-hankie ad by McMahon (click the rally ad on her main page) in which she talks of being approached by a “single mom.”

A Stiff-Necked People

  JAMES LEWIS in the American Thinker, predicting most Jews will vote Democratic tomorrow despite Obama’s hostility to Israel, ponders the question “Why do Jews Vote for their Enemies?” The comments section is worth reading. One commenter writes: